Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Monty Python and the 2016 election

(I hope no-one minds if I shamelessly rip off this post from The Confluence.)

Riverdaughter has retitled this famous scene "When Hillary met Bernie." Suddenly, a piece of cinema that I've loved since opening day in 1975 looks brand new. And very relevant.

My response: This video is a pack of lies. Malory and Tennyson were obviously paid shills for Arthur. The Black Knight lost only because director Terry Jones rigged the system.

By the way: I really did see the movie at its very first performance in Westwood, California. They gave away free coconuts. I kept mine in the fridge for about a year and finally tossed it out.
Oh man, I laughed so hard when Riverdaughter posted this!! And now I'm gonna watch it again. I like what you did with it here.

How cool you saw the first performance. They ought to have handed out coconut shells, so the entire audience could've help make the horse sounds!

That's so rich...."all right then, we'll call it a draw.." That's Bernie, exactly. He's bleeding all over the media whining that it's "insulting" that Hillary won't debate him on Fox News, as if she hasn't already been talking to the voters of California....while's he's out of money for attack ads there.

"What are you going to do now, Bernie? Whine all over her?"
If you had frozen that coconut and saved until now, it would probably sell for a 100,000 dollars on ebay now.
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Bernie Sanders is going all out in California. He's already running ads on ABC, NBC, CBS local news 11pm news, plus KTLA and Fox and I presume KCAL.

The news channels, happy to get Bernie Sanders ad money, report on the Daily schedule for both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in the following manner.
"Bernie Sanders conducted a whirlwind tour today with stops in t, u, x, y, z,………."

Then they say the following about Hillary Clinton, "Hillary Clinton attended two fundraisers today in California".

Bernie Sanders is pulling closer to Hillary Clinton in California because he's spending money with the news stations who in turn are giving him excellent coverage about his daily activities, and with Bernie campaigning outside while Hillary Clinton campaigns inside of television studios and fundraising events, he's getting better exposure to the uncommitted voters themselves.

Hillary Clinton does it have it tough, she has two males ganging up on her and she is getting less donations than either Trump or Sanders. I am concerned she is following the Barack Obama countdown book from 2008 when Obama would repeat the same speech day after day, simply reducing the countdown to victory by one with each passing day.

Sanders goal is to win more delegates than Hillary on June 7th so that even if he doesn't get close enough, he can still argue he won the final two months of campaigning and has all the momentum.
I sure hope we see Hillary ads in California, and I sincerely hope we see ads where people talk about how great Hillary Clinton is rather than Hillary talking about herself or her hopes for the country.
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