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The mastermind and the motive

Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the presumed mastermind of the Paris attacks, may have been killed in a shootout. This report says that two were killed in a raid in Saint Denis and seven arrested; the report does not state that Abaaoud was among those killed.

Some have been wondering whether Abaaoud had "friends" within the intelligence agencies of the west. Justin Raimondo examines the initial evidence here. I'm not persuaded, but neither am I dismissive.
To begin with, the alleged mastermind, 28-year-old Belgium-born Abdel Hamid Abaaoud, seems to have led a charmed life. A high-profile jihadi, commander of the Islamic State forces at Deir-al-Zor, and their major European recruiter, he has been involved in several terrorist operations in Europe, including the incident on a train bound for Paris foiled by three Americans, as well as an attack on a church in a Parisian suburb, both earlier this year. He is the star of several Islamic State videos, including one that shows him dragging corpses tied to the back of a truck. He even did an interview with Dabiq, the official Islamic State magazine, in which Abaaoud boasted that he returned to Belgium right under the noses of the authorities...
The origins of Dabiq are murky, but that's a topic for another time. Right now, the important thing to note is that Abaaoud seems to have gotten out of one close shave after another.
“After the raid on the safe house,” he told Dabiq, “they figured out that I had been with the brothers and that we had been planning operations together. So they gathered intelligence agents from all over the world – from Europe and America – in order to detain me. I was able to leave and come to Syria despite being chased after by so many intelligence agencies. All this proves that a Muslim should not fear the bloated image of the crusader intelligence.”

Incompetence on the part of the “crusaders”– or does Abaaoud have a guardian angel sitting on his shoulder?

The failure to nab Abaaoud in Greece, in spire of the tremendous resources utilized to that end, is something of a mystery. As the Guardian reported:

“Asked if the suspected leader remained on the run after two people were arrested in Athens on Saturday in connection with the Belgian investigation, Koen Geens, the justice minister, told VRT television: ‘That is indeed the case. Last night’s arrests did not succeed in nabbing the right person. We are still actively looking for him and I presume we will succeed,’ he added.”

Or, as Abaaoud put it to Dabiq:

“Allah blinded their vision... My name and picture were all over the news yet I was able to stay in their homeland, plan operations against them, and leave safely when doing so became necessary.”
The NYT offers more background:
Like many of the jihadists who have carried out attacks in Europe, including the brothers who attacked the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in January, Mr. Abaaoud showed far more interest in thievery and drugs when he was a young man than in Islam, particularly the highly disciplined, self-sacrificing Salafi strain favored by many militants.

Nor was his family impoverished. His father, Omar, owned a clothing store off the market square in Molenbeek, a borough of Brussels, and the family lived nearby in a spacious if shabby corner home on Rue de l’Avenir — Future Street — near the local police station.

Despite his subsequent denunciations of the mistreatment suffered by Muslims in Europe, he enjoyed privileges available to few immigrants, including admission to an exclusive Catholic school, Collège Saint-Pierre d’Uccle, in an upscale residential district of Brussels.

He was given a place as a first-year student in the secondary school but stayed only one year. An assistant to Saint-Pierre’s director, who declined to give her name, said he had apparently flunked out. Others say he was dismissed for poor behavior.

He then drifted into a group of friends in Molenbeek who engaged in various petty crimes. Among his friends were Ibrahim and Salah Abdeslam, two brothers who, like Mr. Abaaoud, lived just a few blocks away and are now at the center of the investigation into the Paris attacks.
The man was a complete ne'er-do-well and a drug thug. Did he really "get religion"?

By the way: If you want to read an intriguing account of how the CIA infiltrates the jihad underground, see this story from 2014, which touches on the lingering al-Awlaki mystery. The piece, which came to my attention only just now, may offer some additional insights into the Abaaoud affair.

The reason why. Nothing done by the Parisian terrorists benefited ISIS or Al Qaeda, so why did they commit a seemingly senseless act? Even if you posit a conspiracy theory of the Paris incident -- and right now, I'm at least semi-open to such ideas -- you still have to consider the fact that those men were willing to die for their cause. Someone told them: "If you do this, X will happen."

Solve for X. That's our puzzle for today.

So far, the only argument I've seen that makes any sense is presented here. Basically, the argument comes to this: The jihadists intend to create an anti-Muslim backlash in western societies, because alienated young Muslims are more likely to join the jihadist forces.
Altogether, these findings suggest "terror groups may try to provoke a backlash against their own ethnic or religious group in the targeted country, in order to halt the assimilation of Muslim adherents into Western society," the researchers conclude.

