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Anonymous vs. ISIS: A few thoughts

Anonymous reports that it has uncovered evidence of an ISIS threat against various targets around the world -- Paris, Italy, Lebanon. Something will happen on Sunday, although we don't know what. The group says that it has relayed what it has learned to western intelligence agencies.

The FBI has confirmed that it knows of an unspecific threat against Atlanta, Georgia, where some sort of wrestling match will entertain local boobs.

More here:
The report also mentioned “unconfirmed” threats at the WWE Survivor Series event in Atlanta; Feast of Christ the King celebrations in Rome and worldwide; an event in Indonesia called Al-Jihad: One Day One Juz; a concert by Five Finger Death Punch in Milan; and University Pastoral Day at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik in Lebanon.

The hacktivists said the information was received from “several pro-Daesh [IS] accounts,” and that the attacks were all meant to take place November 22.
The date is a droll touch.

My reactions:

1. Is it really possible for Anonymous to learn of a large-scale terror attack which remains unknown to the NSA, GCHQ, Unit 8200 and all similar Orwellian Nightmare Units?

2. In the past, FBI informants have worked their way into the heart of Anonymous. So the true author of this "Anonymous" message may be Uncle.

3. Do you recall the Anonymous spin-off which tried to mount the Great Halloween Insurrection (which never occurred?) Anonymous has within its ranks some testosterone-filled rage-junkies who are a lot like the testosterone-filled rage-junkies who join ISIS. Less effective, though.

4. Given all of the above points, is it not possible that parties within Anonymous invented this entire business?

Incidentally, the right-wing blogs were all over this story instantly. (As far as I can tell, this is the only liberal blogger to take notice. Before me, that is.) We should always be suspicious when the right side of the internet functions in a highly-coordinated fashion.
Accounts with which companies?

It's interesting that western news editors aren't drawing the obvious conclusion: that, as you say, the US, Britain, France, Germany etc., can't attack their enemies in the cyberspace domain (the fifth domain of contemporary warfare, after land, sea, air and space) by themselves (when did they get surpassed, eh?), but they leave that up to a gang of masked libertarian seldom-bathing hippies who owe allegiance to no state (cough cough), but who wear masks referring to Alan Moores' V for Vendetta.

That's the message that's going in to people's heads, though.

I reckon there's something, er, not true about it.

Anonymous is the CIA, just like Facebook. If they did invent it, that in itself would be no reason for the western media to channel the story in such a big way.

But some people still believe in the Arab Spring.
Leading Australian media agency the ABC is running with the (inexcusable) propaganda crap that Islamic State will thrive while president Assad's atrocities go unpunished. The usual list of lies are all there.

I'm a regular correspondent to the ABC editors and on occasions seem to have some sway with them. I'll be ripping them a new asshole this afternoon.
Whoops! My bad. The ABC story dates back to Aug 23. I'd arrived there following a link from today's news items and thought the issue was current. Still, there's something disturbing about a senior Middle East correspondent of a supposedly independent Western news agency citing Human Rights Watch as an independent, reliable source of commentary, and repeating the lie about the sarin gas attack on Ghouta. The political mindset is also abysmal. Not only does Sophie McNeill show little awareness of alternative political narratives or factual claims on Syria events she falls prey to the transparent nonsense that all will be sweetness and light if Assad were to go.

An Australian academic, Prof.Tim Anderson, has been providing some sensible balance. But it is disturbing to see the persistence of various propaganda myths in our media.

Sorry about the snafu, folks.
We'll see. I agree that some sort of infiltration has happened, and that they are coordinating their release with the conservative bloggers. Now, is it to discredit Anon, or to elevate them? No attacks and it's a bit of a wash, but also they become somewhat crying wolf. Attacks, and they become elevated; which to me, pretty much secures that they've been infiltrated and are being used to propagandize terror to a new reach that the old machines can not.
Sounds like the Jay Jonah Jamieson Spiderman Credo, "Trust no one in a mask".
At least if someone else tried to impersonate Spiderman I could always tell because they never were as bad ass and their webtrails tasted different and were not environmentally friendly and always sold for less on ebay.
Joseph, I've put some notes together about Anne Applebaum with key words Legatum, NATO, CIA funding, Bildeberg, US State Department and the US ambassador to Kiev. No conclusions, just random bits that might be of interest.

