Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Why are the Republicans STILL flogging Benghazi?

The entire GOP theory-of-Benghazi rests on the inane presumption that Obama wanted the embassy destroyed because he's an evil Mooooozlim who wants the terrorists to win. Anyone who believes this nonsense must be nuttier than a jar of Skippys. So why do the Republicans continue to push this myth?

Mike Huckabee gives the game away. After firing up his audience with the prediction that the worse-than-Watergate Benghazi scandal will drive Obama from office, the Huckster reaches the point where he has to close the sale:
Huckabee, however, said his predication about Obama “will not happen” if the Democrats seize control of the House and retain control of the Senate next year.

“If they’re able to get control of the House and maintain the Senate, this will not happen because they won’t let it happen,” Huckabee said.
Notice that there's no expectation here that the Benghazi thing can be blown wide open before the next round of congressional elections -- which is, of course, what Huckabee would tell his audience if his fantasies about Benghazi reflected any kind of reality. Huck has signaled that the GOP intends to keep this pseudo-issue alive all the way through 2014, as a way of rallying the troops.
I read that Huckabee piece at Politico last night. You're right--he gives it away with the 'we must retain the House' statement. The ridiculous comparison to Watergate matches McCain's Iran/Contra hyperbole. All the old Republican sins come flying out of the closet, other than the Bush/Cheney debacle.

This is a witch hunt to stir up the Tea Party base with another conspiracy theory and the vague promise of an Obama impeachment. If they can chip away at Hillary Clinton's astounding popularity numbers all the better.

My hope? Is that they go down in flames and end up in the dustbin where they belong. And just in case anyone doubts that this is another round of useless attacks and accusations just take a look at the lawyers representing the so-called threatened whistleblowers. Look at the names, remember the history. This is the GOP's wrecking crew. These people have no shame.

The republicans and their enablers in the media will do whatever is necessary to prevent a unified democratic government under Obama, and Obama and the democrats will do everything they can to make sure the republicans succeed, because as long as the continued rightward drift and unresponsive governance in American politics can be blamed on "gridlock" and "obstructionism" as opposed to having to admit it's happening by design, the establishment wins.

We're spoon fed a synthetic version of reality in which we have two opposing parties vying for the control and subsequent direction of the US government, when in reality we have one party with two wings. They serve the same masters, they promote the same wars, they sit on the same boards of directors, and they send their children to the same elite schools. They've figured out that by creating the illusion of tension, i.e. impeaching Clinton and demonizing Obama, people will automatically defend those two as if they were actively fighting for the progressive side of the aisle. Unfortunately, true progressive politicians are either destroyed by the corporate media apparatus (Howard Dean) or dealt with through other methods when they break through to the upper echelons of power where they could conceivably upset the apple cart(Paul Wellstone, JFK, RFK, and, preemptively, JFK Jr).

Reagan = Bush = Clinton = Bush = Obama = Clinton...
With the House majority, the GOP can pass articles of impeachment right now (only requires a simple majority). Mr. Huckabee, in your view, why aren't they doing so? Would it be because they fear the backlash they'd receive in the mid-term election? Or just that the Senate already is conviction-proof on any impeachment charge?

He might as well admit that if the GOP keeps the House and also gets back majority control of the Senate, then impeachment is a certainty. But he should also be frank to say that unless the Democrats fall below 34 seats in the Senate, their impeachment will still fail in the Senate.

It does seem more likely that this is a bid to smear HRC in advance of her potential nomination next cycle.

For both parties, it's always about "We must seize (or keep) Congress!" and "We must keep (or seize) the White House!" or we are doomed.

But it doesn't seem to make any difference who wins, we're doomed if we do and doomed if we don't.

Both sides have become very comfortable with a state of stasis in government--one side because obstruction from the other side frees them from the expectation that they will deliver on their promises, and the other because they can claim that the statis is far preferable to the hell on earth the other side would create if it were permitted.

So both sides rally the troops out of fear of what the others might (but aren't going to) do, both are awash in money from panickey donors, both can be claiming to be fighting a brave and desperate fight, and neither side is expected to actually do anything.

That sounds like a state of heavenly bliss for the party flacks.

Maybe NOW is the time to push these assholes into prosecutable REAL crimes. "No one died due to Watergate".....war criminal bullshit that puts a fucking target on the backs of everyone, and I mean everyone culpable.

Now, let's see some Django from the non-angry black man.

Why are the Republicans still flogging Benghazi?

Come on, it's simple:

It's the best they have!

This will become the basis for impeachment, eventually, and they hope they can twist it into a scandal that will eternally tarnish Obama's reputation. The threat Obama poses to the GOP, to conservatism, isn't what he can accomplish by negotiating with an intransigent, teabagger-controlled Congress. The threat he poses is the status he will enjoy for the rest of his life as a symbol of moderation, an alternative to the rabid conservative extremism that controls the minds of about 25% of the country.

They are going to say, and do, and invent whatever they have to do damage or, they hope, destroy him.
Just as a comment on 'nobody died in the Watergate scandal':

Sure they did. Considering the scandal was mainly the aftermath coverup, you had Mrs. Dorothy Hunt dead (along with the rest of that commercial flight's crew and passengers), plus a couple of guys James McCord worked with in his private investigator agency.

Credit to Jim Hougan's book Secret Agenda for that last item. He wrote that 'fear was palpable across DC.'


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