Sunday, July 27, 2014

Notes on a unsettled world...

The Saudis and the spies. As quite a few writers and investigators have pointed out, the Saudis were instrumental in creating ISIS -- and, before that, Al Qaeda. And yet, as Glenn Greenwald points out in his latest (written with Murtaza Hussain), the NSA has now partnered up with the torture-happy Saudi secret police.
The move is part of the Obama Administration’s increasingly close ties with the Saudi regime; beyond the new cooperation with the MOI, the memo describes “a period of rejuvenation” for the NSA’s relationship with the Saudi Ministry of Defense.
But from the end of the 1991 Gulf War until recently, the memo says, the NSA had a “very limited” relationship with the Saudi kingdom. In December 2012, the U.S. director of national intelligence, James Clapper, authorized the agency to expand its “third party” relationship with Saudi Arabia to include the sharing of signals intelligence, or “SIGINT,” capability with the MOD’s Technical Affairs Directorate (TAD).
MOD = the Saudi Ministry of Defense. And how will our friends use this information?
Over the past year, the Saudi government has escalated its crackdown on activists, dissidents, and critics of the government. Earlier this month, Saudi human rights lawyer and activist Waleed Abu al-Khair was sentenced to 15 years in prison by a so-called “terrorist court” on charges of undermining the state and insulting the judiciary. In May, a liberal blogger, Raif Badawi, was sentenced to 10 years in prison and 1,000 lashes; in June, human rights activist Mukhlif Shammari was sentenced to five years in prison for writing about the mistreatment of Saudi women.
Your tax dollars at work, folks.

Bullshit smothered in bullshit sauce, with extra bullshit on the side. The Telegraph reports that Hamas has entered into a secret deal to buy missiles from North Korea. The source: An unnamed "Security official" speaking to the notorious Con Coughlin.

If you don't know about Coughlin, he's a well-known neocon mouthpiece in the press. When the neocons were ginning up a war with Iraq in 2002, Coughlin complied by writing Saddam: King of Terror. A few years later, he wrote American Ally, a sympathetic volume about Tony Blair's partnership with George W. Bush. Coughlin has been linked to MI6, and has even been called "the SIS/FCO man on the Daily Telegraph." (SIS = MI6; FCO = the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.)

In his latest piece, Coughlin cites an unnamed "security" source. This is telling. As noted in an earlier Cannonfire piece, Coughlin was used by MI6 to plant a false story about the late Colonel Gaddafi. On that occasion, the spooks used the "double-bubble" ploy on Coughlin -- showing him documentary "evidence" without letting him copy it (or verify it). That's a common tactic, especially in the U.K.

I suspect that a similar recipe was used to create this latest serving of Bullshit On a Plate.

Ukraine. The propagandists have worked extra diligently to demonize Putin, making it seem as though he personally ordered the destruction of MH17, even though he had nothing to do with that tragedy. (The missile which downed that airliner almost certainly came from Ukrainian stores, and the separatists were perfectly capable of firing the thing on their own.)

Alas, things are coming apart, as we knew would happen. Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the Fearless Leader chosen by Victoria Nuland to rule Nulandistan, has quit, and so has his cabinet. It's an IMF thing. The country desperately needs money, but no credit will be extended until Ukraine plays by the IMF's draconian rules.

When Yats tendered his resignation, he said the following:
"The fact is that today you failed to vote for the laws, and I have nothing (with which) to pay wages of policemen, doctors, teachers; nothing to buy a rifle with, nothing to fuel an armored personnel carrier with. Today you failed to take a decision to fill the gas storages to allow us to live through the winter, to at last free ourselves from dependence on Russian gas."
What to do? It appears that the Ukrainians are pinning their hopes on the United States. Specifically, they hope that we will pass Senate Bill 2277, which will grant Ukraine "informal" membership in NATO. If this passes, America will be officially designated an ally of Ukraine -- which may obligate us to bail out the Ukrainians.

It may also obligate us to go to war with Russia.

And the Pentagon is already preparing for that war.
Hours after the U.S. State Department on Thursday claimed (though failed to describe) new evidence that Russia's military was both increasing the flow of arms to rebel fighters in eastern Ukraine and firing artillery at Ukrainian Army positions across its border, Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey elevated the rhetoric against Russian President Vladimir Putin and directly invoked the idea that a new Cold War-like posture is now being taken by the U.S. military.

Speaking from the Aspen Security Forum, a defense industry conference in Colorado, Dempsey said Pentagon planners are now looking at military options “we haven’t had to look at for 20 years" and warned that Putin—whom he characterized as escalating the crisis inside Ukraine—“may actually light a fire” he cannot control. And not just in Ukraine or eastern Europe, Dempsey said, but globally.
Here's the grimly hilarious part:
In a separate caustic charge, Dempsey blamed the "rising tide of nationalism" in parts of Europe on "Russian activities” in Ukraine — a strange accusation given that the key Ukrainian nationalist parties are represented in the new Ukrainian government that is opposed by Moscow, but backed by the U.S. government and many in the European Union.
In fact, neo-Nazi Oleh Tyahnybok seems likely to replace Yats as the new head of Ukraine -- and if Tyahnybok isn't the choice, then he will certainly be one of the lead choosers. Thus, America will be the ally of a fascist state in an attack on Russia.

Boy, this is Pat Buchanan's wet dream come to life, isn't it?
What I've been reading from the Russians is that they are prepared (if necessary) to default on loans by New York and London banks - and start dumping U.S. Treasuries.
With their new $400 billion energy deal with China, it just might work...

NATO wants in there in the worst way, and that would certainly mean war. Holy Shit.
The CIA has weaponized Islam and Prince Bandar already warned Putin that he has the ability to turn up the heat.
Looks pretty grim, when's the next 911?

Pat Buchanan has been pro-Russian since the fall of the Curtain. Come on, Joe, keep pace. Also anti-NATO, saying it should have been disbanded.
On a related subject, check out Robert Gates anti-Putin spiels on Charlie Rose interview this past week.
Yeah, the Zionists dominate policy but as long as they've got WASP collaborators (and Gates was billed as soft, even dovish by some, what a joke)most of whom believe they, the WASPs are still in command and have little problem with Israel (also check Gates) it's an "Anglo-Jewish" Empire all the way (to hopeful collapse.)
Yats and cabinet resigned but it is symbolic since they will remain in power until the elections.

The neo-Nazi didn't pass the racial purity test to replace Yats. The new interim prime minister is Volodymyr Groysman, a member of the same tribe as Yats and Ms. Nuland.
Yes, let's by all means welcome Ukraine, a bankrupt failed state, into NATO. Currently their only means of generating income is by waging war on civilians at the bequest of the European bankers of the IMF. With any luck, we can create Armageddon and make all of George W. Bush's dreams come true.
Misrepresenting Pat Buchanan's position on Russia detracts from your own credibility. Although I suppose smug liberal readers might find amusement in it.
Not a misrepresentation, if you take his book "The Unnecessary War" into account.
The Unnecessary War depicts events
from the WW2 ERA.
Christ, David Duke would have been anti-Russian then, but he's pro-Putin, pro-Russian, anti-NATO now. As are many, perhaps most in the NPD, the so-called "neo-Nazi" German party.
Actually they had a publicized in-fight over whether to support Ukrainian neo-Nazis or Russia.
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