Monday, April 21, 2014


A grand jury is looking into the question of whether Texas governor Rick Perry abused his power. He had vetoed funding for public corruption prosecutors when one of them didn't resign at his request.

Part of me hopes that Rick Perry survives this problem. Y'see, he has his eye on another presidential run. And although I (obviously) do not want him to be President, I'd love for him to be the Republican nominee. What fun!
Don't want to come off as defending Perry but Rosemary Lehmberg's and her predecessor Ronnie Earle are disasters. There's a big understory of corruption and incompetence here - I suspect Perry rides this out with no serious harm because folks know how bad things are in Travis county texas. I heard basically a conspiracy theory that perry wants this because the grand jury will start poking around into all sorts of shenanigans in the Travis county government.

Wen Lehmberg's was in the drunk tank the deputies put her in chains essentially and she had a spit guard on. I'm told her behavior was beyond anything you could condone from an elected official arrested for anything.
Okay, maybe you're right. And the conspiracy theory certainly sounds possible. But on the other hand....


(Wouldn't it be ah-MAZ-ing if he got the nomination?)
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