Thursday, October 01, 2015

Exposing lies about Planned Parenthood and Hillary Clinton

I think that there is a reasonable chance that Carly Fiorina could become the leading Republican candidate, if and when Trump fizzles. That's why everyone should watch this video.

Planned Parenthood does extremely important work, and the current assault on that organization is appalling. The attacks are based on pure deception.

Another fraudulent story: The headline seems quite striking, at first glance -- "Emails: Russia-linked hackers tried to access Clinton server." Those who do not read past the headlines will have more fuel for their mindless Clinton-hate. Those who read the actual text will learn the truth: That email account received several deceptive "click on this attachment" messages from hackers.

MOST email accounts gets those things. You get them. I get them. Our accounts are all filled with viruses waiting to be activated.

Most of the time, those deceptive messages end up in the spam filter. Since Hillary's account was on a private server, the spam remains on the machine. Examiners found them, and now everyone is making a big deal out of bullshit. 

There is no evidence that Hillary or anyone else ever clicked on those attachments.

One other point: It is clear that the hackers did not know that they were targeting an account used by Hillary Clinton. The hackers disguised the viral payload in an email which pretended to be about unpaid traffic tickets. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if a million people got that one. (Hillary does not do her own driving, a fact easily obtainable via Google.)

When hackers want to target a specific person, they send messages which purportedly come from a friend or associate of that person.

That's how I once got hit. In 2008, my anti-Obama writings were pissing people off. I received a message which allegedly came from writer Evelyn Pringle, who had published an investigative series on Obama. The message was a fake, and I should have recognized it as such. Stupidly, I clicked on the attachment -- and shortly thereafter, I was forced to wipe my drive. A year's worth of emails disappeared from the Yahoo account I then used.

If these "Russian" hackers (probably lone operators, not government goons) had targeted Hillary, they would have used a similar tactic. For example, they might have sent an email which pretended to come from Chelsea or Huma.

By the way: You can be pretty damned sure that every political figure, Republican and Democrat, makes private use of one or more email accounts. You can also be pretty damned sure that these accounts have deceptive (and virus-laden) emails from bad guys lurking somewhere in the spam folders.

What happened to Hillary happens to everyone.
Again, if there was any there there as it relates to HRC's email scandal, then the Bush administration's gross abuse and misuse of private email would be mentioned in these stories. It's not, and that alone should prove beyond a reasonable doubt that these attacks are purely political and highly partisan in nature.
Hair-piece vs. harpy. Hair-piece wins. Hail President Trump.
We're back to the Clinton Rules, Joseph. What is ordinary for the rest of the world is automatically nefarious when a Clinton is involved. McCarthy uttered the truth yesterday pertaining to the Benghazi investigation[s], 8 Congressional and 1 independent, which were/are meant to bring down HRC's poll numbers. McCarthy crowed about it on Hannity. Wanted a pat on the head he did for his grand accomplishment--"Look Ma, ain't I a good, splendid boy, messing with those dastardly Clintons."

This was all in attempt to justify a do-nothing Congress, paint the GOP as grand warriors, rather than the smear/smut artists they truly are. Boehner was running around the Capitol today trying to clean up the mess. Good luck with that!

We need to simply resign ourselves to the fact that the Republican Party is demented, insane, gone 'round the bend. Then a lot of things begin to fall into place.

As should the straight jackets.

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