Sunday, May 15, 2016

Time to go, Bernie (added note)

From Talk Left:
Looks to me like Bernie Sanders' supporters caused the chaos at the Nevada Democratic convention.

At the point where Sanders' personal goals interfere with those of the Democratic Party (on whose ticket he is seeking a place), it's time for him to go. That time has come, in my view.

Goodnight Bernie, please come back in 2020, on some other party's ticket.
Sanders won't leave and he won't tell his zombie followers to behave. Everything Sanders has done, is doing and will do proves my theory: He is dancing to Roger Stone's tune, just as Al Sharpton and John Anderson did in previous elections.

What a coward Bernie is. I used to admire him; now I cannot stand that man. If he got within spitting distance of me, he'd need a beach towel.

A reader has pointed out the eerie similarity between the BernieBro riot in Nevada and Roger Stone's "Brooks Brothers" riot in Florida, 2000.

If the trick worked before...

Here are some videos of the Sanders mob in action. Disgusting!

Also see here:
It was only a little over a week ago that dozens of angry Bernie Sanders fanatics turned an appearance by Hillary Clinton in East L.A. into a gauntlet of screams and obscenities directed at her supporters. In spite of that fact, backed up by a whole slew of first-person accounts and on-scene pictures and video, there are still those out there who maintain that tales of Sanders's rabid fan base attacking anyone who supports Clinton, either on social media or in person, amount to nothing more than a myth. That there simply is no problem, or that if there is, it has a direct equivalent on the Clinton side. They deny the months of atrocious and often delusional behavior online and now, as the path to the nomination for Sanders has narrowed down to nothing, the very public lashing out against the sworn enemy of these dedicated disciples -- Clinton.

I don't expect what happened at the Nevada Democratic Convention yesterday to convince any of those particular people given the depth of their denial, but for the rest of us it's yet another example of just how far off the rails the Sanders campaign has gone. So what did happen? It started when Sanders supporters on hand at the Paris Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, where the event was being held, complained that a "minority report" they'd produced, alleging that 64 Sanders supporters had been denied delegate status, wasn't accepted by the state party. State Democratic officials explained that they'd denied the report because those supporters' records couldn't be verified or they weren't registered as Democrats by the necessary deadline. In response to that, a large group of Sanders supporters on-hand rushed the stage and loudly booed and shouted down Sen. Barbara Boxer when she called for unity against the Republican threat. They angrily rejected appeals for calm.
Yet the BernieBots continue to lie and lie and LIE about what happened.
That's how it is with these zealots: everything's a conspiracy against Sanders; he's not really losing by millions of votes, the votes in his favor are simply being suppressed; there's no problem with his rabid acolytes behaving like tantrum-throwing children, it's all a lie perpetrated by the greatest liar of all, Hillary Clinton. This is what it looks like when delusional devotion trumps the ability to accept reality.

In moderation just now, I zapped a crudely anti-Semitic comment.

We'll have none of THAT here. I can't be entrapped quite so easily.

Early in the campaign a couple of BernieBots went seriously hostile on me when I said I didn't care who got the nomination as long as we all voted Blue in November. It was then I realized the Democratic Party was going to have problems. At first I just hoped it was Bernie's followers, now I seriously worry Bernie might go independent or throw his support behind that Green Party candidate.
A somewhat different view of the happenings in Nevada, from someone who was actually there:
Prop, the video tells the story.

These people are maniacs. Sure, they will always pretend to be the fighting underdog -- but everything they say is pure casuistry. They are simply a mob.
After the incident(s) in CA, I spent several hours dogging various spoors trying to get the child intimidation etc prospective from a BBro. It was a wasted effort, in that, they all sung the same tune. It was the kid's fault that he/she was there with a Clinton supporter. Always the victim. Just like the extreme Xian. Just like the GOP. Hmmm. I sense a pattern. btw, the slapping incident will be the next BBro screaming point. If anyone knows the actual facts I'd like to see them. Incident reports are not very useful in determining motivation, though it could all be 3:00 am alcohol induced.
Another video here.

Looks to me as though Sanders's supporters had a right to demand a recount, that they were stitched up by the party machine, and that they had a damned right to be angry about that.

Let's just run with that idea for a while. Then the big question is where the fuck is Sanders himself in crying foul? It's the US for goodness sake. Sic some lawyers on the other side.

But he doesn't.

Where is he? Is he the same place that Al Gore was when George W Bush stole the US presidential election in 2000?

When will the left ever learn? Parliamentary democracy is a safety valve. That is especially so with campaigns such as Bernie Sanders's and Jeremy Corbyn's.
"shouted down Sen. Barbara Boxer when she called for unity against the Republican threat"

She told them the disqualified pro-Sanders delegates would stay disqualified. I'm told the disqualified Sanders delegates numbered more than the Clinton majority. She also used a "voice vote" to change the rules so that she should close the meeting. That's a stitch-up, in anybody's language.

Her "unity" meant their submission to the stitch-up. What is the "unity" issue when the matter in hand is a competition between candidates? You competitively back different candidates. You divide to vote. Then you unite afterwards behind the (national) winner. There's no national winner yet. They had a right to demand a recount. Or do they lose that right because someone disagrees with them?

b, Hillary had already won the original caucus in Feb. Why that state has multiple conventions is beyond me, but this one was to award the delegates already won. Bernie's camp organized to outnumber Hillary's, and possibly nab 5 extra delegates for the national count. Both sides had delegates disqualified. These state caucus systems are arcane, complicated and favor the loud who have a ton of time to kill, and should all be retired in favor of ballots! If the ultimate outcome is to eliminate the LEAST democratic system and we see the end of caucus states, all the better. Without which, neither Bernie nor Obama would've gotten anywhere.

But if we're talking about rules, Bernie's camp was .... unruly, at best. Maybe I'm wrong, but when the DNC gifted actual votes cast for Hillary to Obama in 2008, I don't think PUMAs called up party leaders with death threats.

I'm loving all this butt-hurt over 5 delegates they were unable to steal!! I ask them, where was all this compunction when Obama was selected by party leaders? Then I agree with them: caucuses must go. Let future bully youth cult candidates be tried by ballot. :)
Tony Bilbray, an HRC supporting ex congressman for Nevada apparently tore up his membership card for the Dems after walking out if the convention. I have seen arguements in both direction regarding that nv conference, but if this is true, it would be suggest some merit to the Sanders supporters complaints and might explain why they were so rude. I saw a video asserting this by his daughter who also attended the conference but I would like further corroboration.

We live in a country where the supporters of Bernie Sanders are likely to shout "How much did Hillary pay you to do that?"

I know. We also live in a country where a Hillary supporter is likely to accuse Bernie of being a dupe of Roger Stone. Fortunately, such lunatics are in the minority ;-).
Hillary had already won the original caucus in Feb. Why that state has multiple conventions is beyond me,

Pretty much every caucus state works this way. Caucuses don't select delegates to the national convention - they typically select delegates to county assemblies and/or House District assemblies, which in turn select delegates to state conventions, which in turn select delegates to national conventions. At every stage there's an opportunity for the favored candidate to change, because many delegates just don't go (this is what happened to Trump at the Republican State Convention here in Colorado - because he had no actual on-the-ground campaign organization he had nobody to call up his delegates and make damned sure they attended).

This is one of many reasons why caucuses are stupid and undemocratic.
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