Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Obama arouses Ayres

The far right believes that former Weatherman Bill Ayers is Barack Obama's secret controller in the commie underground. What will they say now that Ayers has denounced Obama and called for the President to be tried for war crimes? Heads will explode!

I imagine that they will presume that Ayers is lying, that this is all some sort of trick. A nonsensical view, that -- but, hey, if it makes 'em happy, so be it.

Last year, Sean Hannity complained that the media had not spent enough time covering Bill Ayers. Right now, Fox may consider giving Ayers a regular gig.


Propertius said...

Yes, he's a war criminal. When you start indiscriminately blowing the crap out of people because they're "males of military age" that's what you are. It isn't any different from Oradour-sur-Glane, only it's being done robotically, from thousands or miles away, by people speaking a different language.

We hanged people for this kind of thing at the end of WWII.

Now we re-elect them.

cracker said...

What Propertius said. Also, paraphrasing Justin Raimondo at antiwar.com, the progressives have finally learned to love Big Brother, now that they have recognized him as one of their own.

Andy Tyme said...

If you have really examined his suspiciously media-manufactured "street cred" and how it magically led to his cushy faculty position (via a deliberately bungled federal prosecution) -- then you should know by now that Ayres was, is, and always will be a Langley asset. You do remember, I'm sure, that "The Best Way to Control the Opposition is to BE the opposition."

The current script Ayres is reading from has him playing the role of Barry Boy's "disloyal opposition," to give the pretender-in-chief some "cred" of his own as an ex-leftie who (grudgingly) converted to warmongering for the Israelis and toadying to his Wall Street betters to avoide his own personal Dallas episode.

It's all theatre, Joe. Just theatre.

Propertius said...


Being old enough to remember the Weather Underground quite well (and number quite a few SDS-ers among my youthful acquaintances), I always
figured Quantico rather than Langley.

That doesn't mean his observation isn't correct - although his utterance of it is obviously intended to discredit anyone else who might make it.