Saturday, May 14, 2016

Trump stuff

Is Trump a billionaire? Many have asked the question. Now Josh Marshall weighs in.
It's basically treated as a given that Trump's pads his wealth. So maybe he claims he's worth $10 billion and he's only worth $4B etc. But what if he's not even a billionaire? Is that what the tax returns might reveal or at perhaps that he's only holding on in the billionaire status?

Does it really take a Trump to fight a Trump? The Never Trump movement approached Mark Cuban -- billionaire, reality TV star -- to lead a third party candidacy.
Cuban, who hosts “Shark Tank,” the ABC reality series in which entrepreneurs pitch investors about their business ideas, said his pursuers — he declined to name them — have told him his “bluster and volume, combined with substance and the ability to connect with voters on a more personal basis,” could make him a winning candidate.

“He could come after me all he wanted, and he knows I would put him in his place,” Cuban said of Trump.
Seriously? THAT'S the new presidential criterion -- bluster?

Apparently, GOP voters no longer care about policies, experience or temperament: It's all about the capacity for bombast.

Good lord, what has happened to the citizenry of this country? A long time ago, Poul Anderson wrote a book called Brain Wave, in which every human being on earth suddenly becomes five times smarter. I think that something similar has happened -- in reverse. What other explanation suffices?

SCREW SALON (redux). It's very apparent now that Salon is no longer anti-Hillary or pro-Bernie: They want a Trump presidency. Granted, most Salon writers won't come right and say that -- at least not at this point in the race. The magazine will continue to print anti-Trump stories in order to maintain its "progressive" readership.

But Salon's long-term game plan is apparent.

Today, we have an article titled: "This isn't how a democracy should work: How the media boosted Donald Trump and screwed Bernie Sanders." (No, I won't provide a link.)

Screwed Bernie fucking Sanders? SCREWED?

Anyone who can make that delusional statement would also argue that the media has ignored the Kardashians.

Bernie Sanders is a socialist who wants to raise everyone's tax rates. He's a man of no legislative accomplishments. The Sanders agenda depends on a fanciful "revolution" which will never, ever happen -- a "revolution" which exists only in the minds of his delusional, diseased zombie followers.

In previous cycles, the mainstream media would have slaughtered this guy.

Instead, in this cycle, the media has either printed puff pieces or they've politely left him alone.

They don't say one word about the fact that he wants to raise the tax rate of someone earning $20,000 a year to 39 percent!

Think about it. Be honest. The Great Media Silence on the Sanders tax plan tells you everything you need to know: The fix is in.

It's also quite telling that Sanders receives nothing but applause from the Breitbart crowd and other Trumpers.

Most Dem voters learn everything they know about Sanders from MSNBC, where he is usually treated with unearned kindness, and from his appearances on the Colbert show, where he comes across as that nice old man who wants to give everyone free ice cream.

Salon thinks that Sanders has been "screwed"? Screw you, Salon.

Another Salon headline is even more telling: "This is one weak nominee: Hillary Clinton's problem isn't Bernie Sanders. It's Hillary Clinton." (Again, I refuse to offer a link.)

To say such words about the presumptive Democratic nominee proves that Salon wants Trump to win. And why should anyone expect otherwise? Salon is the most hypocritical website in the history of the internet.

Salon is run by a Goldman Sach alum.

Salon is funded by a hedge fund manager.

Salon IS Wall Street.

Salon's co-owner, Bill Hambrecht, is trying to get rid of a piece of New Deal legislation called Regulation A. If Hambrecht succeeds, he will exponentially increase the problems created by pump-and-dump fraudsters and other scammers (such as the shady operators who buy advertising on the Alex Jones websites). Only certain insiders know about these plans -- and they stand to make billions.

Trump, the king of sleaze, will do what he can to give Hambrecht what he wants. Mark my words. Trump and Hambrecht, working together, will transform America into Sleazyland.

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