Sunday, April 20, 2014

A monster for Easter (updated)

Apparently, someone found Nessie -- or at least her wake -- via Apple Maps. I'm not convinced, but I have to admit that this image really is kind of cool.

It looks like something just below the surface is leaving a wake -- and it's a really BIG something.

A few years back, there was a similar flurry of excitement over an alleged Nessie sighting via Google Earth. That one was more easily explained as a boat...

Y'know what it looks like to me...?

Yes. I've always wanted to share the word of Cthulhu on Easter Sunday...

Update: A friend to this blog directs our attention to this article, which tries to convince us that what we're seeing is just another boat wake. Bah! Obviously, Cthulhu's minions are everywhere.

I live on an island near the Canadian border. Our little newspaper usually has a paragraph or two of old historic news for general interest. One such piece was of a group of fishermen that reported seeing a "Nessie" type creature. They were watching a group of Orca whales running down a school of fish when the Orcas stopped suddenly and reversed direction. They had never seen them behave like that, and sure enough a huge creature rose out of the water. It clearly had a head like a horse and a long neck, and if I remember it was covered with kelp which made it look hairy. Pretty cool, makes you wonder if animals like that still actually exist.

Don't get me started on Bigfoot...
Is boat.
Is Cthulhu.
Is The Nautilus. Always has been.
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