Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Some very important questions about "The Avengers"

In the opening scene of the first Avengers movie, Loki comes to earth, causes some mischief, and then escapes from the great collapsible SHIELD headquarters. Where is he going? Does he know where he is going?

When next we see Loki, he and his people are in his lair. How did he get a lair? The guy just showed up on earth with no money and no identification. (And there's no way for him to have made an earlier trip to scout out the place.) How does he fill out a rental agreement on a lair? What does he use for a deposit?

Where does he find the lair? Did he look up "lairs" on Craigslist?

Why isn't SHIELD able to locate this lair? After all, several brainwashed SHIELD personnel are in Loki's company. They all have cell phones.

Wouldn't the vehicles have tracking devices? RFID chips, something like that?

Even without tracking devices, those vehicles would be pretty easy to locate. They're quite recognizable. Lots of people should be able to tell SHIELD investigators "They went thataway."

Loki's convoy can't go very far without stopping to fill up on gas. I doubt that vehicles of that sort could stop for gas surreptitiously.

(Come to think of it, why do cars still use gas in a world in which Iron Man exists?)

A SHIELD helicopter should be able to follow Loki's escape convoy pretty easily, just as TV news choppers were able to follow O.J. Simpson in that white Bronco. So why didn't a helicopter follow those cars?

Instead, we are told that SHIELD can't locate Loki without the aid of Dr. Bruce Banner, the most dangerous man alive. Something about tracking gamma radiation, yada yada yada. Wouldn't it be easier to find Loki via some basic detective work -- you know, like mapping out the maximum range of those vehicles and then checking out all of the available lairs in that area?

Bonus question: This blog usually posts political articles during the week; I save the piffle for the weekends. Can you think of some way to justify the piece you have just read? Is there a way for us to pretend that this article has serious political ramifications?
If the lair had leadened walls and was underground, maybe that would make them untrackable.

Maybe they had oversized drone fake aircraft or on the ground that messed up the search?

Now the correlation is this. Can't heat seeking U.S. satellites observe where missiles are coming from and going to, Couldn't about a dozen US satellites track the confrontation between Israel and Palestine and pinpoint where the heat starts and where the heat ends?

If the "prove you are not a robot" test shows ones own home as the address number we are to type in, should we go find a lair?
In our entertainment, so in our news: They depend on us not to think.
For example, if Yazidis are surrounded and being massacred, the US should help them. If Palestinians or eastern Ukrainians are surrounded and being massacred, we support their killers.
The liar is an undisclosed location six stories below ground at xxx in Omaha. It's where Bush hid after 9/11. Loki hides in the skin Lindsey Graham by day while Bruce Banner is really Bernie Sanders, They all possess the Magic Orb of Logic Warping thereby eluding such things red light cameras and GPS gizmos.
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