Wednesday, October 14, 2015

As I thought...

In this morning's post, I noted that, even though the mainstream pundits overwhelmingly declared Hillary the winner of the debate, rank-and-file Democrats were probably more impressed with Bernie Sanders. Polls are starting to come in -- and guess what
In the U.S. News live blog poll, Sanders also led at 82 percent. In CNN's Facebook poll, although not scientific, Sanders led again, with 75 percent.
And then there's this...
However, multiple polls seem to show that most Americans don’t agree with these media pundits, asserting that Bernie Sanders was the clear winner.

One Google Consumer Surveys poll conducted for IJ Review, a website co-founded by a past advisor to former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, shows Sanders in the lead with 43.7% of the vote, 15 points ahead of Clinton. The third runner-up was “Not Sure” with 17%, and the remaining three candidates received a combined total of just under 11%.

Three additional polls (still active at the time of writing) also show that Sanders was perceived as the debate winner with over half the vote. Time had him winning with 57%, with 71.71%, and Fox2Now with 80.72%, almost six times Clinton’s 14.09%.
Fascinating. My take? Sanders' big "wow" line of the night -- "Congress doesn't regulate Wall Street; Wall Street regulates Congress" -- resonates with voters in a way that Beltway insiders cannot comprehend.
It's the Obots again, except this time it's the BernieBot Prog Hillary Hating Brigade. I like Sanders and if he gets the nod, I'll be hauling people to the polls for him. But just like last election, all my poll-hauling will for naught because the evil scum GOPers will have smeared his CO status all over him with apple pie and santiorium.
This isn't good news at all and I wonder how the overlords will come after the bernie?
I would like to care but I'll vote for bernie in the calif. primary but vote Green in show time
Did those people watch the same debate I watched? I wish Sanders would give some details on how he intended to do what he said he is going to do. Some of us still retained brain cells that doesn't respond to sound bites
Everything Bernie talks about could be paid for and more if we swept the legs out from under the predatory capital class.
I like Bernie too. But Hillary was the clear winner of the debate and this does present a deja vu moment for anyone with a memory beyond last week. Suddenly, we have a new 'savior' for the Democratic Party.

Haloes and presidential politics do not mix well. I watched the debate. Bernie had a good performance. Hillary kicked ass!

If those stupid online polls counted, Ron Paul would have been president twice. That's just too stupid for words. In the only real phone poll about the debate Hillary won 62%.
Hillary will be the best Republican president we've had since Bill.
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