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Cucks and kooks. Plus: An open message to Syrian Girl

I keep thinking that I am beyond shock. But there is always something new.

Today, that "something new" is a meme called cuckolding. Not long ago, that word was just a Shakespearean way of saying "cheatin' on your husband." In recent times, that term has come to describe a sexual fetish -- and a type of porn -- in which a white woman humiliates her husband by having sex with a black man in front of him. Some guys like to be humiliated; it's a thing. Why any self-respecting black man would go along with these soul-destroying theatricals is beyond me. Then again, most types of unconventional sex originate in a psychological realm way beyond rationality.

Conservatives, who apparently know more about the world of extreme porn than I do these days, have applied the term cuckolding to politics. In their view, America under Obama has been cuckolded.

If I gave you an hour to come up with an uglier metaphor, you'd fail.

It's important to understand that "cuckservative" is an insult directed not at liberals but at any Republican who concedes that racism is an evil. It's a term used by far-rightists to bully other right-wingers into open expressions of contempt for black people.

Joan Walsh has taken a good look at the rise of this meme.
The spread of the epithet “cuckservative” is a sign that the crudest psycho-sexual insecurity animates the far right.
Lewis explains it this way: “A cuckservative is, therefore, a race traitor.”

This is not merely a new way to shout “RINO.” It’s a call to make the GOP an explicitly racist party, devoted to the defense of whites.
Rush Limbaugh, whom I never thought would sink quite this low, has announced his preference for Donald Trump over "your average, ordinary, cuckolded Republican." Limbaugh must no longer see any need to veil his racism.

White nationalist Richard Spencer (cited by Walsh) has written a post which opened my eyes to the schisms within his alien subculture:
Jared Taylor recently wrote,
American conservatism can conserve nothing if it cannot conserve the nation’s founding stock. I’ll put it bluntly: Nothing you love will survive without white people.
In other words, the #cuckservative meme doesn’t make any sense without race. It’s all about race.
Spencer also draws a distinction between cucks and neocons:
And so it’s worth asking—Are neocons cuckservatives?

My answer is no. To the contrary, the neocons excelled at cucking conservatives.
Wow. Speaking as someone who has devoted numerous posts to the dangers of neoconservatism, all I can say

I hate the neocons, but I sure as hell don't want to be classified alongside guys like Spencer.

When Eric Ericson of RedState turned against Trump, he (Ericson) was decried as a "cuckservative." Bill O'Reilly and other anti-Trump Fox Newsers have been given the same label.

According to The New Republic's Jeet Heer, the rise of cuck links up with the rise of Trump:
The bizarre popularity of cuckservative is intimately connected with the startling rise of Donald Trump, with many of his fans contrasting him with Jeb Bush and John McCain, who they brand as exemplar cuckservatives.
Going back to the Southern Strategy of the early 1960s, the party has used racial dog whistles to appeal to bigoted voters. But after losing two elections in a row to a black president, one who is increasingly shaping up to be a transformative figure, those voters are no longer content with dog whistles. They feel that the party they support hasn’t been vocal enough in advocating for the interests of white Americans, so they are searching for a champion. So far, Donald Trump looks to be the hero white nationalists have been waiting for.
The big problem with this passage is that Obama has hardly been transformative. As I predicted in 2008, he turned out to be just another corrupt politician. Nevertheless, this country is filled with reactionaries who can't see beyond Obama's race. These creeps do consider the President to be a radical, all evidence to the contrary notwithstanding.

At this point, a very freaky and very ugly story gets even freakier and even uglier. This useful article (published on Kos, a site which I usually avoid) informs us that the Breitbarters have embraced use of the term "cuckservative" as a way of blasting the despised forces of moderation.


The Breitbarters are not just neocons, they are ultra-neocons. Andrew Breitbart was a Netanyahu-class Israel-firster. Yet the Breitbarters, like the followers of Robert Spencer, have no problem using the word "cuckservative" to describe right-wingers who are insufficiently hate-filled.

In this context, it is worth noting that the Breitbarters have apparently been taking Trump money -- hence their embrace of Trump-ish terminology.

This, to me, is the most interesting development in the short history of this meme. Old-school racists like Spencer hope to copyright this neologism. But the Sieg Heilers who want to call dibs won't admit -- can't admit -- that neoconservatism is itself a form of fascism, and fascists will always find ways to embrace innovations in hate.

On a sad note: Syrian Girl, the Syrian activist whom I once adored, has embraced the term "cuckservative." She also has taken to decrying "cultural Marxism," a right-wing term-of-opprobrium which she probably thinks has actual meaning. (Nobody uses that silly phrase outside of the insular world of the far-right myth-makers.)

