Monday, December 14, 2015

Guff from Duff

A sector of the internet is raising a ruckus about this story, whish says that American pilots have been told not to bomb ISIS targets.
They report mysterious aircraft dropping supplies to ISIS and al Nusra, they are silenced on that as well.

The most common report, however, is massive parking lots filled with hundreds, even thousands of Humvees, Abrams tanks, artillery pieces, support vehicles of all kinds, all “hands off” at the orders of the Pentagon.
Unfortunately, the author of this piece is Gordon Duff, the main individual behind the execrable Veterans Today website. This video contains a shocking admission from Duff himself:
"About 40% of what I write is at least purposefully partially false. Because if I didn’t write false information I wouldn’t be alive.
Why? What is the purpose of this charade? A mere attention-seeker would not put such effort into a daily masquerade.

The only motive I can discern is disinformation. Truth is like a Hershey's Kiss, and the best way to hide chocolate is in a bucket of shit. 40 percent shit will suffice.


fred said...

Yasin al-Qadi, a Saudi, was named by the Bush Administration as a financial backer of al-Qaeda. He was also the principal financier of Ptech, a CIA front company responsible for the software systems of most US defense and senior government agencies, including the FAA software used on 911 (which gave rise to a particular 911 conspiracy theory -- see Indira Singh). Al-Qadi and Ptech were cleared of any wrongdoing by President Bush on the very day that their offices were raided by the US Dept of Treasury in their terrorism investigation, Operation Greenquest. No Guantanamo for Yasin.

Now. according to F. William Engdahl, Yasin al-Qadi has been helping Ergodan and ISIS:

According to a well-informed Turkish political source I spoke with in 2014, who had been involved in attempts to broker a peace between Assad and Erdogan, Erdogan’s first Presidential election campaign in August 2014 was “greased” by a gift of $ 10 billion from the Saudis. After his victory in buying the presidential election, Erdogan and his hand-picked Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu opened the doors wide to establish secret training centers for what was to be called ISIS. Under supervision of Hakan Fidan, Erdogan’s hand-picked head of the Secret Services (MIT), Turkey organized camps for training ISIS and other terrorists in Turkey and also to provide their supplies in Syria. The financing for the Turkish ISIS operation was arranged apparently by a close personal friend of Erdogan named Yasin al-Qadi, a Saudi banker close to the Saudi Royal House, member of the Muslim Brotherhood, financier of Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda since Afghanistan in the 1980’s.

B said...

Close, I like to keep it below 30% BS.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of disinfo, fred, Christopher Bollyn's "Solving 9/11" claimed that Ptech was a Mossad front. His evidence being that they employed in their Marketing department a young Jewish lawyer who after the collapse of Ptech went to work for a company Bollyn regarded as Mossad-affiliated.