Tuesday, June 03, 2014

About the Bergdahl thing...

First read this, then read this. Need anything more be said...?

Well, I can't help but take note of this recollection...
Platoon members said Sergeant Bergdahl, of Hailey, Idaho, was known as bookish and filled with romantic notions that some found odd.

“He wouldn’t drink beer or eat barbecue and hang out with the other 20-year-olds,” Cody Full, another member of Sergeant Bergdahl’s platoon, said in an interview on Monday also arranged by Republican strategists. “He was always in his bunk. He ordered Rosetta Stone for all the languages there, learning Dari and Arabic and Pashto.”
Hm. That has kind of a LHO vibe, don't you think?
I read the details about Bergdahl being 'bookish,' quiet and not joining in and thought uh oh, there's something more to this story. Particularly after the buzz saw treatment the young man and his parents were getting online and/or the ongoing suggestions that we should have left his ass to the Taliban, a suggestion I find positively disgusting.

But here's the flip side: the residents of this solder's home town is 100% supportive of his safe release and the family. Idaho. Not exactly a bastion of liberal/Democratic sympathies. But they're putting all the noise aside and are genuinely grateful for Bergdahl's rescue. Plus, I've read the citizens are baffled by the flurry of hate mail that residents and the town's government offices have received.

An investigation will come when this young man is on his feet. Then we'll hear his side.

But honestly, what I'm hearing and reading right now is insane and unAmerican. Interesting info on how the howling was generated for the media.


PS: I had to reference LHO. Really? You think this is a set up? In what way? Or is it the smear machine in hyper-drive? The mindset that all's fair in love and war. And politics. Even when it's slimy. Or maybe particularly when it's slimy. How depressing.
Sympathy for the Afghanis!!!

Learning their language!!!!


Surely, all one needs know about the Afghanis is how to kick them and piss on them when they are dead!!!
Reportedly, even the Taliban found it a bit odd that Bergdahl didn't eat meat very often. This guy didn't seem to fit in anywhere he went. This is obviously a case of what happens when a person is home-schooled and not sent to public schools where they can be molded into the approved mainstream way of thinking. A man who thinks for himself is potentially a dangerous man, to himself if not to others.
Bergdahl will be lucky if he doesn't end up in the same cell block as Chelsea Manning. Or if the real fascists in the US army and the Republican party want to try for a treason trial, he could be looking at the death penalty. The only thing that might keep him alive and out of a military prison is the fact that the current administration went out on a limb to try to retrieve him.
Oswald hated barbecue.
What kind of army gets its POW back and slags him off in the media?

If he deserted, how come he wasn't classified as a deserter five years ago? Did any fellow soldiers report his desertion then?

What they don't want is him saying anything that recognises the other side as human, such as "they treated me well" - let alone "my captors respected the Geneva Convention, unlike the US government in Guantanamo", or "the US war is wrong and unlawful" or "I've converted to Islam".

They just don't want him to have a voice.

Any US soldiers reading this, take note.



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James Sayre.
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