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Drone footage reveals the devastating destruction to Shuja'iyya (Shejaia), a neighbourhood district in Gaza caused by the recent conflict with Israeli that lasted 50 days. Between 8 July and 27 August 2014, Israel's Operation Protective Edge צוּק אֵיתָן Tzuk Eitan, literally meaning "Strong Cliff", killed at least 2,200 Palestinians (mostly civilians) along with 66 Israeli soldiers and 7 civilians in Israel. And According to the United Nations Relief and Work Agency (UNRWA), more than 300,000 Gazans had been sheltering in its schools on Tuesday and up to 500,000 people have been displaced by the conflict. The extensive destruction caused means that many Palestinians will have no home to return to. Many will face a harsh winter in emergency shelters.
History will neither forgive nor forget what Israel has done. Israel is the most evil, most fascistic, most insane, most irredeemable nation in the world today. Israel must be attacked, militarily conquered, and occupied -- and its leaders should be tried.

You want to accuse me of anti-Semitism? Fuck you. I am of Italian heritage (on my mother's side). In the 1940s, Italy was attacked, militarily conquered and occupied -- and for good reason. Does the fact that I added the words "and for good reason" make me an anti-Italian bigot? Am I a self-hating Italian?

The usual cynical, manipulative bullshit accusations we hear from Israel's supporters just won't fly anymore. People know fascism when they see it. People know racism when they see it. People know arrogance when they see it. People know evil when they see it.

Even though you don't you like me, we are often both very similar in our mode of being as sentimentalists and rationalists. Anyway, I am writing to let you know, this blog entry of yours, is absolutely correct and beyond reproach. I agree with you 100% about Israel. It is a deplorable nation-state, built upon racist ideals and a dogma that Hebrews/Israelites/Jews own land, specifically that area, by way of divine right.

They base that 'divine' right on their own Bronze Age tribal deity, unique or not. That being of course, the tetragrammaton (YHWH). It's pronunciation lost as the vowels were deleted in the manuscript tradition and its verbalisation forbidden by way of superstition and legality.

The sad reality is that any criticism of Israel the nation, which has a theocratic background, and any criticism of Hebræo-Christianism (more colloquially called Judaism and it's offspring Christianity) is regarded as anti-Semetic. Thus anti-Judaism is considered the same as anti-Jewish. Even though criticisms and critiques of a religion, philosophy or tradition is the farthest thing from believing that an ethnic group should be excluded from equal standing before the law. As well, any criticisms of Israel today is also considered anti-Semetic. It is an ideology so rigid, that if you lack total commitment, total devotion to the policies of Israel, in a fashion that is more than 100% agreement, if you even have a lingering doubt about one clause or one word, you are called anti-Semetic. It really is sad and silly and sanity dissolving. Like Alka-Seltzer dissolving in a cup or glass of water, the sanity and mind and conscience are stripped completely and worn off.

The definition of anti-Semitism and the understanding of it is completely out of control and out of bounds. It is the most special sub-set of racism, so much so that it is hailed above and beyond racism, so much so that racism becomes a sub-set of anti-Semitism rather than the reverse. Yet orthodox, ultra-orthodox and fundamentalist Jews (that is, folks who are Jewish by religion, not necessarily ethnicity or ancestrally) buy into a false dichotomy of a racism that is rooted in the very basis of their religion, 'Jew versus gentile (everyone else)'. Using theocracy as a basis for land ownership is such an absolute form of landlordry, it is a more extreme and fundamentalist form of land ownership than that provided by totalitarianism or plutocracy.

The world truly is in the saddest, most painful and most fraught with despair state of affairs.

Syrian Girl had a very appropriate thing to say along these lines: "God is not a real estate agent." (If the quote is not exact, it's very close.)

She wasn't talking about Israel, actually. She was talking about the Islamic diaspora in the UK and other countries. But I think that the sentiment is applicable all over the map -- for example, here in the US. What is "manifest destiny" but the proposition that God is a real estate agent?
The worship of real estate... it is a form of idolatry which is pervasive within the Abrahamic faiths.
The fact that people are starting to criticize Israel without fear is a sign of change. Positive one. I always considered it to be a moral rather than political issue.
I totally, totally agree with this post, and I am absolutely nauseated that every member of the US Senate either heartily approves of this hideous crime, or is afraid to say that they don't.

I completely agree with you that Israel in it's present condition, must be brought down. However, how can we do this? Even most of my hero's on the left seem to be solidly behind Israeli genocide.
Maybe this death cult shouldn't have attacked Israel to begin with. Maybe the populace should had elected leadership more interested in building an infrastructure than terrorist tunnels. Maybe we shouldn't have dropped the bomb on Hiroshima and saw the additional slaughter of American soldiers. Maybe a reasonable blogger wouldn't say Fuck you to readers who he disagrees with. Fuck me? No, fuck you.

I read you because I learn something by reading those I disagree with. But you, Sir, are an asshole.
You want to know why Israel feels it must do everything it can in order to survive? Read your hate-filled blog. Why was Italy occupied, to use your words, "for good reason"? Exactly why Israel did what it did. Because of people who wish to see its destruction, just like you wish.
Really, there would have been nothing wrong with encouraging Zionist separation from the hosts of their previous countries--had not the land already been occupied.
Which fact of course the Zionists lied about and were called on that lie by, among others, the Catholic Pope in the late 1800s to whom they first went for
approval and cooperation.
You can either call for the destruction of the murderous and fanatical ISIS. Or you can support the murderous and fanatical Hamas. But you can't do both. I wonder why you're so hung up on being accused of anti-Semitism; way over half your piece is pure defensiveness. Hmmm. If I had to hazard a guess, The lady doth protest too much, methinks.
I love it when an Israel apologist accuses me of being a hater. That's like being called ruthless by Doctor Doom.
I won't print your later Anonymous comment, Anonymous. The rules are posted, and you've broken two of them.

But you DO know that I have a policy concerning hasbara trolls, don't you? Whenever they pop up here, I double down -- even triple down -- on my criticisms of Israel. I force myself to do this even when I would much rather write about something else.

So keep it up, laughing boy. You are doing your part to INCREASE the amount of anti-Israel commentary in the blogosphere! Aren't you proud of what you have accomplished, you murderous fuck?
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