Sunday, July 31, 2016

Problems of death

(Thanks to reader Howard A. for the link.)

I know that my complaint is a familiar one, but it must be said again. Could any Democrat hope to attain high office after making such an admission? Why the double standard?

For 25 years, we've been singing the same song: "If any Democrat had said that or done that, he'd never be able to live it down." But Donald Trump keeps spewing lies, obscenities and absurdities, and he remains incredibly popular. He has been the quintessence of decadence; he has lived the life that Southern Baptists seem to think that all New Yorkers live (or want to live). Yet the fundamentalist fools of Jesusland have managed to convince themselves that Donald Trump is one of their own.

He has insulted the parents of a fallen war hero, even though any consultant would have told him "Look, just say a few nice words about the Khan family and then change the subject." That's all he needed to do. Simple, right? But he just couldn't bring himself to do it.

This man has serious psychological issues.

Has any political figure -- in all of history, and not just American history -- ever displayed such poor impulse control? Well, one can point to Caligula. And Commodus (who was even worse than his portrayal in Gladiator). I suppose one should not forget Tiberius and his "little fishes." Charles VI (the one who got France into such serious trouble) thought he was literally made of glass. George III -- well, you know about him because you saw the movie. Christian VII of Denmark couldn't stop masturbating and liked to slap people for no reason. Ludwig II was pretty damned nutty, but he also funded Wagner and built a really cool castle, so I would call that one a wash.

I imagine that my more historically savvy readers could name a few others, but I think we're all agreed that Donald Trump may soon gain membership in a very exclusive club.

Here's the thing: Caligula and company never had access to nuclear launch codes. Giving that kind of power to a solipsistic maniac like Trump could insure that this entire nation faces "problems of death."
People like him exist with abundance rich and poor. What is puzzling is his supporters. Seriously WTF. One time I read an Indian or African proverb( I am not sure) It goes something like this;sure you're on debt, some bad guys are coming after you, one of your legs broken and your wife left ,that doesn't mean to go ahead and burn your house.
As the song says: I quote in elegiacs all the crimes of Heliogabalus.

Surely that's the obvious example.

Although a property magnate turned politician, perhaps Crassus would be more apt. Maybe the Iranians will pour gold down his throat.
I wonder if Melania was one of those models. -
Oh dear. New Roger Stone:

Where Trump's going next?
President Obama admitted to using cocaine, and was elected to the presidency twice, but no democrat could be elected after admitting to seeing sex at studio 54 in the 1980's?
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