Saturday, August 30, 2014

New email address

(This post is best read aloud in an outrageously fake Russian accent.)


Please to be noting that there is being new email address for to reach host of this site.

Is being superior Russian mail service called YANDEX.

Is surprisingly fast service, even when being used from decadent capitalist United States of America. See for yourself: YANDEX.COM. Is being totally free, with unlimited emails, and is including room for massive 30MB attachment, large enough to fit full-sized image of Motherland statue.

Yandex is just like Yahoo used to be before Yahoo was "improved" in so many ways that are being inferior and crappy. (Unfortunately, the other American webmail services with unlimited storage have some of the same crap.)

Can you open messages in new browser tab? DA!

Can you copy and paste email addresses easily? DA! (But please to be using "light" version of service.)

Can you import mail from old service? DA! Theoretically. (Yahoo is uncooperative at present. But problem is with Yahoo, not Yandex.) 

Is there any Cyrillic type for you to deal with? NYET!

When composing email, does font increase for no good reason, like is happening on Yahoo? NYET!

Are there any advertisements for capitalist goods and services? NYET!

(You can quit using the fake Russian accent now. Seriously, the font problem was the final straw. Every time I hit "enter," the font would get larger. That's when I decided I had to nix Yahoo.)

(Besides, Yahoo is notoriously insecure. Not that one can expect really good security from any other major email service -- hell, even Hushmail was compromised -- but still...Yahoo is really bad.)

(And that brings up another point. After Yahoo was subjected to its most recent major hack job, the company asked email users to choose a new password. Unfortunately, even after I did that, they asked me to choose a new password again. And again. And again and again!)

(And what's this crap about demanding my cell phone number? I don't let anyone have my number! Seriously, like maybe six people in the world have that number. Why would I give it to freakin' Yahoo?)

(I'm not the only complaining about what has happened to Yahoo mail, by the way. Lots of other people are ticked off. I would have preferred to use an American service, but each one had a problem -- for example, AOL mail won't let you open messages in new tabs. Instead, your messages open in a new window. Why would anyone want that? Who made that design decision? Are these companies trying to lose users?)

(And now please go back to reading this post out loud in an outrageously fake Russian accent.)

Added bonus, comrades! Yandex is superior also because these days, is being less dangerous for KGB to read your mail before you do, rather than for NSA to read your mail before you do.

YANDEX! Is being new party line! Use now, comrade! Because some webmail systems are more equal than others!

Be warned, Yahoo: We will BURY you!

(I'll be very impressed if you can name the babe in the final image. I'll be very very impressed if you can name her father, whom I once had the honor of meeting.)
rather than for NSA to read your mail before you do.

Should read

rather nsa before I even get the email.

Thanks for the info
Francesca Sola? Or was that just clever misdirection?
That would be Natalya Bondarchuk, her father was Sergey Bondarchuck, and they were Ucranianan...
This scene here:

Can I have candy?
The computer I am currently using is a notebook, with a small screen and has limited software installed; so, with my crude tools for research, I'll take a guess at the ID, Mr. C.

Olga Kurylenko, daughter of Konstantin Kurylenko.

Natalia Bondarchuk. From Tarkovsky's Solaris! Daughter of Sergei Bondarchuk.
Sorry, j. Correct, Howard A and moshe! Wasn't she lovely? I haven't seen any of the films she (or her brother) has directed, but one day I will.

Here is her webpage (with phone number!):

I was and am a huge fan of Sergei Bondarchuk, and have twice had the privilege of watching one of his personal 70mm prints of "War and Peace." That film never was properly appreciated in this country. It did slow-motion violence years before Peckinpah tried it, it did outlandish hand-held camerawork way before anyone else dared to put such a thing into a major production, it intercut black and white scenes into a color movie, it had split screen before De Palma, it experimented with truly wild editing patterns, it features a sound design so experimental as to be reminiscent of David Lynch...

...AND it had the most insane nude scene ever put on film. Like, the entire Red army. No-one will ever create an image like that again, and perhaps we should be grateful.
A very useful search tool is TinEye, a free firefox plugin. You give it the url of an image and it will find other interations of it around the net so you can track its origin and propagation.
Thanks, I've been looking for a new mail service.
Yandex looks good.
You carry a microwave tracker? Not too often and not too close to your body parts most at risk of cancer, I hope!
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