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Michael Hand and the greatest unsolved mystery of our time

Michael Hand has been found.

Michael Hand is alive and well and living and making exotic weapons in Idaho Falls.

If your response is "Who the hell is Michael Hand?" -- you really need to learn more about spooks. Not only that: You need to learn more about how this world got to be in its current ghastly shape.

Hand co-founded the most notorious of the CIA-linked banks, Nugan Hand. It was set up with drug money from the Southeast Asian heroin trade. Covert operators (both on and off the books) used the bank to launder dirty money and fund various schemes to reshape the world.

There is good reason to believe that the Nugan Hand bank set up the Rupert Murdoch empire -- which is why you should not expect Fox News to cover this story, at least not accurately.

Did the preceding paragraph turn on a few lightbulbs in your mind? I hope so. This rotten world would not be what it is today without the Nugan Hand bank.

This bio should give you an idea of the type of person we're dealing with here:
He also ran Australia’s dirtiest and most crooked private bank, the Nugan Hand Bank, which he co-founded with Australian, Frank Nugan in 1973 – a bank that strong evidence suggests was used by the CIA to finance a covert war in Indochina, and that had associations with known drug traffickers. Many suspect they were knowingly washing the profits of drugs and arms sales as a sanitary front for CIA-sanctioned operations.

One former Nugan Hand director has stated on oath that Hand warned Bank executives: “If we didn’t do what we were told, and things weren’t handled properly, our wives would be cut into pieces and put in boxes and sent back to us.”
Hand disappeared in 1980, at the same time his partner, Frank Nugan, was found dead in a Mercedes near Sydney, Australia. From the Sydney Morning Herald article referenced at the top of this post:
Over the years, the two words Nugan Hand became shorthand for drug-dealing, gun-running, organised crime and clandestine intelligence activities.

But nobody has been convicted. Governments, security and espionage agencies ran dead or appeared to look the other way. Many men associated with the bank's affairs in Australia, the US and Asia have died early or in mysterious circumstances.

The most problematic death was William Colby's. Director of the CIA between 1972 and 1976 as the US wound down its involvement in Vietnam, Colby became a legal adviser to the Nugan Hand bank. He was found face-down in the water after leaving his Maryland home on a solo canoe trip in 1996.
Another fascinating mystery death which I believe is related to the Nugan Hand affair was that of Charles Morgan. In the 1990s, the Unsolved Mysteries show did a surprisingly good segment on Morgan's ultra-strange killing, which was then a hot topic of debate among parapolitical researchers. Infuriatingly, the mystery has now been largely forgotten.

I've embedded a video which offers a good precis of this affair. It's a long compilation put together for the YouTube audience; fortunately, the Morgan mystery starts the parade, which means that you need to watch only the first ten-or-so minutes. You may want to let the video keep playing, because it also contains segments on the strange deaths of Danny Casolaro and Doug Johnston, which are widely thought to be related.

(Ignore the goofy opening that was slapped onto this compendium of Unsolved Mysteries segments. UM was a damned good show which, on occasion, publicized real "Tales of Spookland." Nowadays, stories which might embarrass our intelligence community are never allowed on the air.)

Why do I think that the Morgan murder relates to the Nugan Hand bank? Well, the reference to "southeast Asia" in the UM segment should give you a big clue. Morgan was involved with illegal transactions in gold and platinum -- another big part of the Nugan Hand story.

(Note: Bernie Houghton, who was Michael Hand's spooked-up partner, had a lawyer named Charles Morgan. I believe that the lawyer is a different guy.)

The murder of Donald Mackay (another famous Australian mystery) also appears to be linked to the Nugan Hand affair.

Yes, there are quite a few corpses sprawled all over the ongoing tale of the Nugan Hand bank. But Michael Hand somehow survived. The FBI could have found him easily had the Bureau so desired, which it did not. Under another name, Michael Hand has been quietly making weapons for mercs and special forces.

I wish to hell that this nation's army of conspiratards would stop jabbering about the Illuminati, "crisis actors," Building Fucking Seven and similar nonsense. Please watch the opening segment of the video embedded above -- and please read some of the above-linked material on Michael Hand. You want something real? This shit is real.

Added note: This site is devoted to the Nugan Hand scandal. One page, titled "The Questions Whose Answers Are Secret," includes this resonant paragraph:
Does any U.S intelligence or law enforcement agency have a record of any drug transactions that Hand or Houghton carried on with people from the Asian mainland, including Khun Sa, the military leader from the Shan States of Burma? Were U.S military and intelligence officers who dealt with Hand before & after their retirement informed of this?
Khun Sa controlled much of the heroin cultivated in that part of the world. Now go here:
Khun Sa stated that Richard Armitage, at that time an envoy in the American embassy, financed drug smuggling in Vietnam and Bangkok from 1975 to 1979.
Richard Armitage, a key player in the Reagan and Bush I administrations, has often received mention in this humble blog. Was Khun Sa lying when he fingered Armitage? Maybe, but let's rephrase the question: Why would Khun Sa say such a thing if it was not true? What would be his motive for lying about Armitage?

One of Armitage's most interesting business partners is Frederick Hof, whom we discussed in a recent post. Hof is Hillary Clinton's special aide on Syria, and his work has been, in my view, quite malefic.

Think about it.

Why the hell would Hillary, a Democrat, have a "special aide" like Hof? Hof was close to Richard Armitage. Armitage has often been mentioned in discussions of Republican skullduggery -- and, as noted above, Khun Sa has accused Armitage of being involved in the drug trade.
It seems to me that if one does not know anyone involved in drug dealing and weapons trafficking they might be so out of the loop as to not warrant serious consideration for big time political gigs. A lot of, and I mean a LOT of young people dabble in drugs or alcohol or both during their late teens and early 20's so to have no knowledge of how it all works could be a bad thing, no?
PBS recently ran a Frontline documentary, "Terror in Little Saigon", concerning a group of Vietnamese exiles who operated a secret military organization that committed numerous assassinations of journalists and political opponents, mainly in California, in the 80's and 90's. The leader of the organization was personally sponsored by Richard Armitage for expedited citizenship. None of the murders were ever solved or even thoroughly investigated.
So Hand murdered Vince Foster as favor to Clinton's lesbian lover? I can see it coming.
Gareth: The Morgan story also includes Vietnamese expatriates, so there is an interesting connection there. I might mention, in this context, the notorious con man Wilfredo Saurin, who is said to link up to an alleged Vietnamese "government in exile" in Orange County. I wonder what dear old Wilfredo is up to these days?

Bob: Unfortunately, this stuff is verifiably real.
Why would Hillary have someone like Hof around?
Because at the top they're all on the same team.
There are a few out of the loop at the top, but they often end up dead.

We really need to change that. Maybe a few brave souls at the top will show themselves, and have enough back-up to not get killed.
Your exposure of these problems, like other independent bloggers, helps immensely in sorting things out.
Now we need to call out the politicians of all parties at all levels and ask them: "whose side you on?".
The most notorious of the CIA-linked banks is probably BCCI.
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