Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Why bother?

Behold: America. This is who we are now.

The ultimate madness is to try to speak sensibly to a nation of madmen.

Just give up. Just give up.
Because this is the first time this has happened?? Actually, America is substantially less religious than it has ever been.
Hell no, I won't go!
Hell no, I won't go!
Hell no, I won't go!

The only difference between today and the past is that in the past, the ravings of the village idiot seldom were heard outside the village. Everyone in the village knew the idiot and considered the source.

Today, village idiots can hear and see other village idiots, but that does not mean there are more idiots today: they just make more noise.
I live in Texas so I don't have a good barometer of what the rest of the nation is like but where I live I'd say that AT LEAST 50% of the population is mentally ill in some sort of fashion. I have long thought that the population in this country went insane led off the cliff by the machinations of Bush and Chaney but the reality is that we've been a sick society for decades. We have and have had a lot of social ills that hasn't gotten better. At least in the 60's and 70's we were trying to do things about our problems. Now it seems that the whole populace has given up or given in. Not sure which. But things aren't ever going to get better if we let a vocal minority dictate what this country is all about. Standing up for the ideals of democracy and liberalism isn't just about today. It is about tomorrow and the day after. It is about putting a stop to the madness we are currently embroiled in and making the future of all of our citizens better rather than allowing an oligarchic few to pillage the national treasure and repress our citizens.
Yeah, I don't even know how to recycle that trash. Oh wait, you just did.
I don't think this is anything new, it's just the reach of such craziness is bigger now because of the internet. I was handed tracts back in the 80's that said much the same things (I bet you were too). However, it does seem to have infected a lot of people, which is easier to do now, again thanks to the internet.

On the other hand, the Republican candidates are actually pandering to such people, something that really didn't happen so much back in the 80's and earlier. At least, not ALL of them dong the same sort of pandering to the insane. I don't think giving up is the answer though.
Well said GregoryP!
It really does seem that you need a break, Joseph, but if you do decide to get away for awhile, please (Please!) do so with a promise that you'll be back when you can--don't let the fruitcakes and the world's rampant craziness drive you away forever. I would like to keep reading your blog daily, but understand how stressful creating something new each day can be. Whatever you decide, I wish you the best, and will most definitely keep checking your blog daily. Thank you for being here thus far, Joseph.
There are roughly 3.2 billion people with internet connectivity, 280 million of whom are in the U.S. The most-played of those videos has been played about 1.2 million times. Even if every playback was intentional, it was only played by viewers in the U.S., and no one ever played it twice, it means less than 1/2 of 1% of the country's internet-connected populace has seen it, or slightly over 1/3 of 1% of the population at large.

In comparison, this season's finale of 'The Big Bang Theory' [random choice] drew an estimated 14.3 million viewers. There are roughly 1,600 churches in the US that average over 1,000 attendees per weekend, with one averaging over 43,000; taken together, there are 70 churches in the U.S. with a combined weekly attendance larger than 1.2 million -- as do the *9* largest churches worldwide.

Besides, no need to worry: Human consciousness is about to advance because of Wave X.

Once faith in Government, politicians and politics fades (due to corruption and it's various manifestations), people turn to 'better' sounding fairy tales. Some external force will remedy what everyone knows is a shitty situation (again, due to the already mentioned corruption). As corruption is a lie, and when those whom you are supposed to trust lie, then can you expect the average spoon fed individual to sort things out for themselves? Nope. Another helping of fantasy about a future that sounds better than the actual life that most are living. Meanwhile, the few that can actually think for themselves go a tad crazy realizing they are the in the minority, surrounded by mindless idiots. The Zombies have always been with us, now they are showing up in force. Richard
Your readers aren't madmen/women. (Mostly).
"Thought must be the harder, heart the keener
Spirit shall be more - as our might lessens.
There lies our chief all cut down,
Good man on the ground; for ever may he grieve
Who now from this war-play thinketh to go.
I am old in years - hence I will not,
But by the side of mine own lord,
By my chief so loved, I think to lie."
Please add the Ron Paul warning to the end of your article, would really cap it off nicely.
Ron Paul Warning
@maz : 5:20 PM
I liked Your comment, could have written it exactly same way.
So I opened the link.
I had to give away my email adress.
Then got the message , "under repair"(or so)

Joe, I know you're dealing with a little bit of an existential crisis as it relates to blogging, but for the love of god did you not see that trainwreck of a GOP debate last night? If ever there's been an opportunity to put together a powerful blog mocking the ideological and intellectual bankruptcy of the political right, this is it.

As much of an idiot as I think Trump is on most issues, I love that he's acting like a bull in a china shop and that he's not worried in the least about offending his donors - because he doesn't have any. I'm curious how the system will eventually purge the Donald...
Sigh. Was the enlightenment all for naught?

When I was a kid in the '50's, I used to listen as I drifted off to one of those late night Mexican border blasters, and I remember one the ads clearly today, more than 60 years later: "Remember, that's two dollars, just send two dollars to PO Box zzzz, Clint, Texas, for your genuine autographed photo of Jesus Christ."

Driving through the countryside outside Houston on weekends, we would often pass tent revivals. And I remember a Christian radio editorial in the early 60's about, of all people, Thomas Huxley. "Well, maybe for intellectuals like Thomas Huxley, evolution makes sense, but it's not for ordinary folk like you and me." A virtual self-parody.

plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose,baby.

I did once write something to the effect that after Copernicus lobbed a grenade into the heavenly throne, killing God, Mary joined the circus and toured the continent, while Jesus fled to the New World.

Just Google 'Wave X' -- but be sure you bring a 10-pound bag.
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