Indeed, from ISIS's point of view, that's an intelligent long-term strategy, as fully Westernized Muslims are likely to be far less responsive to their abhorrent ideology.
If this is true -- and I am persuaded that it is -- then the Republican response to Paris has aided ISIS immensely.

John Kasich, a man for whom I once had some respect, has argued for a government agency designed to promote "Judeo-Christian values" in the Middle East and elsewhere. This lunatic proposal, which would have horrified this country's founders, will convert exactly no-one while pressing all sorts of paranoia buttons throughout the world: "Hi, I'm Uncle Sam. I'm here to entice your kids away from your religion."

Is ISIS paying Kasich? Probably not, although the investment would be shrewd.

Airstrikes. As one might have predicted, the French are sending warplanes into Raqqa, the ISIS city-state -- but they aren't doing much harm to ISIS. Compared to the Russian strikes, which have inflicted serious damage, the French sorties appear to be mostly for show.

Nothing done by "the west" has actually hurt ISIS in Syria.
Kasich is going to lose anyway, so that investment would be wasted.
"John Kasich, a man for whom I once had some respect, has argued for a government agency designed to promote "Judeo-Christian values" in the Middle East and elsewhere. This lunatic proposal, which would have horrified this country's founders, will convert exactly no-one while pressing all sorts of paranoia buttons throughout the world: "Hi, I'm Uncle Sam. I'm here to entice your kids away from your religion."

Amen and Amen! When I saw this, I nearly fell outta my chair! We are not a Christian Theocracy, we are a constitutional Republic. This smacks of a First Amendment violation up the yang yang...

Kasich won't be around long.


The "west" isn't going to hurt ISIS because ISIS is just another proxy army whose mission - for the time being - is to destabilize Syria so that the government can be toppled and replaced with yet another puppet of the west.

The attacks in Paris achieve several goals as far as I can tell:

1) They ingrain in the French public's mind that refugees from Syria are terrorists who should be feared and ostracized from society.
2) They provide a justification for the passage of France's version of the USA Patriot Act.
3) They increase the likelihood that a right-wing authoritarian government will rise to power.
4) They provide a pretext for French military involvement in Syria under the aegis of fighting terror, when they'll really be about smashing Syrian infrastructure and supporting the same terrorists who allegedly attacked Paris.

Pretty brilliant in a sadistic way.
James, were those the goals in the minds of the men (and one woman, it seems) who gave their lives to do this thing? If not, what were they told and what did they believe?
Have you ever seen the movie "Clean Skin" on Netflix? It does a surprisingly good job of painting an admittedly fictional portrait of how the state actually uses terrorism and terrorist patsies to accomplish its goals, all the while keeping the vast majority of both the public and the law enforcement community tasked with preventing terrorism none the wiser. I highly recommend this as a sort of introductory level course in imagining the level of sophistication, smoke screening, and subterfuge necessary to maintain the charade that is the War on (of, really) Terror.

As for those who died in this Paris operation, I would imagine that any who did sacrifice their lives were possibly true believers who were recruited by Abdelhamid Abaaoud or some other agent of the state. Notice the professional shooters in these attacks did not wear explosive vests; they all escaped. And while the media is attempting to tell us that those killed in the shoot-out this morning were the shooters who got away, we really have no way of knowing that. Regardless, dead men (and women) tell no tales and loose ends represent a very real threat to these operations, I would imagine.

I can't claim to understand how the deep state military protects its operations, but the spate of terrorist attacks to which society has been subjected in my lifetime all seem to smack of state involvement upon closer inspection, and this Paris situation is no different in that regard. Cui bono, Joseph.
"Nothing done by the Parisian terrorists benefited ISIS or Al Qaeda..." Perhaps these people were true believers, radical Salafists of the sort that are being created all over the world in Saudi-funded madrassahs and mosques. As such, they would certainly be aware, as some westerners believe, that ISIS and Al Qaeda are both creations of western intelligence services. Your synopsis above of the link marked "here" makes sense: if the terrorists were true Takfiris, then it is God's will that they kill not only Christians, Jews, and other assorted infidels, but also Muslims who are not adherents of their particular Saudi-originated sect, and radicalizing other Muslims in the process is a good thing.

Re French military inefficiency: according to Global Research (credible source?), the first French bombing attack on Raqqa damaged "a sports stadium, museum, an equestrian center and several administration buildings." The French attacks in Syria are also against international law, just like their attacks in Libya and those of the US in both places.

