Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Our Jeb

Well, the push for Bush is starting up. Get a whiff of the Washington Post's PR campaign...
Ana Navarro, a GOP strategist who worked in Bush’s administration, said that it was “not uncommon to get e-mails at the wee hours of the morning when only Jeb and roosters are up.”

Bush frequently responded to Floridians who e-mailed him directly with advice or concerns. He quickly wrote back to a woman who inquired about his wife’s birthday with the exact date.

When a man wrote the Florida governor to complain that he had become entangled in a messy domestic struggle between friends — “what should have been a messy divorce, seems to have turned into a criminal matter; with me in the middle,” the man complained — Bush forwarded the note to a staffer and asked her to look into it.

To a man who wrote “politicians make me sick, you make me sick,” Bush replied: “I am truly sorry you feel that way. Have a nice day,” adding a smiley face.

He regularly sought to calm conservative activists who wanted him to take the government further to the right.
Although being a hands-on governor kept Jeb very busy, he always had time to take telephone calls from junior high school students in need of help with their algebra homework.

Then there was the time he met a young blind girl begging by the side of the road. Deeply moved, he kissed her on the forehead, and three weeks later her vision started to return.

I'm sure that everyone recalls the wartime incident when his boat was torpedoed by the Japanese. When the hull began to sink, Jeb saved the life of an injured crewman under his command. The future president swam to an island more than three miles away, and he towed the crewman along by holding the strap of the man's lifejacket between his teeth.

As every film buff knows, Jeb's screenplay for All About Eve contains some of the most scintillating dialogue ever heard in a motion picture. And I'm sure that all classical music aficionados are familiar with his legendary rendition of the Liebstod, as heard in the classic Karl Boehm recording of Wagner's Tristan und Isolde.

I still haven't figured out how he survived that fall from the roof of St. Bart's Hospital. Do you have any theories...?

(Feel free to share your own memories of Jeb Bush in the comments. After all...tomorrow is his birthday!)


I'm Anon said...

Who can ever forget the gallant exploits of Jeb with his crack cavalrymen during the late unpleasantness? No wait, that was another Jeb. The one we have now seems to be just as stupid and inarticulate as his brother. His primary goal, as I understand it, is to flood the country with millions more impoverished mestizos from south of what used to be referred to as a "border."
I suppose that by reducing the average American to the level of third world peons, he and his fellow 1%ers can somehow profit from the transition. Isn't there some sort of limit on how many presidents from either Texas or Chicago this country has to endure?

Anonymous said...

Joseph, are you abandoning all pretense to objectivity?

First you give yourself license to express your emotions, and now you seem set on inventing facts in the guise of unfunny "humor". Please, Joe, say it ain't so.

Dojo Rat said...

or arkansas... (hillary)

Anonymous said...

It seems to me the elite power structure in U.S. that led us to war is under attack. Multiple calls for Cheney to be prosecuted??? WTF? Like it came out of the blue? I can only imagine that the less crazy people in the elite circles of power must be looking at the damage done by the last Bush, the current growing chaos and growing protests against police violence and must be drawing the logical conclusion that if they put another Bush in power, he will further destroy the country, unleashing the Titans. The angry mobs seem to be getting smarter... Turning its gaze to the guys behind the curtain.

lastlemming said...

Jeb Bush, even Chuck Norris hangs back in awe, muttering, "What a man..."

Joseph Cannon said...

Anon, I never claimed to be objective. However, I do doubt all other claims to objectivity.

So, you are genuinely under the impression that Jeb Bush had a career as an opera singer, performing in drag under the name Birgit Nilsson? Is THAT what you think, objectively speaking?

Alessandro Machi said...

How many Christmas's ago was it where you Joseph came out with how Obama stole Christmas and handed it over to Jeb Bush in 2012? Maybe you wuz was off by 4 years.

How the bro stole the country