Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The End

Well, according to a series of YouTube videos put out by noted apocalypticians, the end of the world is supposed to hit us tomorrow -- or today, as you are reading it: The 23rd. Experts disagree as to how, exactly, the world will end: Some are saying a comet will strike this planet, while others are saying that CERN will open a gateway to another universe (or Hell). It's a multiple choice Doomsday.

I'm going to wait until the End of the World comes -- or doesn't come -- before deciding just what to do with this blog and my life. It still feels ridiculous to try to write a daily column in a world filled with people who have gone completely nutso. But all other human endeavor feels just as ridiculous. Gotta do something with my time, aside from watching widescreen westerns from the 1950s.

(Or do I? These days, watching old John Wayne movies makes more sense than anything else.)

So, catch you on the flipside, hipsters. If we survive Doomsday, let's all share a laff on the 24th. If we don't...hey, it's been fun!

I have compiled some important videos for you to watch as the world burns. Fellow apocalypticians, take note: Although all of these videos contain clues, signs and portents -- things that only We Enlightened Beings will be able to understand -- the most obvious Illuminati symbolism can be found in the final presentation. When THE END hits us tomorrow, you cannot say that we were not warned.

Do NOT tell me I got a pneumonia and a flu shot today for nothing!
Is it a bug, is it a feature, or is it just lack of consciousnes on Your behalf,
when, by not providing any link to those most important to view videos, all of Your readers using RequestPolicy, once indorsed by You (save error), will not be able to
prove Your proposition.
Or else, be forced to take down their shields and risk to fall to those https://www.faxbigbrother.com/#whatiscisa
The world can not end today, if it did we would never find out whether David Cameron 'got off' during his sex with a dead pig.
I think I'll still go out and split wood for winter.
These are rational human beings thinking rational human thoughts. God help us if we produce artificial general intelligence based on the human brain (see IBM Brain Project).
See ya tomorrow. I think Gunsmoke is on about 10 am west coast time...
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dude! World can't end before the blood moon eclipse!!!

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