Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Neocons worship ISIS

For more proof that the neocons love ISIS long time, check out what John Bolton has to say in the NYT...
If, in this context, defeating the Islamic State means restoring to power Mr. Assad in Syria and Iran’s puppets in Iraq, that outcome is neither feasible nor desirable.
Of course that outcome is feasible. If it is feasible for the Gulf States to be run by brutal Sunni dictators, why isn't it feasible for Syria to be run by a secular leader who has always respected the rights of Christians and other minorities? A leader who has never done anything to harm American interests? Bolton considers this outcome undesirable only because the increasingly fascistic leaders of Israel long ago pegged Assad for removal.

And please note: If defeating ISIS means that Assad stays, then Bolton would rather not defeat ISIS. He says this.

Bolton's big idea: Carve a Sunni state out of Syria and Iraq. In other words, he wants to codify the Islamic State -- to change its status from de facto state to de jure. This guy thinks that the way to defeat ISIS is to give 'em exactly what they want.

Before America blundered into Iraq, Sunnis and Shi'ites lived in peace in that country. There was intermarriage and fellowship. The neocons deliberately created religious tensions, and now they are asking for national segregation along theocratic lines.

Bolton's next idea is a corker:
The Arab monarchies like Saudi Arabia must not only fund much of the new state’s early needs, but also ensure its stability and resistance to radical forces.
Saudi Arabia is a radical force. Saudi Arabia is the Islamic State. Continuing with Bolton:
This Sunni state proposal differs sharply from the vision of the Russian-Iranian axis and its proxies (Hezbollah, Mr. Assad and Tehran-backed Baghdad). Their aim of restoring Iraqi and Syrian governments to their former borders is a goal fundamentally contrary to American, Israeli and friendly Arab state interests.
Bolton here comes close to admitting the truth: America, Israel and the Gulf states instigated this civil war -- a war that has created misery for millions.
Notions, therefore, of an American-Russian coalition against the Islamic State are as undesirable as they are glib.
There's that word again: "undesirable." The use of the passive voice allows Bolton to avoid stating who is doing the desiring.

We average Americans sure as hell did not desire this war. Most Americans do not have ludicrous dreams of empire. Bolton does not speak for us; he speaks only for a small clique of conspirators.

The Syrian civil war was instigated by the Machiavellian monsters who call themselves neoconservatives. The same monsters brought us the Iraq debacle (which Bolton still defends). The same monsters brought Nazis to power in Ukraine. The same monsters funded ISIS. The same monsters formulated the Plan for a New American Century. The same monsters wrote the truly diabolical "Clean Break" document, which talked about the need for waging a proxy war against Syria.

The best argument for an American-Russian coalition is the fact that beasts like Bolton hate the very idea.

John Bolton is as undesirable as he is criminal. In a sane world, he and his fellow war-lovers would have faced justice at a Nuremberg-style trial.

By the way: Bolton is Donald Trump's chief foreign policy adviser. Trump may talk the anti-neocon talk to win over the libertarian-minded -- but if he is elected, don't expect improvement.
The neocons are infesting our media....

Following the downing of the Russian fighter aircraft in Turkey CNBC provided this commentary:

"Defense consultant Paul Beaver told CNBC that the downing of the jet was an incident that had been 'waiting to happen. The Russians are very cavalier in the way they operate their aircraft,' he told CNBC Tuesday. 'Traditionally, they've always been less than scrupulous in terms of air traffic management. Given that, I feel that this incident was inevitable.'

Which is a lie because the Russians and the US have implemented protocols specifically to avoid needless air conflict incidents.

In 2003, Paul Beaver was appointed a Specialist Adviser to the UK House of Commons Defence Committee. He is also a signatory of the Statement of Principles of the British neoconservative think tank the Henry Jackson Society.

More here.

UK academics Tom Griffin, Hilary Aked, David Miller, Sarah Marusek have written a detailed study on the development of the Henry Jackson Society, its history, membership and financing:

"Although the HJS continues to claim to be a bipartisan think tank as it still retains some limited support from interventionist liberals in parliament, our report illustrates that the activities of the society are distinctly neoconservative:

• Promoting a strongly pro-Israel agenda;
• Organising anti-Islam activities, focusing particularly on British Muslim students;
• Advocating a transatlantic military and security regime."

Robert Kagan is a patron of the UK's Henry Jackson Society.

John Bolton is the chair of the Gatestone Institute, a New York based offshoot of the Hudson Institute, and all the usual faces are there in spades:

"The institute was founded in 2011 by Nina Rosenwald, an heiress of the Sears Roebuck empire who has been a key philanthropic backer of anti-Muslim groups and individuals in the United States.

Rosenwald is reportedly also a financial donor to the Henry Jackson Society.
Nice post, Joe. Something tells me small-j joseph isn't going to like this too much, however. He'd rather muddy the issue by claiming racism than admit to the diabolical machinations so inherent to the neocon ilk.
This makes it appear [see link], that Obama is all in with the ISIS/Al-Qaeda/Turkey/Saudi/Qatar et al gang. It's where the money is and Obama just has to keep the big players happy for a few more months and Clinton's $150-200,000,000.00 after presidency payola will look like a church mouse's crumbs.

But I don't know, the bomb planted on a Russian civilian airliner by US proxies didn't make Putin lose his cool, but it looks like this provocation did. I'm sure today's version of General Bat Guano is assuring Obama that the Russians won't escalate...and if they do, the US can "handle it", but that's the thinking that started WW I, which bequeathed us WW II.

If the Peace Prize Prez does miscalculate and winds up starting WW III, will his fanboy stop clapping...or use the NSA's Staci powers to insure we all clap louder? God help this country of mine...we're ruled reasonably sounding Sociopaths[D] and tourettes symptom Sociopaths [R]...apparently, Sociopaths[D]seem to be, if not more evil, the more effective evil of the two.


Corrected web link error:

UK academics Tom Griffin, Hilary Aked, David Miller, Sarah Marusek have written a detailed study on the development of the Henry Jackson Society.
On the payroll of Saudi Arabia? This is what they wanted all along, a stable state there that they could take away the oilfields from Syria and Iraq with... the plan all along. Once they have the state, they take out ISIS too.
The Republican Presidential candidates are apparently getting their foreign policy advice from the same source: the John Hay Initiative. Supposedly containing 250 "experts" it's essentially a reprise of Mitt Romney's foreign policy team from the Foreign Policy Initiative, a war mongering coalition of neocons intent on ME wars. Jim Lobe explains.
"The same monsters brought Nazis to power in Ukraine"
The same monsters brought THE Nazis to power.

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