Friday, November 20, 2015

The F word

So much has occurred today, and I have had so little time to write. Sorry; please check back in a short while. For now, let me simply say this: Donald Trump and Marco Rubio have crossed the line into out and out fascism.

Actually, the F word is notoriously hard to define. It's like pornography: One knows it when one sees it. I see it.

Those who claim (as the Breitbarters and Rush Limbaugh do) that Trump is being smeared have not looked at the full evidence. The Rachel Maddow episode embedded above will make matters crystal clear.
Read the transcript; you've been had
No I haven't been "had." Watch the video.
I watched the video 1st and Trump never answered the question, but made an entirely different point. The reporter simply lied about the response. I simply assumed the best intentions when I said you had been conned, my bad.

BTW, the article has been edited to delete the full transcript. Too bad the link I gave has been broken by ?
Another reporter has more details and points out the video editing.
The wheels are coming off the apple cart. Fascism on the rise. WWIII with the Russians and the Chinese on the horizon. Charlie Sheen has AIDS. Shits gettin real as they say. Need to buy some more popcorn tomorrow.
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