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The Ricin attacker claimed to have uncovered a scheme involving illegal organs

The NYT has identified the man who sent ricin-laced letters to President Obama and Senator Roger Wicker, a Mississippi Republican. The sender, we are told, was one Paul Kevin Curtis, resident of Tupelo.
Tupelo is the hometown of Senator Roger Wicker, the Republican senator to whom one of the letters was addressed. The letters were signed: “I am KC, and I approve this message.”
I've discovered Curtis' previous internet trail. In fact, I have learned his motive. And it's one hell of a story.

Some years ago, a Mississippi resident name Kevin Curtis sent an angry letter to the Ripoff Report, complaining about his mistreatment at the hands of the North Mississippi Medical Center in Tupelo.
After owning & operating a commercial & residential cleaning business for almost 8 years, I landed a contract with the largest non-metropolitan hospital in America, AKA North Mississippi Medical Center, which fronts itself as a "not-for-profit" charity hospital in Tupelo, Mississippi.
He then goes on to describe a rather ghastly series of events. Basically, he says that he (almost literally) stumbled upon evidence that the Medical Center was involved in the illegal organ trade. He also says that his attempts to expose the problem led to retaliatory action:
I have no faith left in the Mississippi Justice system. I feel my coming forward with my story and releasing it to news media all over the USA in 2001 has helped expose the illegal body parts and organ trade market world-wide.

I personally sent out more than a million emails in one year detailing what happened to me when I found the body parts at NMMC. In 2004, 4 arrests were made in New York City. In 2006, another illegal body parts scam was discovered in North Carolina. I am confident that although no local media has agreed to put in print what happened to me in Tupelo or the trigger-happy, intoxicated assistant DA, I know in my heart that my coming forward has brought national attention to this terrible and illegal black market.

This is Kevin Curtis and I approve this report.
It's quite possible that Curtis' grievances against the Medical Center were genuine. A biological attack against a politician or any other perceived enemy is, of course, never justified.

The same individual told the same story on this site.
Discovery of dismembered human body parts
Because I dared to question the administration, I became a "person of interest".

I have since received death threats, been blacklisted all over northeast, Mississippi, lost my cleaning business, my marriage dissolved and an intoxicated assistant District Attorney put a loaded gun to my head in a public parking lot. I was made to stand trial with no legal representation whatsoever and sentenced to 6 months jail time by a judge who had never attended law-school but owned a funeral home. Her name is Sadie Holland, mother to state Demo Rep. Steve Holland, AKA, the Mississippi Undertaker". See where I'm heading with this?

This is just a nutshell version of the whole situation. I feel these and other events are directly linked to the body parts that I discovered as well as the fact that I chose to do the right thing many years ago and NOT become a puppet on a string to those who try and dictate the people of our community.

I have been experiencing dangerous amounts of stress for a prolonged period of time. The local police used to circle my home at night, but since putting this fact in print and installing 24 camera surveillance in my home on each end, this has since stopped.
Curtis habitually signed his missives with the phrase "and I approve this message." Here's an example involving, of all people, Elvis Presley. Curtis is passionate about Elvis.

Finally, check out this article by Kevin, a.k.a. "Elvisguy."

He also has a Facebook site devoted to his "body parts" story. And here is a precis sent to The Experience Project: 
After being terminated due to my refusal to sign false statements which stated I was in an area of the hospital that I was not authorized to be in when I discovered the body parts, security handcuffed me, escorted me out of the hospital across the street and informed me that I was “banned” from setting foot on hospital property and/or all other properties owned by the North Mississippi Medical Center, which covers a great area of the entire state of Mississippi.

I filed a lawsuit against the hospital and put my trust into a local well-known and powerful attorney. He told me not to mention the “body parts” that I discovered until we go to trial. He instead chose to focus on the fact that Hispanics worked off the clock and out of uniform at the hospital and were given special treatment by management.
I was offered several thousand dollars to sign a “gag order” and agree to drop my lawsuit against the hospital and never mention anything about my case to anyone. Federal judge Jerry Davis also informed me that I would not be at liberty to publish a book about my experiences should I take the proposal and sign the gag order. I laughed in their faces and walked out of federal court with my wife stating I would write and publish a tell-all story & the name would be "Missing Pieces".

A few weeks later, I received the first of two death threats via telephone (in 2001). My wife used our car one morning to go into town with our three children...the same car I had been driving to the hospital for almost 2 years. She turned the key to the ignition & something exploded under the hood burning everything in the car (1966 Plymouth Valiant). By the grace of God, she, nor any of our children were harmed but I felt this was meant for myself and the objective was to scare me enough to drop the pending lawsuit and plainly SHUT MY MOUTH forever.

A month later, our home burned down.
I wouldn't be shocked to discover that quite a large chunk of this story is true.
At this point, I wouldn't be shocked, either.

IMHO, the #1 reason many people believe that the corporations and the corporate-owned governments are doing so many evil things--which they aren't actually doing--is that the corporations and the corporate-owned governments really are doing so many other evil things.

If you find your neighbor really is, for example, a rapist, it becomes much easier to believe he's also a murderer, even if he never murdered anyone.
Oops, afterthought:

However, if he really sent the ricin letters, that will devastate his credibility--so if he sent the letters, moral issues aside, that was just plain stupid.
Well, Hamfast, this all goes to the topic the preceding post, does it not? By which I mean, the topic of what motivates a man to commit a terrible deed. I neglected to mention one possibility - that of a previously decent man driven mad by injustice, real or perceived.

If Mr. Curtis does have enemies, as he says, then I suppose we should not discount the possibility that he was framed. It does seem odd that a guy who runs a janitorial operation should get access to ricin.

Still, it seems more likely that the feds have the right man.
I know this man and the story is true. Sounds more like he was framed. Who in their right mind would write a letter and put a quote that he has used on his websites in the letters.
Sounds like someone is framing him.
Anonymous, you may be right. But obviously, we'll need more than the word of an anonymous informant who says "I know this man."

Perhaps you could contact me privately? My email address is at the top of this page.

He might be framed, he might be suffering from paranoia. You'd be amazed what people hallucinate.
Chris Dorner's allegations are still laying fallow.

If this guy's story is true, he might as well have blown his own brains out, because now the story will be about his craziness.

I might have to change my id hehe...
Seriously, here is a little info on his history in an article. Make of it what you will.
Most intel agencies keep an updated list of troublemakers, cranks and genuine "crazies" who can be framed, as the need arises, for just about any type of crime. (Where do you suppose the endless supply of shoe-bombers and underpants bombers comes from?) "KC" was probably on several of those lists when his "number came up" last week -- now that the Homeland Security directive has come down to gin up our collective fear of DOMESTIC terrorists?
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