Thursday, May 09, 2013

New, from Spook Press!

The CIA's publications division is at it again...
President Barack Obama appears with a bull’s-eye on his head in a new English-language magazine published online apparently by Islamist militants, who also urge Muslims around the world to try to hack and manipulate American drones.

“Wanted Dead Only. Barack Obama Mass Murderer. Reward: in the Hereafter,” reads the full page poster that depicts a darkened image Obama as a target.

Elsewhere in the 80-page tome, the magazine calls upon the “Ummah,” the community of Muslims all over the world, to hack and manipulate U.S. drones, identifying drone attacks as “one of the utmost important issues that the Ummah must unite to come up with an answer to.”
And so on. I suppose these fake periodicals are an effective way of finding out who might be attracted to this sort of reading material.

Some of you may recall the case of Arthur Derounian, a.k.a. John Roy Carlson, who infiltrated the American fascist movement in the 1940s. I never did figure out who employed him. During the war, he wrote a great book titled Under Cover, which you used to be able to find in every used book store in the U.S., and which is now online. (Alas, the same cannot be said for the even-better sequel, the Plotters). "Carlson" ran a pro-Nazi publication for a while. Great way to collect names and addresses.

I believe that this trick was first tried in the late 19th century, although I can't recall any specifics. Can you?
My dad had one of those Carlson books (I think it was "Undercover") but I never read it. We sold most of his books when he moved out of his apartment. Dag! Wish I had read it. You would have liked his library, Joseph. He was buying books about JFK's murder as they rolled off the presses (first book he bought was Joachim Joesten's "Oswald - Assassin or Fall Guy"). He also talked about the book "Farewell America", which I believe is now available in PDF. He said from Day One it was a conspiracy and FBI/CIA were involved, and he was furious at the so called "progressives" who supported the Warren Commission. Sorry - didn't mean to go so OT.
Fine by me, Kathleen! "Farewell America" is indeed online -- somewhere. There's a whole weird story about that one. It was written by some folks connected to French intelligence. The pseudonym "James Hepburn" was chosen because the main author had a thing for Audrey Hepburn. (J'aime Hepburn -- get it?)

The physical book was a weird concoction. The glue used for the binding was so bad that the volume fell apart on most people after one reading.
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