Wednesday, October 07, 2015

This is Israel

So is this. They were dressed as Palestinians and started to throw stones to create mayhem

I also think they fire off rockets to blame Palestinians too.
I suspect this is all quite common (Joseph's post as well as the link Anon 9:00 AM posted). Probably less common that it is reported to the world at large. The Israeli government created terrorism in the middle east, the Arabs just learned to emulate them.
To make it simple,
by showing this image and writing "This is Israel"
You save Yourself some effort, namely the effort of analyzing "Israel".
Starting with what can only be the result of a reasoning smells always un-reasonable.
Instead of dividing Israel in 2 classes plus the mob [lumpen-proletarier],
If YOU unite them, why should the ruling class NOT come to the help of the mob,
defending "the nation" ?
And collect the vote of the proletarian class, which IS international, but FEELS national.
This is only but ONE example how unscientific-socialism is worse than even the darkest "consrvatism".

If only You had titled "THE MOB" - under the protection of the Zionists" or so ...
We must find a way to defund, divest and sanction this pathetic excuse for a country. Israel is not our ally.
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