Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Let's revise revisionist history

You've often been told that the Civil War was not fought over slavery. You were told wrong.

Can we finally put an end to this nonsense?

If -- in your desperation to preserve a beloved hallucination -- you decide that you cannot abide hearing the truth from a man in uniform, I would suggest turning to James Loewen: Here and here.
Outstanding! That man is pure gold. The men who fought and died to end slavery in this country are no less than the ultimate heros of our nation. Real heros. Slavery is one of the absolute worst disgraces this country has ever endured but unfortunately the sins of our past and present are numerous and tragic. The confederates were not heros in any way shape or form but traitor's to our country and people who promote these viewpoints are also traitor's. That is why I consider most Republican and Libertarians from the South to be pure poison and traitors. I don't listen to anything they have to say. Nothing.
What about the revisionist history Yanks use to deny motives involving cheap labor coming north?

Greg, rest easy, much of the impetus that for which you have disgust represents white retreat.
When the retreat ends, that's when you will listen real hard.
Amspirnational, rest easy, the only 'white retreats' I've been to lately had blacks serving and not attending. When the retreats end, that is when you will think real hard.
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