Friday, August 05, 2016


Anyone who set up a recurrent donation with the Trump campaign is in for a surprise: Donors can't bow out. Trump can bow out, but Cleetus and Billy-Bob can't. They will be handing over a chunk of their income to a billionaire -- well, a millionaire -- until the end of time, or at least the end of that line of credit.
Federal Election Commission spokesperson Christian Hilland told Mic that there’s nothing illegal about this per se, that is until a person’s automatic payments put her over the maximum contribution limit of $2,700.
Even then: The campaigns are self-policing when it comes to small donations. I keep repeating that fact, but nobody quite understands the implications.

Give to Donald. He needs it.
Joseph, you might have linked to this before but I can't find it. More Trump/Russia ties.
Maybe, just maybe, Trump will screw enough people out of their money ( because he can't help himself) to cause the nation to see what a con he is. After all, even morons love their money.
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