Monday, November 23, 2015

The great unpleasantness

I have semi-vowed to stay away from 1963 in these pages, but David Talbot's piece in Salon is worth reading. That said, I am heterodox: I do not believe that Allen Dulles orchestrated the event, although he oversaw much of the cover-up. In my view, the event itself was planned on the second floor of CIA HQ by one James Jesus Angleton, who hoped to spark World War III. A great mischief-maker, Jimmy was.

To get a little closer to the truth, or at least my idea of the truth, you may want to hear this interview with the remarkable Kevin Coogan. The first part will strike many of you as overly-detailed stuff for the advanced students. But stick with it. The interview derives from this article by Coogan, published in Lobster.
Please don't become one of those "active shooter drill" truthers, Joe.
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