Friday, November 08, 2013

GOP in the lead?

Despite Obama's disappointing (often infuriating) administration, I remain enough of a party animal to be dismayed by this news...
A mid-October Pew Research national poll found that a plurality regard the Republicans as "better able to deal with the economy" than the Democrats (44%-37%). Independents favored the GOP on the economy by a whopping 46%-30% margin in that survey.

The Republicans took most of the blame for the shutdown, yet a growing number see the GOP as "better able to manage the government." In December 2012, the Democratic Party held a 45%-36% advantage over the GOP as the party Americans viewed as better able to manage the government. By Oct. 15—in the midst of the shutdown and debt crisis—the Democratic lead on this measure disappeared: 42% said the Republican Party is better able to manage the federal government, compared with 39% who named the Democrats.
It is not too much of an oversimplification to say that Democrats are struggling because President Obama is struggling.
Indeed he has been.

Obamacare is, of course, the key factor. Even though I have long considered this program a foolish substitute for single-payer, I have not commented on its troubled rollout because...well, because my feelings are mixed. Yes, the temptation to say "Neener neener!" and "Told ya!" is there. But where's the fun in that? At this point, I want Obamacare to work, because it's better than many people think, and because -- like it or not -- the alternative is not the socialized health insurance system of every true liberal's dreams. The alternative is whatever the Republican plan is.

And their plan is no plan.


stickler said...

Yes, economic policies espoused by the Republicans are really working well all around the world!

Sad to say, that poll just demonstrates the economic ignorance of the general public, which is reflected in the policies of the government, which have been a disaster in dealing with recovery from the Great Recession.

Of course, a large percentage of the American public believes in angels and does not believe in evolution, so take that grain of salt.

Dancing Opossum said...

Actually, the Republican plan IS the Obama plan. Obamacare was based on Romney's health care plan in Massachusetts, which grew out of a Heritage Foundation idea.

As to the public's economic ignorance, it isn't "ignorant" to recognize that under Obama and the Dems, the economy has grown worse, income equality has expanded, the worst of Bush's neocon policies have been embraced and widened, and things in general have spiraled downward into utter misery. Blaming the party in charge does not show "ignorance." It shows anger, justifiable anger.

Gus said...

Afraid I have to agree with Dancing Opossum. Of course, when the Republicans take over and things just continue to get worse and worse, will people wake up and realize that maybe neither party is the answer and that both are basically working for the same masters (i.e., NOT the American people)? The pessimist in me says no, and he's (sadly) usually correct.