Tuesday, September 08, 2015


Some of you may remember a TV show called Millennium, which was the other Chris Carter production. The great Darrin Morgan wrote a season 2 episode called "Jose Chung's 'Doomsday Defense,'" about a group called Selfosophy, a parody of Scientology. Well, not really Scientology: Morgan's actual target is the much wider and more insidious cult of positive thinking.

In one scene, a member of the Selfosophy cult signals his intention to leap from one roof to another. He is warned that the gap is too wide: "You'll never make it!"

The cultist flashes a confident smile. "Not with that attitude, I won't!"

Result: SPLAT.

I think of this scene every time I utter the forbidden thought that Bernie Sanders has no chance in the general election, because this country is not ready to elect an elderly socialist. Anyone who offers that realistic assessment is told to change his attitude. The power of positive thinking can work miracles.

People who believe in miracles are poised to give primary victories to Sanders in both Iowa and New Hampshire. These "Selfosophists for Sanders" insist that positive thinking can carry them over any gap.


Bernie Sanders vs Hillary Clinton.
I wish you were wrong. I hope you are wrong. However, I know why you take that stance and there isn't much to be said against it other than it is "defeatist" (to those that support Sanders, anyway). I would vote for the guy and feel pretty good about it (though his lack of foreign policy has me not so sure). I suspect, though, that there isn't a Republican alive that would even consider it. He'll get some far left independents perhaps, but a lot of independents are more Libertarian and will not vote for a Socialist. Hmmm, actually, all of that goes for Clinton as well, though she might bring in some moderates and neo-con's. Still, it would be nice if there were an electable version of Sanders running..........
Attempting to rebel against the greatest military power on the planet in 1776 was also a doomed effort. Anyone with any sense could have told you so, which is why those traitors Washington and Jefferson ended up being drawn and quartered and the Queen's birthday is a national holiday here in the colonies. Of course, we're all speaking French because that upstart Henry V was soundly defeated by superior French forces at Agincourt.

Yeah, Bernie's probably going to lose but that doesn't mean the effort isn't worthwhile (if only to move the debate to the Left a little, for a change). That doesn't make your "learned helplessness" a superior political choice.
I expect to vote for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 New York Democratic primary and for the Green Party candidate in the general election, although I regard it virtually certain that Hillary Clinton will carry New York in both the primary and general election.
Loved Millennium and Lance the Depressed and I remember that episode very well. If my DVD player were working, I'd check it out again. The entire country will have a major splat if Bernie wins the nomination, The horrors of the GOP packing the SCOTUS with even more religious loons is too horrible to contemplate. I'm sorry, merry lads, but Clinton is not only the best way-- she is the only way.
Iowa and New Hampshire will surely lose their mettle over the next couple of presidential cycles, being replaced by social media and other variables. Millennials will blow it up.
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