Thursday, October 08, 2015

The Afghan hospital massacre: Snowden makes a brilliant suggestion

It is a sign of our times that no-one believes that the military or the administration will conduct a thorough and honest investigation into the destruction of the hospital in Afghanistan. Ed Snowden tweeted a brilliant suggestion as to how we can get a better idea as to what really went down:
AC-130 warplanes record the gunner's video and audio. It's time to release the tapes to an #IndependentInvestigation.
If Obama does not divulge those tapes to the world, then we must conclude that he is engaging in a cover-up.

If Hillary and Sanders do not demand the release of these tapes, then they are aiding and abetting the cover-up.

If journalists covering the story refuse to mention Snowden's suggested course of action, said journalists should be considered part of the cover-up.

And if any pundit, editorialist or TV talking head offers an inane and unpersuasive argument as to why those tapes should not be released, then you should consider that pundit, editorialist or TV talking head to be part of the cover-up.

You want to know why so many people mistrust the military, the government, and the media? This is why.


No excuses. I don't want to hear any alleged expert say something along the lines of "Well, the situation is actually rather complicated..." I don't want to hear even a hint of that nonsense.

Just release the evidence or be considered a co-conspirator

Added notes: Most people don't know that the jets returned to the scene repeatedly to pound that hospital again and again. There were no other targets.
MSF said that despite calls to US and Afghan military authorities in Kabul, the attacks lasted another 30 minutes, targeting the main hospital building housing the intensive care unit and emergency rooms.

"The bombs hit and then we heard the plane circle round," said Heman Nagarathnam, MSF's head of programmes in northern Afghanistan. "There was a pause, and then more bombs hit. This happened again and again. When I made it out from the office, the main hospital building was engulfed in flames."

"Those people that could had moved quickly to the building's two bunkers to seek safety. But patients who were unable to escape burned to death as they lay in their beds."
This was not a case of collateral damage. Why did they target Doctors Without Borders?
Yes, I agree with this 100%. It'll absolutely never happen though, because after Collateral Murder got out I'd bet they're much diligently destroying any evidence of war crimes now.
I suspect because they didn't want to leave a functioning hospital for the Taliban and the occupied city.
@James said...
Prophetely speaking,
"It'll absolutely never happen though, "
ABSOLUTELY speculating [no precondition existing] You are DEAD right.
"because after Collateral Murder got out I'd bet
they're much diligently destroying any evidence of war crimes now."
- Creating the absence of evidence, that provenly MUST have existed,
would create further proof of intentional criminal action.
Having to bet to WIN a case is a bad thing to start with.
To bet to LOOSE a case is the "rationality" of the looser.
Prophets aside, some mentally un-neutered individuals are still around.
If You don't feel Your power to be able to contribute,
least one can DO is, not to dis-encourage.
Speculating negative ends on un-done actions.
While Anon 8:53 PM comment might be true, it still constitutes a WAR CRIME. I.e., an illegal act by the US government and military. So it doesn't matter what their reasons were......if we are allegedly there to help the Afghan people, how exactly does bombing a hospital further that goal? Are we to believe that Doctors Without Borders was only treating Taliban at that hospital? No, Anon, your suggestion is utterly ridiculous on it's face, and even if true is still a heinous crime. James is also probably right, that the evidence has probably already been destroyed to prevent it from ever seeing the light of day.
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