Monday, May 19, 2014

The Queen

Perhaps my British readers can help with this conundrum. The Queen sends greetings to every British citizen who reaches the age of 100. At this writing, she is 88 years old. In twelve years, will she send a greeting to herself?

Also, she sends greetings to couples on their 60th wedding anniversary. She has been married for 65 years. Did she remember to send a note to herself?
The Queen? Do you mean the British Queen? Because she ceased to be our queen after two wars which cost many many American lives and the burning of the White House. She ain't my Queen. And I'm sick of all these fawning news stories about "the Princes." Have some respect for our Founding Fathers who would have puked at the due to our fascination with these royal deadbeats.
You could ask whether she congratulated herself on her 60th and 65th wedding anniversaries in 2007 and 2012.

My guess is that since she's not her own subject she doesn't and wouldn't post these messages to herself.

I don't know whether she still insists all her toy horses are fed and watered before she goes to bed.

For some reason the family enjoy playing with huge and detailed dollshouses - I wonder why that can be!

More info on the birthday and wedding-anniversary messages is here.

Another page on the same government website tells you the correct form of address when meeting the queen.

This is what I pay my fucking taxes for.

The centenarian or someone in their family has to apply for a birthday message. Some very elderly people have got a lot of sense, and the royalists wouldn't want too many stories being told of how a centenarian got furious when a German billionaire spoiled her day by sending her a bit of monarchist crap with a picture of a crown on it.

I seem to recall that she used to send people messages on every birthday after their 100th, but now she doesn't do it for the 101st to 104th.
She used to send telegrams, now they don't have those, and now they've flogged off the Post Office, too, the fools. For a pittance, as well, to the massive profit of the privateers. I suppose it's all tweets these days.

"zomg so old qe2".
I'm pretty sure George Washington swore an oath to the Crown when he was fighting in the British army against the French.

Obviously the War of 1812 was about the USA trying to steal Canada, presumably the nearest Indian was too far away for convenient slaughter. Meanwhile Britain seemed weak because of being busy with Napoleon.

As for what b's fucking taxes pay for, the Duchy of Lancaster, the Crown lands handed to the government in the eighteenth century in return for tax-payers subsidising the Royals, currently produce substantially more revenue than the Royals consume. In other words the agreement between Parliament and the Crown provides funds for the exchequer, which is more than can be said for any other Billionaires.

What do you mean by "handed to the government"? The Duchy of Lancaster is owned by the monarch. She grabs loads of profit from it even if she is supposed to pay tax on that profit. (What auditors are going to tell the royal family to fuck off?)
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