Saturday, January 03, 2015

Get the government off our tops!

Are they serious? Oklahoma may soon have a law banning hoodies in public. Apparently, this new piece of legilsation is an extension of an old law against wearing a hood during the commission of a crime -- a measure originally designed to make life inconvenient for the KKK.

This is ridiculous. I used to wear a hoodie, during my first winter on the east coast. When you're a shaven-headed guy with no scarf, a hoodie can be a lifesaver. (My ears get cold, even in summer.) Eventually, I acquired some classier means of staying warm -- tuques, hats, scarves, earmuffs, long winter coats.

But dammit, I'll wear a hoodie if I want to. It's my right. Besides, they offer cheap warmth.

Interestingly, this measure is taking hold in Oklahoma, which is nobody's idea of a blue state. How can the Republicans blame government intrusiveness on the Dems?

And what's the sense of a law against hoodies that still allows evildoers to wear slouch hats and scarves, a la Lamont Cranston?

Come to think of it, an organized protest against this new law might take the form of a "Dress like The Shadow day." He has many agents, you know.

The weed of political paranoia bears evil fruit...
Oklahoma can be a right old loony-bin at times, I'll grant you that, (I live here, for my sins) but having read the bill in question;

it seems to me that the restriction isn't really about the kind of hood attached to a sweatshirt/jacket. Even if it is, there's an exclusion relating to protection from the weather.

The Okie powers that be could, even so, be thinking about more important things - like earthquakes caused by loads of fracking going on in the state, water shortages, etc.
Tuques. Showoff! lol

I can't wait till they ban the burqa. If the hoodie becomes illegal, what's up with allowing women to be completely EFFACED?

I would suggest a burqa protest.... top it off with a colander for that extra measure. All props to the flying spaghetti monster!!

Sagging is already illegal in many places.

btw, Joseph... not sure if you're following the uprising against extrajudicial murders of black men, but not only have two witnesses in Ferguson been murdered (one shot in his car, one abducted and drowned), but the girlfriend of John Crawford has been killed in....a high-speed chase?

Would love to read your spook-sense take on all this. Er, spook in the FBI-CIA sense...
Enforcement of the law will be left to the discretion of Oklahoma's fine law enforcement officers, so I suspect that any "white" person wearing one won't have any trouble.
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