Sunday, August 23, 2015

Is there an Overeaters Anonymous for dogs?

George, my recently-adopted dog, head-butted me awake at four a.m. yesterday. He has been doing this ever since he discovered a new meal called pre-breakfast. If you're a Tolkein fan, you already know about second breakfast and elevensies, but George wants credit for the invention of ten-somethingzies and the eleven-forty practice lunch. Around 1 p.m., he embarks upon the dinners-and-suppers portion of his day, an intricate series of events which usually ends around midnight. Four hours later, the process starts all over again.

This dog gobbles up everything, including broccoli. And string beans. Have you ever met a dog who loves broccoli and string beans?

I can't let any zombie movies play in this house. George will get ideas.
Awwww....a chow hound! Yes, my dog loves green beans and broccoli....if you peel the stalk, it makes a fine crunchy for them.

Don't let him hit you. My hound will hit just behind the knees to bring you down if you don't feed him!!

Definitely beware the zombie movies....
when I lived in Maryland I had a cat that would steal & eat broccoli set to cool the minute I turned my back... the other cat loved corn on the cob & would finish off the cobs.

2. Have you considered the possibility that you are a self hating Jewish descendant of the Belzer Rebbe?

3. There was an old Honeymooners skit that included (something like) the following:

Ed Norton comes into the Kramden apartment.
Alice: Ed, would you like breakfast?
Norton: I already ate breakfast.
Alice: How about a second breakfast?
Ed: Already had a second breakfast.
Alice, grabbing the plate: Well, you can't have a third breakfast.
Ed, grabbing the plate back: No, but I could have a first lunch.
Added note re my vegie loving cats (anon5:56): a vet in Balmer told me that they were stalking those foods because their cat food diet was deficient in the nutrients they needed and to let them have it.
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