There is background material in a previous comments section here.
"Christ the King" and "Belgium" - that's a very interesting bag of memes.

Two more links: Jean Ousset (inventor of the concept of subversion) and Belgian Rexism.

The "Rex" in "Rexism" refers to Christ being the King ("Rex"). This little-mentioned strand of fascism bigged up the concept of "Christ the King" - and also the use of torture against "subversion" - and goes back to the Catholic extreme-right in the Spanish civil war. It comes down through Latin America, Belgium and French Algeria. (As I think Robert Fisk has rightly observed, the role of Algeria in people's minds is an important factor in current developments.) This strand had far more grip at an international level than Mussolini's version ever did. Mussolini didn't get religion, and had little influence internationally except for the salute; Hitler and Ousset did.

Ousset had been the secretary of Charles Maurras, leader of Action Francaise, the monarchist party in France that was once officially supported by the Vatican.

(Before anyone points it out, I should add that many take part in the festival of "Christ the King" who are neither fascist nor Roman Catholic, and of course, very many people are one of these without being the other.)

Right now, France is cracking.

"Anonymous" - ha ha. They say they only went public because that was the quickest way of getting their "intel" to "the authorities". Bullshit!

"We wanted the authorities to know about this as quickly as possible so that we could prevent too much attention being drawn to our account (which is why we it shut down [sic], it was about getting the intel to them, not about us getting attention)"

Can anyone spot the confusion here, conveyed by this parenthetical whinging gloss?

Here it is: not having X as your aim is one thing; having the prevention of X as your aim is another.

It's a bit like when someone says "I'm not lying to you". They always are.

In actual fact, the publicity being given to Anonymous right now is very much part of the ongoing psywar.

Some big-time geopolitical psywar is going on here.

One could make the educated guess that Anonymous spoke to RT.

As Linebarger says in his book Psychological Warfare, psywar starts before the physical conflict and continues after it. I am neither exaggerating nor joking when I say that WW3 has already begun.


* Russia was completely outplaying the west in psywar, including in the relationship between psywar and the use of its physical forces in Syria and the Caspian (sea, air, cyberspace)

* ...until the Sinai plane crash, when the west landed some powerful blows (I was surprised!) and Russia was on its back foot for a while

* ...and now Russia is striking back (hello Anonymous, thanks RT)

* ...and the fight is going to another level.

Who has taken it to a new level? I don't know. But it had to go to a new level anyway. WW3 won't be called off.

France is cracking, and Russia is (for how long?) ascendant.

Check out Alexandr Dugin (you'd have to be naive not to suss that the KGB - oops, sorry, FSB - holds at least a large majority of the shares in this guy) and the Belgian philosopher Jean-François Thiriart. See also Christian Bouchet in France and the Franco-Belgian Parti communautaire national-européen.

Apocalypticism is growing in all meme-pools.
@B (upper-case B)

Anonymous are "infiltrated"? That's putting it far too mildly.

Alessandro has it right: "trust no-one in a mask".
Maybe not off topic, but Belgium has figured largely in war propaganda before. In 1914 British newspapers were filled with stories about "plucky little Belgium" and crimes of the invading "Huns." I believe George Orwell wrote a piece about the mendacity of war propaganda, especially in regard to Belgium and the repetition of the phrase "raping nuns on tables." Of course the propaganda was used to drum up war fervor for the war that would be "over by Christmas" and ended up lasting over four years and killing millions while enriching war profiteers' families for the next three generations.

The Russians, being ignorant of how capitalism works, haven't yet realized that it is just as profitable to drop bombs for years into uninhabited deserts as it was back in the 60s and 70s to drop bombs into uninhabited jungles in southeast Asia.
Good enemies are hard to find and sometimes you have to create your own. ISIS doesn't seem to have the durability of the North Vietnamese armies of the 1960s or their Viet Cong militias. But one makes do with the best materials at hand even though jihadis seem poor stuff compared to dedicated communists of the past.

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