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The despicable Mr. Jones

Alex Jones has argued, in all seriousness, that Michelle Obama is actually a man. This revelation means that Barack Obama is our first gay president.

Jones goes on to argue that Michelle's alleged manliness somehow links up to “the force-feeding of all of this culturally, to reduce population and break up the family.”

Good. God.

Alex Jones represents the nadir of "conspiracy culture" in America. He makes dolts like Bill Cooper and Anthony Hilder seem sane.

I've heard JFK assassination researcher Jim DiEugenio (for whom I feel a respect bordering on reverence) wonder why Tom Hanks and others of liberal reputation have come to dismiss reflexively any researcher who questions the Warren Commission's findings. The answer is simple: Conspiracism has become a cult, and the pope of this strange new religion is Alex Jones.

The man is simply vile. No sane person would want to join any group of which he is a member. Alas, his stench now perfumes any and all who would dare to question the views presented by the mainstream media.

Jones' loathsomeness makes conformity seem an attractive option, or at least the safest haven. If Alex Jones did not exist, the CIA might have to invent him.

I am a critic of the American intelligence community, and nobody ever accused me of hewing to the mainstream view on any topic. But never make the mistake of presuming that libertarian clowns like Jones represent my point of view. That man exemplifies everything I despise.

He has never contributed one solid piece of research on any topic. Okay, he did infiltrate the Bohemian Grove, years ago, although I've heard that Jon Ronson was the guy who really made that incident happen. Jones made a film of his escapade, which I encourage you to watch. His commentary is the most unintentionally hilarious thing to be found outside the cinema of Ed Wood.

Word has it that Alex Jones is compiling a film about the JFK assassination. Nothing he says can possibly be of value. The Kennedy brothers believed first and foremost in the proposition that government can be used to benefit the common person; Alex Jones, being a proud libertarian, wants to bring the very notion of government into disrepute. In other words, he stands against everything that John, Robert and Ted Kennedy stood for.

The real JFK researchers study documents. They know the fonts and letterheads; they recognize the handwriting in the marginal notes, and they know what the routing numbers mean. My god, can you picture the ape-like Alex Jones scampering about an archive or university library? He would tear through the pages while emitting simian screeches and flinging his own feces.

Jones is not a researcher, not a sifter of evidence. Like most Texas blowhards, he is psychologically incapable of questioning himself and re-evaluating his own preconceptions. He can't even be considered an original thinker. He spews what I call "conspiracy cliches," offering the public little more than a modern-day version of the John Birch Society weltanschauung.

It's a worldview I consider dangerous. Those who hold to that worldview -- who keep repeating the conspiracy cliches -- consider themselves to be non-comformists and innovative thinkers. In fact, they are mindless adherents of the neo-Birchite party line, as lacking in imagination as they are in intellectual standards.
*dons freshly folded, outrageously stylish chapeau de Reynolds Wrap*

How can we be sure the CIA, or a similar spook agency, didn't "invent" him, for the purpose of discrediting contrarian viewpoints?

How do we know Jones isn't a spook?
It looks like Jones has surpassed Glen Beck in conspiraschlock.

-But what if he IS a plant; what if he knows he secretly gets a wink and nod from the establishment because he can successfully de-rail legitimate research?
-That he is a cross between Bill Cooper and Father Coughlin with a healthy dose of Cliven Bundy thrown in?
- That the militia movement serves the Government's long range plan to accellerate the seizure of guns by providing such an unsavory public front?
When I first read the news story at Rawstory, I was personally very offended at the inference assailed by Jones.

I don’t know what is objective was, but the comments made by Jones, without justification or cause, were probably scraped from the floorboards of an outhouse in hell previously used at then abandoned by Glenn Beck.

This is not free speech, but a vile abuse of the right to free speech. His comments about President Obama and the First Lady are abominable, defamatory insults hurled at the current leader of America, who, while doing his best to unify the country, has to endure not only Jones’ bile, but all the other sewage spewed from a group of radio commentators, that I refer to as the negative news network.

Jones quite often reveals delectable cutting edge news, but in this case, his supporters should scrape together whatever he left splattered on the floor, serve it to him in a dish – and make him eat it.

I for one am glad to see the crazies join the mix. We've been entertained by Sister Sarah, Akins of the legitimate rape theory and his newly released book defending that quaint position and now the ever delightful Alex Jones flying the freak flag for all to see and hear--Michelle Obama is a man in disguise. This is sophomore class 101: And your Mama wears combat boots!