Apparently, she picked up this nonsense during her time of immersion in the inane "Gamergate" controversy. This brouhaha, which began as a fairly reasonable debate over political correctness in video games, soon morphed into a frenzied attack on feminists and liberals. As the Gamergaters writhed in ever-intensifying throes of hate-gasm, they indulged in death threats, rape threats, doxxing, bullying, hyper-paranoia and other thuggish pursuits. The Gamergaters rationalized this bestial behavior on the lunatic grounds that they were doing battle with a powerful conspiracy against the video game industry. This "conspiracy" was, of course, imaginary.

Naturally, this toxic landscape soon attracted white nationalists and other freakazoids (many of whom didn't really give a damn about gaming). In fact, there is some evidence that the term "cuckservative" originated with certain creeps who made their voices heard within the Gamergate subculture.

Here is my open letter to Maram Susli, a.k.a. Syrian Girl:

You broke my goddamned heart.

You could have been a world leader. You could have been a new Lumumba, a new Malcolm X, a new Gandhi, a new Oscar Romero. Instead, at the very moment when your home country was falling to pieces, you became involved with a puerile debate over fucking video games.

Screw Syria, you decided. Let ISIS and Nusra take over. Instead, you focused your attentions on a fantasy-pastime for the perpetually childish.

I'm not Syrian; I am an American. Nevertheless, throughout the past year, I have devoted post after post to exposing the neocons and their plans for regime change in your home country (and elsewhere).

And what did you do during that time, Maram? You abandoned the struggle. You abandoned a nation which your own mother wanted you to lead.

Instead of acting like a leader, you played games. Like a child.

Worse, you immersed yourself in a subculture inhabited by Alex Jonesians, 4channers, 8channers, white supremacists, militarists and likeminded dicks. Those quasi-psychotic ultraconservative creeps do not represent any kind of movement for justice and peace. They crawled out of the darkest regions of America's dark heart. Despite their anti-Establishment pretenses, they are the very reason why this country has gone so wrong.

There's a saying, Maram: Lie down with dogs and you'll wake up with fleas. We can take that sentiment further: Lie down with rabid dogs and you'll wake up with frothy white bubbles dribbling out of your mouth.

Sure enough, Maram, you caught a form of political rabies. You stupidly got in bed with a bunch of white racists and fundamentalist Christians who hate your culture as much as they hate Obama's skin color.

Maram, if you think that you can justify your use of a consummately ugly term like "cuckservative" -- a term favored by the fans of Rush Limbugh, Donald Trump and Andrew Breitbart -- don't expect to have any friends among the civilized. Neither Rush nor "The Donald" have the best interests of the Syrian people at heart. Mark my words: Those two guys -- and their fans -- will screw you over. It's happening already: As noted above, Trump is tossing money at the Breitbart crew, who are devoted to the neocon agenda of regime change throughout the Middle East.

Previously, I thought your interview with David Duke was excusable on the grounds that you simply did not know who was who on the American fringe. I now understand that your mindset is similar to Duke's. Like him, you stand with the far right of the far right.

As erudite as you are, Maram, you cannot talk your way out of this one. Popular culture is an addiction, a kind of smack, and you obviously didn't know when to yank the damned needle out of your arm. The gamer subculture pulled you away from the plight of your nation; in the end, it pulled you away from decency itself.

Many young people of high intelligence tend to use their brainpower to rationalize their love of the low. This is a characteristic failing of your generation. You could not rise above your peers. In fact, you now inhabit a space which places you far, far below most of the harmless fanboys trading tweets about the new Star Wars movie.

Indeed, I now consider you to be close kin to the Nazis who have functioned as neocon bullyboys in Ukraine. Don't you dare say one more word against the Nusra front, Maram. You are Nusra. You are an extremist. Worse than that: You are so foolish, so childish, so lacking in self-awareness, that you cannot even admit to yourself that you have become "as one" with your former enemies.

What a falling off is here! What narcissism, what decadence, what idiocy!
I think if you examined her stances from the beginnings you shouldn't have been that shocked. Her family was part of the Assad regime ,I am going by her last name I am not sure if its the same family or not. Anyone associated with the Assads father or son has no standing as anything remotely decent. The funny thing the opposition was in the past (except for the sectarian aspects) mostly from the left. As the case in most of the region. Till the US in its infinite wisdom decided to introduce Muslims fanatics to the game
This comment has been removed by the author.
I think you're wrong, Anon. (And next time, please try to come up with some sort of name or nick. It doesn't have to be your real name. Bloggers have found that better commentary results when people are asked to affix some sort of signature to their words.) She has said that members of her family have been jailed by the Assad government. She is Sunni, at least by heritage (I doubt that she is very religious); the Assads are Alawites. Plus, I've never heard her say one good thing about Assad, except to the extent that he is preferable to ISIS and Al Qaeda -- which, in fact, he is. Susli's mother has come right out and said that she wants to see her daughter replace the Assad dynasty.

