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A conservative tells the truth about Ukraine

Most Americans are convinced that Vladimir Putin personally ordered the shootdown of MH17, even though we've seen no genuine evidence that Russia had anything to do with the incident.

In order to present an alternative view of that shootdown -- and I hope to do just that, very soon -- we must first come to terms with the war in eastern Ukraine. One of the few people who understands what is happening there is David Stockman. Stockman isn't exactly my favorite economic thinker, but on this issue -- well, hear the man out:
But it is the larger narrative that is so blatantly offensive—that is, the notion that a sovereign state is being wantonly violated by an aggressive neighbor arming “terrorists” inside its borders. Obama’s deputy national security advisor, Tony Blanken, stated that specious meme in stark form yesterday:
“Russia bears responsibility for everything that’s going on in Eastern Ukraine” and “has the ability to actually de-escalate this crisis,” Blinken said.
Puleese! The Kiev government is a dysfunctional, bankrupt usurper that is deploying western taxpayer money to wage a vicious war on several million Russian-speaking citizens in the Donbas—-the traditional center of greater Russia’s coal, steel and industrial infrastructure. It is geographically part of present day Ukraine by historical happenstance.
On the other hand, Kiev’s marauding army and militias would come to an instant halt without access to the $35 billion of promised aid from the IMF, EU and US treasury. Obama just needs to say “stop”. That’s it. The civil war would quickly end, permitting the US, Russia and the warring parties of the Ukraine to hold a peace conference and work out the details of a separation agreement.

After all, what is so sacrosanct about preserving the territorial integrity of the Ukraine? Ever since the middle ages, it has consisted of a set of meandering borders in search of a nation that never existed owing to endemic ethnic, tribal and religious differences.
So the rebels— who properly fear for their lives and property were the nationalists and neo-fascists who run the Kiev government to prevail—are not “terrorists” by any stretch of the imagination. That is just insipid Washington propaganda. Instead, they are the Russian speaking remnant of the Soviet empire who fear an ethnic cleansing and who noted well the fate of their kinsmen in the hands of Ukrainian thugs during the fire at Odessa.
Most Americans don't know about the protestors who were burned to death by supporters of the Kiev regime. The news about that outrage was censored here; if American journalists mentioned the matter at all, they tried to make it seem as though the protestors themselves had been responsible for the fire. Even after the newspapers in Kiev reported the truth, our tightly controlled mainstream media refused to do so.

This is no small matter. If our media allowed us access to the full story, we might better understand why the Russian speakers in eastern Ukraine want no part of the madness now engulfing Kiev.

The Crimeans also opted out of that madness. They held an election in which the citizens voted to join with Russia -- an alliance with deep historical roots. (Traditionally, Crimea had not been part of the Ukraine.) The lying American media rarely mentions that election, preferring to present Crimea's peaceful and democratic choice as an example of Putin's alleged aggression.

Stockman's whole piece is worth reading, but the excerpts I've presented here should provide you with a good start.
Once again, the American Warfare State has confected a false narrative to justify policies and missions that have nothing to do with the safety and security of the citizens of Lincoln NE and Worcester MA. About 55-years ago such a false narrative arose in the form of the “domino theory” that lead to the carnage of Vietnam. Ten years ago it cropped up in the form of the WMD story that led to the disastrous invasion and occupation of Iraq. Today, it is the preposterous story of Ukrainian territorial integrity, terrorists in the East and a latter-day Hitler in the Kremlin.

Unfortunately, false narratives are what the Warfare State does.
Just so. Bravo!

My "bravo" would be heartier if Stockman were not, at heart, a libertarian. To their credit, the better libertarians oppose mindless militarism and the toxic dream of an American empire, which is why we librul peacenik types must occasionally quote their writings. Unfortunately, that libertarian antiwar stance is something of a Trojan horse, designed to sneak in some very dangerous economic notions.

I imagine that Stockman is tired of the Trojan horse metaphor by this point...
A truly dogmatic libertarian will always be against state-sponsored militarism. It's their seeming love for the state of Russia - jumping to its support at every turn - that I don't get. In a lot of your posts you seem to be saying that you know them better than they know themselves, so I ask you: what gives?

thanks for this article and pointing out stockman's article... i agree with you about how bad the propaganda is at present in uncle s$ams land.. ditto here in canada where we have a leader who bought into all the same bs, which includes a very similar 2 faced approach towards israel/palestine.
There is a really interesting article on Global Research written by a German airline pilot. He examined photos of the wreckage and found that the cockpit of MH017 was riddled with large round bullet holes, and other irregular shaped holes indicating an explosion within the cockpit. He states that this irrefutable evidence supports the scenario of Ukrainian SU 25 aircraft shooting down the airline with their 30-mm guns loaded with anti-tank shells. These images of the cockpit have now been taken down from Google Images.
A comment from The Vineyard of the Saker correlates witness testimony from the censored BBC interview with the evidence of 30-mm bullet holes in cockpit and wing. SU-25 fighter jet's air to air missile hit engine, MH17 turned, fighters then shot it down.

"nzgov said...

The eye witness who saw the plane turn sharply may turn out to be VERY important. First the plane was hit by an Air to Air missile (presumably took out a motor), but it was able to be turned back (presumably heading for an airport, and with the pilots alive - so black box recordings unlikely to be released, certainly not the real ones)

"Eyewitness #3: There were sounds of an explosion. But they were in the sky. They came from the sky. Then this plane made a sharp turn-around like this. It changed its trajectory and headed in that direction [indicating the direction with her hands]."

That is absolutely explosive testimony. Having headed back to the airport, the plane was shot again. Once again, no one saw a vapour trail that one might expect to see from a BUK. Some say on a hot day there would not be one of course. But its possible that the whole episode was air to air.

The scrape marks on the left wing which point in a line to holes in the cockpit support the air to air scenario, but must have happened as part of the second attack, since the pilots could not have turned the plane and straightened up again if they were dead.

No wonder the BBC deleted this. Also, FlightRadar24, FlightAware etc, are said to have been changed 3 days after MH17 went down. Before that, FlightRadar24 (by far most accurate for Ukraine territory) showed the plane had turned as well. Think about the significance of that. The plane was shot (presumably say one motor), it tried to make it to an airport, and it was shot again, all by a fighter in close proximity.

Gleb - the significance of that testimony is worth highlighting. Obviously people were interviewed at TWO different locations. The location where the Ukies said the BUK was fired from must have been where the Fighter took out the motor, because witnesses there saw the U-turn. Crash site witnesses just saw it blow up mid air. Deliberate action proven. Murder, not mistake
29 July, 2014 09:42 "

IF Ukrainian air traffic control was in contact with MH17 to direct the airliner into a new flight path, then the Ukrainians knew it wasn't Putin's aircraft.
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