It could just be as simple as Columbine, a bunch of young men who are losers, finding a convenient excuse to kill people. For such people, the Saudi's Wahhabism is a flame to these soulless moths.

Now what it gets used for is something else entirely....

But...I think Putin put the west back into "check" by embracing France as tightly as any boa-constrictor, so as to prevent them from becoming a canard by which the west could stir the their dying embers back to life in Syria.
James, so what you're saying is this: As the terrorists took bullets from the Parisian cops, as they lay dying in the street with their life's blood draining away, the last thoughts in their minds were: "At least I died to justify a French version of the USA Patriot Act."


You think THAT was what motivated them?
Regardless of whether they were shot by police or blew themselves up, any of these terrorists who actually died during this attack would have needed to believe they were fighting for their cause, hence the term "true believers". I'm saying that whoever planned and carried out this attack - including providing logistics, weapons, getaway routes, fake IDs, official cover, etc. - understood why they were doing it, which is what I explained in my response.

How you managed to interpret what I wrote to mean what you replied is beyond me.
You think THAT was what motivated them?
posted by Blogger Joseph : 4:05 PM

True believers died for whatever their cause was but that USA Patriot Act thing might of what their handlers had in mind. Oh and defense spending. Ka-Ching$$
One person run into one of the terrorists at a public toilet near the stadium, short time before he blew himself off.
The person observed, that the man was sweating heavily and grasping at the sink, like feeling very sick.
Second, in one of the appartements searched in Paris they found seringas and other stuff, which they don't know if it was used for drugging or for bomb-making.
So how do we really know that Russia and Putin are telling the truth when they say they are bombing ISIS? Are there any independent reports outside of Russian sources? Western sources saying exactly opposite. I find neither side trustworthy. Is Putin knows something about who is funding ISIS then why doesn't he just say it and let the world know? He is apparently playing games too.
Perhaps Abdelhamid Abaaoud is simply the latest Lee Harvey Oswald.

Also, Thierry Meyssan spins a fascinating web:
Listen everyone.

Please have a look at the glossy magazine supposedly published by Isis (Daesh) in English. You can get it online here, distributed by the pro-Israeli Clarion Project. They're the guys who made the "Third Jihad" film and you can guess what memes they push.

The magazine is called Dabiq. That's a place in Syria that's big in Islamic eschatology.

Said Islamic eschatology also features the second coming of Jesus.

The zine reminds me very much of Inspire, which is supposedly put out by Al Qaeda but which the Iranian government opines is actually produced by the CIA.

You know those photos that occasionally make the big western media, said to derive from unknown sources (so why publish them?), showing Arab toddlers wearing suicide belts, which they are said (also by unspecified sources) to have been encouraged to wear as part of the festivities at an Arab wedding?


How many nanoseconds of clear thought does it take to realise that no-one anywhere in the world, in any culture, ever does anything like that?

Don't forget that last month France was mooting at the UN Security Council the (Palestinian) idea that UN soldiers should help guard the Haram al-Sharif (Temple Mount) in al-Quds (Jerusalem).

Now look what's happened.

D'you think they're still going to espouse such an idea?

The Norwegian Labour Party's foreign affairs guy spoke at Utoya in Norway about the divestment of Norwegian state money from Israel. Then what happened? Anders Breivik went there and murdered most of the next generation of Norwegian Labour Party leaders, that's what.

Do you think the divestment's going to happen now?

Lest anyone think Norwegian divestment would be insigificant, please be aware that the Norwegian oil funds are some of the biggest sovereign investment funds in the world, easily comparable to the Saudi one.

Then think some about BDS (boycott divestment sanctions) and the idea of "red lines".

Then recall Victor Ostrovksy's info about the Zionist terror network in western countries.

Was the choice of a "death metal" concert someone's idea of a sick joke? It actually may have been. There are some fucking sick memes being pushed at a high level at the moment. Game of Thrones fans have got themselves a real-life 'red wedding'.

OK fellow free-thinkers who don't jump to attention to believe The Man, let's get going.

Music concert.


Venue owner?

Venue manager?

Let's not get bogged down by details of what the fucking French authorities say they found, whether syringes or a Koran or a picture of the Eiffel Tower with a missile drawn on it.
@James - Daesh's reach already extends much further than Syria.
@Makarov - "The French attacks in Syria are also against international law".

They would say they are in self-defence, which is legal under the UN Charter.

This is just FYI. I'm not saying they are justified.

The Russian action in Syria is certainly legal, being at the request of the Syrian government.
Which countries ISIS-supporters are tweeting from ?
Nice graph ->

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