The latter part of your comment is right on the money. The US has done nothing but buttress sectarianism in that region while suppressing any truly progressive forces.

But there is more than one way to subvert a potential progressive problem, is there not? Maram Susli provides an excellent example. She won my heart, so to speak, by denouncing corporate power. Then she joined forces with Alex Jones, an arch libertarian. Of course, the whole POINT of libertarianism is to increase the power of the great corporations and to destroy the very concept of democracy.

Then she fell in with a bunch of American fascists, not understanding who they truly were -- after all, they tell the world (and even themselves) that they are anti-fascists, even though they are nothing of the kind. Since revolutionary fascism always presents itself as the only true alternative to the Establishment, naive people are often tricked into joining the forces of reaction.

I see no substantial differences between the Azov militia in Ukraine, the Nusra front, the church-burning Chabad maniacs in Israel, racists like Robert Spencer, and the American conspira-tard underground. They are all manifestations of the same sickness.

God, it's been a rough time. Even Aung San Suu Kyi has proven to be a huge disappointment. Even Aung San Suu Kyi!
There is a new kid on the block, the Army of Conquest. They were formed on 15 March 2015 and have fought Hezbollah, Syria and the Islamic State though not always successfully. My guess is that this group will oust Assad before the end of the year.
I am an adult who plays video games. I'm not going to pretend they are some sort of valuable intellectual pursuit, but I find them far more satisfying than any of the crap coming out of Hollywood, or cable TV, for that matter. I find them to be basically interactive movies anyway, with the best ones allowing the players choices in the game to alter the arc of the story and the way the players character is perceived in the game world. I don't play multi-player games anymore, because I got sick of the childishness of many other players. I never paid any attention to gamergate, as it was obvious that it had devolved into a pissing match between political ideologies. Anyway, my point is that, they are a viable form of entertainment far more than they were in their infancy. I prefer them to TV and movies (well, a lot of movies, anyway).

As to the rest, well, I agree.
Gus, I may have come on too strong in my piece. There's a place for popular entertainment. Hell, I've spent too many hours this past month catching up with a lot of westerns that I've managed to miss over the course of five decades. For the most part, I can't pretend that these films constitute any "valuable intellectual pursuit" -- although there's a case to be made for "The Searchers" and "Warlock." And the last half-hour of "Fort Apache" is pretty much transcendent.

My point is, man does not live by bread alone, and there must be room for fun in our lives. But if you are trying to lead a revolution or to save your country, you can't allow yourself to get TOO sidetracked by trivial pursuits.
Joseph, yeah, as I intimated, gamergate was a huge clusterfuck. I remember reading some of the early back and forth, and just realized it was a tremendous waste of time and energy just to follow along, let alone take a side and get involved. It IS a shame that Susli chose to focus on that when she was doing such great work on covering her own nations perils at the hands of the USA and ISIS (or do I repeat myself?). That she now seems to have gotten pulled in to the Libertarian nexus of craziness is even more of a shame. I myself was drawn to Libertarianism back in the late 90's, but as the 2000's went on I started to realize that it was something of a utopian fantasy at heart, particularly the notion that the market would always "correct" wrongdoing and unethical actors. Ridiculous.
Just to show that Assad is no different from Isis in brutality, I try to tell how did this started. I mean the war that is going on now. During the Arab spring the regime specially the security forces became extra vigilante in their brutality. I forgot the name of the town, some kids like junior high kids wrote anti Assad graffiti. they rounded ALL the kids in that town put them in jail and torture d them. When their fathers protested they KILLED them ALL. That is a tribal society. The tribe will join the devil himself if he promised them revenge. All that over a graffiti. I know it wasn't peaceful to begin with but killing people because they asked why 13 years old kid in jail, that demented

to mun - unfortunately a lot of bad shit is going on around the planet.. since when was the usa elected policeman for the world? why the fuck is the usa involved in all the wars it is? i will tell you why.. it is for the same freaking control that you suggest assad is guilty of.. and by comparison assad can't touch the usa in terms of the numbers around the globe murdered by the military industrial complex the usa has become.. now, go ahead and tell me you think it's great the usa is supporting isis so that it can dispose of assad? i have a different view and it isn't very pretty..

joseph - haven't read your site in a while.. i always enjoyed syrian girl.. i am sorry to hear she has fallen down in her views and actions as you articulate here...
cheers james
"US ex-intelligence chief on ISIS rise: It was 'a willful Washington decision'"
Published time: 10 Aug, 2015 13:38
"The US didn’t interfere with the rise of anti-government jihadist groups in Syria that finally degenerated into Islamic State, claims the former head of America’s Defense Intelligence Agency, backing a secret 2012 memo predicting their rise."

