Monday, August 22, 2016


Alan Dershowitz wants to help Hillary prep for the debates. NO.

Despite all, I respect the man's intelligence and rhetorical skills. But Hillary must avoid him like cancer, for three reasons.

1. Dershowitz is a friend of Jeff Epstein, and Epstein is a friend to Trump. We don't want a repeat of the 1980 theft of Carter's debate materials. The campaign should be run like an intelligence operation; paranoia is our friend.

2. Dershowitz is despised by the left. While I understand that Clinton must veer right to win the general election, she must also be wary of alienating progressives. An alliance with Dershowitz -- however temporary or limited -- will outrage many, yet would do nothing to help Hillary Clinton win over moderates in (say) Georgia.

3. When it comes to the rationalization of Israel's turn to fascism, Dershowitz is cancer.
Everything you said about Dershowitz is true, he's cancer to democracy in Israel. He's just as much a fascist in Israel as Trump wants to be here. Out of 324 million in the US there has to be someone else.

And welcome back, we missed you.
In the winter of 2001--2001 I was reading in a nice warm bookstore in NYC when Alan Dershowitz came in to give a talk about terrorism. This was just a few months after 9/11 and he was already asserting the "ticking time bomb" scenario advocating that torture was justified to prevent a bomb going off and to save hundreds of lives.
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