Saturday, August 13, 2016

Can you explain this?

Donald Trump is campaigning in true-blue Connecticut. Meanwhile, in Florida, "Right now, Trump’s campaign has just one field office open, its Sarasota headquarters."

Can you come up with any explanatory scenario for this?

Trump is bragging about the $80 million he raised in July. (Probably a gift from Uncle Vlad.) Yet he isn't spending the money -- in fact, he may have simply pocketed it.

Perhaps Team Trump feels so comfortable about its planned October Surprise that conventional politics are now superfluous.

Meanwhile, Katrina Pierson -- Trump's spokesperson and (if he should win) likely press secretary -- actually announced the Obama made the decision to invade Afghanistan. No, she wasn't talking about the "surge." The exchange on CNN allows only one way to interpret her words...
Well, on CNN this morning, as she was arguing with anchor Victor Blackwell about Trump’s “founder of ISIS” remark, Pierson actually said, “Remember, we weren’t even in Afghanistan by this time. Barack Obama went into Afghanistan, creating another problem.”

Blackwell asked, “You’re saying Barack Obama took the country into Afghanistan post-2009?” Pierson said, “That was Obama’s war, yes.”
This is the same spokesperson who said that Obama "changed the rules of engagement" that cost the life of Humayun Khan, who died in 2004.

How can any human being be that freakin' dumb? I'm surprised that Pierson remembers how to breathe, eat and walk. Sarah Palin is smarter than Katrina Pierson. Junked-up streetwalkers are smarter than Katrina Pierson. Farm animals are smarter than Katrina Pierson.

A few years back, I was appalled by the many Tea Partiers who kept saying that Obama was responsible for TARP, which was actually Dubya's baby. But Pierson's revision of recent history goes way beyond that. She is beyond precedent, beyond category, beyond the powers of ridicule.
Perhaps Orange Julius Caesar and his people are simply that detached from reality?

Alternately: I have been assuming that the following is his Plan B--if he loses--but maybe it has been Plan A all along.

He wants to become a politician-entrepreneur along the lines of Gingrich, Huckabee, and Palin. He wants to buff his brand so he can sell Trump Books, Trump Seminars, Trump Steaks, Trump Wine, and--I suppose next--Trump Male Enhancement Products ("Make It YUUUUUUUGE!") to the bigots and Babbitts of the Great Amurkan Booboisie.
Our friend Brent Budowsky has an idea of what Trump is doing: "Is Trump deliberately throwing the election to Clinton?" -

And as for Katrina, since she was only born yesterday, I guess she doesn't know which president invaded Afghanistan.
I believe that the grand plan of Donald Trump is to egg-on his followers to show up armed November 8, positioned at the minimum distance outside of polling locations in swing States as "observers". You don't need to spend money on get-out-the-vote campaigns and advertising when you're going to threaten violence towards voters if the vote count doesn't go your way. And the men in blue across the swing states will secretly be for Trump, anyway, so who will stop the intimidation?
@Anon: With the national security establishment lined up behind Hillary? Nah gah happen.
Besides, a disproportionately large number of Trump Chumps are, ahem, chronologically challenged. It's hard to goose-step on a Hoveround, and it's hard to aim straight when you're trying to see through cataracts. ^_^
I found this on Hullabaloo. It's a sign outside a restaurant in Hamburg. ^_^
What Mr. Woodpecker said. I'm still forecasting a tRump departure for health reasons before the frost is off the pumpkin. That's his October surprise, Mike Pence.
He sounded drunk this evening, even though he doesn't drink. I think he flies to CT because he's home in time for dinner.

He knows its over. He's just trying to fill out his sucker lists that sell for mega bucks.

The danger is his way of winning... if he knows he's going to lose, he will make you pay and pay. All that "rigged election" BS is so we have a bunch of people out of their poor minds that the election is not legit.

So, he may lose, but you lose more.
Mike Pence is an evangelical Christian without a known current denomination. That's strange.
I wasn't predicting an outcome about the election. Of course, the national security state is anti-trump, his confidence is the issue. As Will Smith tells Margo Robbi in the movie "Focus" a conman has to "die with the lie". Trump will pretend until the end that he is in the lead and encourage his armed voters to protect their votes, and the truth which the media is unable or unwilling to report, by standing guard. He doesn't care if his candidacy throws this country into civil war. Actually, it will make it easier for Trump to work the system.
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