Wednesday, October 07, 2015

D.E.A.: Drug Enhancement Agency

Here's a nearly-hidden fact that, if better known, would change everyone's understanding of how the world really operates: Bolivia kicked out out the American Drug Enforcement Agency in 2008 -- and since then, cocaine production in that country has gone down. As in: Way way way WAY down.

For the full story, go here then here. For a jaw dropping photo, go here. I have not yet seen the documentary My Enemy's Enemy, but it apparently presents some very relevant material.

And if you want to know where all of that drug money went, this helpful letter to the New York Times may offer a few clues.
I suspect this isn't news to most of your readers. I became aware of such things back around Iran-Contra, but undoubtedly it was going on long before that. Just check out Daniel Hopsicker's work.
This is, of course, one of the great taboos in our Western societies - do not talk about establishment complicity in the drug trade. A few weeks ago a Reuters story discussed fighting in Helmand province of Afghanistan, describing a NATO pushback against recent incursions by the Taliban. The story suggested the Taliban were seeking to gain control of the huge poppy fields, and mentioned how the region supplies much of the world's heroin. The story then said that the region has been largely under the control of NATO since 2002. The logical inference - that NATO controls much of the world's heroin - was left for the reader to process.
Perhaps the Bolivia story is related to the fact that US military forces have occupied Afghanistan for 14 years, and our government has allegedly spent hundreds of millions of dollars there to combat drugs. But somehow the output of opium and heroin have increased over that time frame to the point where now Afghanistan accounts for over 90% of the heroin production of the entire world. Maybe we should ask the Taliban how they managed to almost eradicate the growing of opium and the production of heroin in only a few short months during their brief period in power. We must be doing something wrong, or else the billions of dollars in annual cash sales of drugs are why we are still there after 14 years.
What, no mention of the fine work of Oliver North and the Reagan Administration? They didn't even bother to hide it, and both remain right wing icons.

Stuff like this always makes me wonder about Lyndon LaRouche and what's really going on there.
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