About Anon 1:32's comment:

I don't think Mun was endorsing ISIS. I think s/he was simply making the point that none of the factions in the Syrian Civil War represent the forces of light, but rather they all merely represent different flavors of evil.

The poor wretches who live there are faced with choosing which flavor of evil they consider slightly less horrible, and that choice may depend largely on which faction afflicted them most recently.
Wow! For white porn guy, gamer guy, and guy who knows people that support Assad and hate Assad. Wow. Better run back to vacation. Just hope the world is not talking about particularly dangerous strong
"church-burning Chabad maniacs in Israel" I know that you intend Chabad to be a pejorative, but at least get your slurs correct. Chabad is one of many forms of Chasidic Judaism. The various dynasties have different primary goals, the goal of Chabad is outreach to Jews, encouraging greater spirituality. It has nothing to do with the Church burning, in fact none of the Chasidic sect do. It appears to be the work of Kahanists, a lunatic fringe group rejected by almost all Israelis and almost all Jews. Various rabbis are now engaged in raising funds to rehabilitate the church. The church has, of course, no meaning for Jews but has importance for Christians as the place that Jesus of Nazareth created the miracle of fishes and loaves for the multitudes. Of course while there were no doubt plenty of Jesus' in the first century, Jesus of Nazareth could not have existed since Nazareth didn't exist until the second century.
joseph, I must concede territory here. I SHOULD have said "the insane racial supremacist kidfuckers of Chabad."

Please accept my apologies. In the future, I will try harder to keep my religious maniacs properly categorized.
joseph said... "Of course while there were no doubt plenty of Jesus' in the first century, Jesus of Nazareth could not have existed since Nazareth didn't exist until the second century. "
-> Of course while there were no doubt plenty of camels ' in the 3. millenium, Abraham could not have used them since camels were not domesticated until the 7. century.
Anon, I didn't want to get into the "origin of Nazareth" bit because this post is not about that. Frankly, even if small-j is right (and there's a HUGE controversy that he doesn't touch upon), talking about that issue in the context of THIS post constitutes a non-sequitur.

And you know how much I HATE non-sequiturs. I hate them so much that I spit zombies at the dishes of Prado under the fig-trees of Hercules.

But I do like to talk about early Christian history, so maybe one of these Sundays this humble blog will address the origin of the term Nazareth. At that time, I hope that small-j will participate.
First of all, since I don't believe the Abraham of the bible ever existed, the question of whether he had a camel is pretty irrelevant to me. Second, while there are certainly lunatic Chabad rabbis, the idea that Chabad itself is some strange cult is just silly. I think Global Research and Veterans Today are anti-semitic not because somebody says so, but because I go to their websites and read what they say, which is evidence of their anti-semitism. If you think that Chabad is racist, prove it by going to its website,, and find something which will prove it. Chabad is fundamentalist and believes in the inerrancy of the bible, which I don't. They take the last Rebbe way too seriously, which bothers me. However, I know a few Chabad rabbis and the idea that they are racist is laughable. They concentrate on encouraging spirituality for Jews and tend not to be particularly concerned with other religions. However, they take Maimonides quite seriously (who wouldn't?) and he said that while Jews could not enter a church, they could (even should) pray with the Moslems. So the idea that Chabad is anti-Muslim demonstrates a lack of understanding of Chabad.
William Weber, your argument about the Army of Conquest is not clear to me. Saudi Arabia and Turkey have overcome their differences over the Muslim Brotherhood and it is they who have got together and backed jihadist militia groups al-Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham in a new military command called the Army of Conquest. And it was this group that captured the Syrian town of Idlib on March 24.

Charles Lister, a senior analyst at Brookings Institution Doha, blew the whistle on the key detail -- that US personnel in an 'operations room' control center in Turkey had been 'facilitating' the Idlib success by the Army of Conquest. AoC has US backing.

More here.
Joseph, it looks like the US is going to move ahead more forcefully in establishing 'safe zones' in Syria (a replay of Kosovo). The drums are beating and Australia is considering sending into Syria its fighter aircraft which are currently targeting ISIS in Iraq. This follows earlier UK moves the same way.

Mike Whitney spells out the Brookings Institute plan for the US to occupy Syria and shore up the jihadists at the same time. Tony Cartalucci discusses it here and here.

On the same day this idea was run out here in Australia we had some terrific propaganda support memes...1 2

So the fix is in. On to Damascus.
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