This is the deluded contingent that the GOP has embraced. Until they open their mouths, that is, and the craziness gets loose like swarming hornets. Let's not kid ourselves, the John Birchers are alive and well. They've simply had their surface buffed, the edges filed down a bit by the monied free-market thinkers, the true believers. It's a land where up is down, day is night. The rich are the victims of envy, doncha know; the poor the purveyors of greed and sloth. Anyone who doesn't buy into the worldview is a dirty Marxist, socialist, traitor of the American dream.

So I say: keep it up freaks. Best advertisement in the whole damn world. My only question: how do these people breathe in a cesspool?

I see your GAME, Cannon. Just you keep HERDING those SHEEPLE back to the LAMESTREAM MEDIA, Cannon. Or Canon, because you're a PRIEST of the NEW WORLD ORDER, Canon!

I hope the capitalisation got across the rhyth of the characteristic Jones bellowing.

Regarding Ronson, he is of course a humourist and I'm not sure the accompanying documentary fully bears out his account in "Them!". The book is funnier, though. Paints a convincing picture of him as a paranoid maniac. The documentary also has his then-girlfriend claiming he is one of the major figures in American history and will one day be President.

Also, I believe the PC term is "transwoman", not man, to describe the alleged state of the First... Lady? And I'm not sure fucking one would actually make you gay. You know, even if it was all utter shite.

This seems to be the documentary about Bohemian Grove and Jones' infiltration thereof, although a lot of the information in the book is absent:
My previous post was incorrect, it's not his girlfriend but rather one of his acolytes who says he will be president "ten years from now", which I believe is now several years in the past. The youngest president, as at that time he was 26, and already internationally famous, famous enough for Channel 4 to make a documentary about him. As a dole-scrounging 29 year old internet conspiracy buff, that makes me feel like a bit of a loser. Where's my cult-like following? Still, I'm okay with that. I'm still prettier than him.

One-time Grove attendee Harry Shearer of Spinal Tap has some interesting things to say on conspiracy theory.

It would be nice if some of the other stuff in the book was also in the documentary, though. He doesn't even mention in the programme that he, Ronson, also infiltrated the Grove. I also liked the bit where he thought the government had cut off his radio programme, not shown on the documentary. Still.

James Buchanan was the first gay president (probably). As for Jones: when he was on KJFK in Austin (real station), they did a promotion where he went out to a driving range and people paid to hit golf balls at him. He took several to the head.
Not only does it make Barack Obama the first gay president (as far as we know), but it makes Michelle the first male First Lady to give birth to two daughters. Now that's something!

"I've heard JFK assassination researcher Jim DiEugenio ... wonder why Tom Hanks and others of liberal reputation have come to dismiss reflexively any researcher who questions the Warren Commission's findings."

Well we have the 1967 CIA document 1035-960. "The aim of this dispatch is to provide material countering and discrediting the claims of the conspiracy theorists..." But why not start a domestic psych ops to make a parody of conspiracy theorists? I agree with you Joseph, that conspiracy theories is the conspiracy. It's been very successful. Anybody going against the grain is subject to public ridicule. Fear of being mocked is deeply ingrained in the human psyche. Public figures want to appear as serious individuals. If actors have made inquiry about hidden manipulations by the power elite into a clown show, then only clowns will publicly peer behind the curtain... or the very brave.
He's an actor, just like his wife said on camera in the boho film. He's not very good at it ... but just good enough to hold the attention and admiration of a certain set. Intentional.
Is Alex Jones a false flag operation?

Perhaps. Perhaps it's just outrageous stupidity.

In Dallas on Nov. 22, 2013, Jones and his supporters tried to drown out the researchers who were trying to have a press conference outside the "no go" zone imposed by the City of Dallas.

Jones has done a great job discrediting a number of scandals (especially 9/11 foreknowledge) by mixing bits of truth with dog poop.

I don't pay attention to his rants and missed his comments on Michelle Obama, but I did watch a long time ago his Bohemian Grove infiltration. It wouldn't surprise me if he was given tacit approval to do that, since having Jones as the opposition to the Grove serves the goal of fake opposition that keeps most people from looking closely. Similarly it's not a surprise that Jones (and the neo-Nazi American Free Press) have been the leading protestors of the Bilderberg meetings.


"Just because someone says the government is lying does not mean they are telling the truth."
-- John Judge, Coalition on Political Assassinations (1947-2014)

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