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Burned Alive

This is a remarkable day: The mainstream media has actually noticed an atrocity perpetrated by Israelis against Palestinians. Teenaged boy Mohammed Abu Khedair, mentioned in our previous post, was burned alive, a fact ascertained by the traces of smoke in his lungs. CNN took note, as did The Guardian and The Jerusalem Post.

If you visit The Jerusalem Post site, you'll find a predictable response:
The use of agent provocateurs has been a central component of Arab disinformation and propaganda for decades now. This has all the hallmarks of an operation that was mounted specifically to negate international anti-Muslim animosity following the discovery of the three murdered Jewish boys. It allows the anti-Semites to retreat back to their standard anti-Israel position.
Actually, it has been established that right-wing Jewish zealots were responsible for what happened to Mohammed Abu Khedair. The source for that report is Ha'aretz, not normally considered an anti-Semitic journal.

Moreover, it turns out that Mohammed's 15 year old cousin Tariq Khdeir -- a gentle youth who was also kidnapped and beaten nearly to death -- is an American citizen visiting family in the area. The video embedded above shows the crime.

Atrocious deeds occur in many societies, including my own. But what happened to the Khdeir family is but a symptom of a more pervasive cancer.

Yes, there was recently an act of violence against three Israeli youths. Let's be blunt: The violence perpetrated by Palestinians is easier to justify than is the violence perpetrated by Israelis. Why? For the same reason that the violence perpetrated by the French underground was justified and the violence perpetrated by the Vichy government was not.

Israel, like the Confederate States of America and Third Reich, is a state based on an explicitly racist ideology -- on the premise that one race, one group of people, must forever hold power. Any state resting on that premise will inevitably devolve into brutishness, as the people in power rationalize despicable measures in order to maintain their positions.

Rationalization, practiced on a daily basis, leads to unyielding arrogance and a paranoid dismissal of all critics, however legitimate their criticism may be. The thugs who beat Tariq and Mohammed are not abberations: They are modern Israel.

Anyone who has tried (as I have) to talk to a modern young Israeli knows what I mean. Young Israelis are marked by a sneering contempt for all outsiders, including Americans and Christians. Like others born into racist states, they find ways to legitimize any means of repressing The Other, however repellent those means may be. This haughty attitude is an obvious defense mechanism, born of the daily toil of having to defend the indefensible. Today's Israelis are nothing like the ones I met thirty, twenty years ago -- and certainly nothing like the Jews I've known in the United States.

Like the CSA, like Nazi Germany, Israel must end.

No, I didn't say that the Jews must be driven into the sea. Were the Germans driven into the sea in 1945? Were white southerners driven into the sea in 1865?

Although the CIA once issued a report forecasting that Jews would flee Israel en masse if the Palestinians were ever allowed full rights, I doubt that this prediction would come true. Some Jews would go; most would stay.

But the state must end. The time for peaceful evolution has passed; after the assassination of Rabin, Israel quickly segued into "beyond reform" status. That country must be replaced by something entirely different, by a new nation which grants full legal rights to all inhabitants of the land.

The day is coming -- soon -- when the rest of the world will demand regime change. Some will try to pin the "anti-Semite" label on those who make this demand. To the contrary: If anyone but Jews ruled Israel, the rest of the world long ago would have said "Enough!" As in 1865, as in 1945, we must put a stop to a government -- an ideology -- founded on deceit, manipulation, violence, racial supremacism, and institutionalized misery.

I believe that the end of Israel will be a boon to Jews throughout the world, because they will be freed of having to defend the indefensible -- of having to defend racism. Once rid of that psychological toxin, Jews will look back at this time and shudder. They will ask themselves the same question white Americans ask themselves whenever we think of the way things were before the civil rights movement: "What were we thinking? Why did we do that?" 
This and the last post are just insane. The article you cite says quite clearly that it has NOT been established precisely what happened or who is responsible. My guess is that if the police establish that it was a family feud (quite common in the clannish Moslem communtities of the Middle East) that you will say it is a police conspiracy to cover up Jewish murder. If, on the other hand, it is established that Jews did it, they will no doubt go to jail. What you will notice is there is no celebration of the death of the Moslem teen nor is anybody handing out candies and sweets to celebrate the murder. The anti-Israel bias is all the more remarkable considering that just today ISIS called for the murder of all Jews. Forget about being thrown into the sea, what they want is mass murder. And of course the Hamas charter says the same thing. And in your last post you Brothers, a woman who is a London Bombing truther who writes for a 9/11 truther site. There are conspiracies, but not EVERYTHING is a conspiracy. Finally, the notion that Israel is a horrible, racist country is just laughable. No doubt there are things that could be better, but the lives of Arabs in Israel is infinitely better than the lives of Jews in Arab countries, indeed better and freer than the lives of Arabs in Arab countries.
Plenty of Jews are againt Israel already
Good to know that Megaphone is still working; I guess you can look forward to more zionists coming to defend their actions.

Back in the 70s and 80s, when I was living in Los Angeles, at least half of my considerable circle of friends were of the Hebrew persuasion. (I'm not, incidentally.)

To the best of my recollection, while they all supported the state of Israel, to a man/woman they found Israelis themselves to be &%$# intolerable.
syborg, there have been no megaphonies lately. Those guys were college kids. And being kids, the mounted the least-effective astro-turfing campaign in the history of the internet. All they could manage were brief drive-by sneers. The campaign was a disaster, and I think that the people who ran the thing now understand that.

LOL, a Jewish friend once told me that even the Ashkenazi are Nazis when it comes to the Sephardim. That was supposed to be a joke, I think, but it points toward a truth. On the other hand, they say that Sephardic cooking is better.
According to Haaretz, the teen was forced to drink gasoline, doused with it, THEN set on fire.

@Joseph, many believe the Askanazi converted and have no blood claim or connection the the Mizrahi or Sephardic (original) Jews. Check out a book titled the Thirteen Tribe by Arthur Koestler

Israel is a horrible racist country. I happen to have the advantage of being of mixed decent - I have both Israeli and West Indian relatives. And you must be blind if you didnt notice how racist Israelis are.

Let me put it another way. How many Russians can you put in a country and expect the country not to be racist?

If I had a penny for everytime I got strip searched in Israel or treated like sh*t by some ignorant rude Israeli I would be as rich as my cousin.

What I dont understand is why people find it hard to think Israel is racist. If you have the time, tell me why Israel would not be racist? Why is it such a shock?
The ongoing Zionist massacre in Gaza is called "Protective Edge" or "Defensive Edge".

Is that another religious reference?

I'm thinking of "Operation Pillar of Cloud" (a previous massacre in Gaza) and "Operation Passover Cleansing" (massacre in Haifa).
A previous Zionist massacre in Gaza was called "Pillar of Cloud". That's a biblical reference. It got misleadingly translated as "Pillar of Defence".

The ongoing massacre is being called "Protective Edge" and "Defensive Edge". These are translations from the Hebrewמבצע צוק איתן (Tzuk Eitan). (The order of words may have got changed here.)

מבצע means "Operation".

I think what the operation is actually called is "Rock", or maybe "Hard Rock" or "Rock Cliff".

Is this a religious reference?

Does anyone reading this know Hebrew?
Sorry for the multiple posting. Some people are saying the real meaning is "Solid Rock" or "Mighty Cliff".

It looks as though anything to do with "Protective" or "Defensive" is just a fucking lie.

All western media organisations which use the official Zionist English translation are spouting Zionist military propaganda. They cannot be considered neutral in the conflict.


The most accurate translation seems to be "Solid Rock". Religious reference?
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