Saturday, November 01, 2014

Curveball II goes to the museum

A short while ago, we talked about a cache of 27,000-or-so images (the number keeps morphing) depicting atrocities allegedly committed by the Syrian government. This trove of visual evidence proving Bashar Assad's perfidy was provided by a defector known only as Caesar.

Many people have compared Caesar to "Curveball," the Iraqi defector whose bogus evidence of WMDs helped provide the pretext for the Iraq invasion.

Despite the questions raised by skeptics, the Caesar images are on display at the American Holocaust Museum. The obvious intent of this exhibit is to create support for a war against Bashar Assad, the Syrian ruler who has never done anything against the interests of the United States. The people who arranged for this exhibit include such neocon notables as Michael Chertoff and Elliott Abrams.

When speaking before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Caesar's "interpreter" was one Mouaz Moustafa. This guy is much more than a mere interpreter: He's a key player.

For one thing, he arranged for John McCain's botched publicity trip to visit the "moderate" Syrian rebels. To McCain's embarrassment, those "moderates" turned out to be anything but. In an interview with a Turkish journal, Moustafa expressed the view that Barack Obama is the main obstacle to war with Syria.

Moustafa links into the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP), which, as we've seen, is a front for AIPAC, the Israeli lobbying firm. If you follow this link, you'll see that writer M.J. Rosenberg attended the actual AIPAC meeting in which WINEP was born.

In my opinion, we have good reason to suspect that Caesar is a creation of either Israeli intelligence or of neocon tricksters. (The run-up to the Iraq war taught us that the neocons run their own covert ops outside of state sponsorship.) After that "baby incubator" yarn, we have a right to be suspicious.

As I said in my earlier post, Caesar has received support from the Saudis and the Qataris, the same people who brought us ISIS. Caesar also pushes the "Assad created ISIS" meme, now almost-universally understood to be disinformation. Defectors usually say only what their new sponsors want to hear.

(Anatoly Golitsyn is still alive, isn't he? True evil is immortal...)
Bottom line: This collection of photographs depicts a large number of people who were killed after being abused terribly. (The actual number is open to dispute, as this Christian Science Monitor report indicates.) But where is the evidence that Bashar Assad perpetrated these crimes?

Perhaps we are looking at victims of ISIS, Nusra, or the Free Syrian Army. All three rebel groups have been committing atrocities. The rebels have persecuted, tortured and killed many non-Sunnis -- Alawites, Shiites and Christians -- and have meted out brutal treatment to Assad's armed forces.
I trust that my readers understand the sheer outrageousness of this situation. The taxpayer-funded Holocaust Museum on the Washington Mall should not use dodgy evidence in its exhibits, should not function as a front for any lobbying group, and should not engage in propaganda campaigns designed to drum up support for new wars.

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