Saturday, May 25, 2013

Seriously. This will be in the movie.

The new X-Men movie, Days of Future Past, is a time-travel story set (mostly) in the early 1970s. (Yes, I read the original comic version of this story back in 1981. No, I don't know how they are going to reconcile all of the previous X-Men films.) A little bird has told me that the film will open with the Kennedy assassination.

Finally, we will learn how the magic bullet worked its magic. Magneto did it.


LandOLincoln said...

Hmm--one assumes they've cleared their title with the original owners?

That was one great f**king album.

Stephen Morgan said...

I always thought the Montauk Chronicles were quite good sci-fi, although obviously nonsense if read from the classic conspiracy theory angle. Could use some rewriting, but a good narrative structure. Positing time travel being possible only to 1983, for the events of the book, 1943 for the Philadelphia thing, and 1963 for Kennedy, was a good idea. But then, I'm a sucker for alternate timelines. JJ Lensflare's Fringe, for example, I'm very fond of. I even once saw a film entirely based on the idea of Kennedy-related time travel. Can't remember what it was called, but it had the blonde from Star Trek IV in it. All I remember about it is that they warn LBJ that the USA will lose Vietnam, and he decides to nuke them. Bad timeline. Darkest timeline, Community-style. Also, as in Back to the Future, it contains a time travelling dog. But obviously the first episode of series 7 of Red Dwarf is the ultimate in sci-fi time-travel JFK doings. Has JFK travel back in time from a future where the mafia sexually blackmailed him into going soft on Cuba so that he can kill himself and save the day.

And then there's Bubba Ho-Tep. But that's not time travel, so forget it.

Joseph Cannon said...

You can't copyright a title, LoL. I think Chris Claremont, who wrote the original story in 1981, meant it as a tribute.

Anonymous said...

Over time and reluctantly, I have decided the alleged wanderings of that bullet are at least theoretically possible as a semi-straight line trajectory, given the disparate high/low, outboard/inboard seating arrangement between JFK and Connolly in that limo (with a jump seat), and a twisted torso as Connolly looks around backwards.

The evidence showing that the single bullet theory is false do not include the alleged trajectory issues between the men so much as some unstated prior trajectory issues. The back/shoulder wound is too low (so, Ford put it higher into the neck). Transiting from back to forwards at the front neck wound site would have shattered the spinus process of the cervical vertebrae (which is not in evidence). And of course the provenance of that bullet's finding is lacking, and it is too little damaged.

Now for Marvel Comics time travel lore, surely Kang the Conqueror's Infinity Gem Wars scenario, with both Thanos and Captain Marvel is the epitome. We already have Thanos lurking behind Loki's actions (Avengers, in the credit roll at the end). Apparently there is a Guardians of the Universe movie to follow Avengers II, both with Thanos (per what Jim Starlin has been told), and as some may know, GOTU feature, yes, Doctor Strange.


Joseph Cannon said...

XI, I have always had my doubts about the single bullet theory. But now that I have been apprised of Magneto's involvement, I will concede the possibility.

The Dr. Strange theory is less likely.

Jim Starlin really was the only worthwhile cultural phenomenon happening in the 1970s, wasn't he?

Anonymous said...

When will they bring back Prince Namor?

"Imperious Rex"

Gawd, how I love that clarion call.


Andy Tyme said...

I see you didn't rise to the bait when Stephen Morgan mentioned Montauk. Have you previously (in customary Cannon-style, confident bluster) discredited/debunked/denounced the Nichols/Moon books' "truthiness" and their small-but-militant cadre of true believers? If so, I must have missed it.

Andy Tyme said...

Aha! After a bit of searching I now discover that you DID humoursly reference (but not solidly attack) the Montauk boys in a comment riposte from six years ago. And I also now recall reading that very Cannon-comeback at the time. But you only admitted to heartily laughing at a video of Duncan Cameron's remote viewing -- and to having a cordial encounter with the benign(?) Mr. Beilik. The proliferating Montauk mountain o'books, however, were not subjected to a volley from beneath your gunsights. Were those glossy/pricey tomes nevertheless in your fabled personal library, on the must-devour-someday shelf, before the Alexandrian Apocalypse occurred? If so, did you ever attempt to replace them? Or at least download some pirated pdf's? The world (well, my tiny share of it, anyway) is still waiting for the definitive Cannon demolishment of the Montauk mythos.

LandOLincoln said...

Ho ho--do you really expect us to believe that "Clare Claremont" can fool us simply by dropping the two "i"'s from her name? It's just SOOOO clear this is a plot cooked up by that time-traveling duo, Rossetti and Byron, to bring us back round to the idyllic 19th c. they so rightly loved.

Just who d'ya think yer kiddin', buster?

Trojan Joe said...

Note to Anonymous (XI). The relative positions of JFK and Connally were not much affected by the raised rear seat and the inboard jump seat. JFK's seat was three inches higher; but Connally was at two inches taller than JFK. The net difference was about 1 inch. And the inboard distance from the door frame to the jump seat was only about 1 1/2 inches. That's why Connally was able to rest his elbow on the window frame, as seen in several photos. No, the bodies do not align properly to justify SBT. And of course, as you mentioned, there are the discrepancies regarding the mid-back bullet holes in JFK's jacket and shirt. And Connally didn't wince from wounds including a punctured lung, broken rib and broken wrist until a full second after JFK was hit. (Try dropping a cinder block on your foot and then tell me it's possible for a body to have a delayed reaction to trauma.) Most important, the stretcher bullet was virtually pristine, with no blood or clothing fiber on it. No bullet in the history of forensics has caused seven wounds in two men and emerged in that condition. "Coincidence Theorists" are either mentally defective or working for the bad guys.

Aeryl said...

Sorry, Joe, but my birds have told me that's been changed. The movie will take place in the 70s now, as set footage proves with the TERRIBLE clothes, and an unidentified future.

But yes, Magneto guiding the bullet that killed JFK was going to be the opening shot of the movie.