Wednesday, June 15, 2016


I did not make this graphic, and I don't know who did. But it's nice to see that I'm not the only one thinking this way (although I remain on the fence when it comes to the supers).

There should be a system in place to punish candidates who cannot discipline their most obnoxious supporters. 

All seems reasonable to me except the superdelegates thing. I guess the question is how much democracy you want. It's not a digital thing, so you could choose fewer or even more. But how would you feel if say 50% of all delegates were superdelegates? Would you prefer 10%? I think this is a generational problem, and it's common. A bunch of hippies turned up in the 60s and tried to get involved in politics. They are in government now. But eventually you and I are going to get old and die, and these horrible kids will be our future. Locking them out now probably just harms the party in the long term. I mean do you really want to send them to the greens or socialists?

Like I said, the supers are necessary to prevent another McGovern debacle.
so, no PUMA for Bernie ? It was only ok for Hillary I guess.
Your depiction of Bernie Sanders supporters looks like you're holding a mirror and describing what you see. Hypocrite ?

Sanders has condemned his most obnoxious supporters.
Just how does a candidate go about "disciplining" his supporters?

I think the Sanders campaign represented a coming together of a lot of disparate movements - Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, Fight for Fifteen, the anti-fracking movement, anti-war protesters, mortgage foreclosure protesters, pro-union protesters in Wisconsin and Ohio and others already in existence - who were looking for somebody to unite behind.

If they hadn't found Sanders, they'd have found somebody else.

The question for the Democratic Party is the stand its leaders will take on issues, not its internal procedural rules.
Actually Anonymous (it's always the anonymous ones, isn't it), his depiction of Bernie Sanders supporters is based on......actual Bernie Sanders supporters. Maybe you personally don't fit that depiction, but that doesn't make it any less accurate.
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