Thursday, April 11, 2013

It just hit me

According to the Globe and Mail, the new Israeli documentary The Gatekeepers "fills a vacuum left by mass media increasingly populated by right-wing voices and reality shows with high ratings." Moreover,
The country’s largest circulation daily, Israel Hayom, is free and bankrolled by American billionaire Sheldon Adelson, a staunch supporter of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Mitt Romney’s biggest financial backer.
We know that Adelson (who is currently in serious legal trouble) made a fair chunk of his money from Las Vegas casinos -- specifically from the Sands Venetian, built for $2.2 billion, and the Palazzo.

I'm going to regret mentioning this, since I do not want to hear any guff from the nutcases who think that Bush and Cheney planted bombs-in-da-buildings on September 11, 2001. But there are genuine, totally legit mysteries surrounding the events of that day, and one of those mysteries comes down to one question: Why did the hijackers make five trips to Las Vegas before the strike?

I don't think that they stayed at the Venetian -- Atta spent some time in the local Econo-Lodge! -- but you need not book into a hotel in order to meet someone there. In fact, if your enterprise is criminal, it may be best to stay somewhere nondescript. According to a report filed by the "Homeland Security Division" of local law enforcement,
'the most crucial planning' for the worst terror act in the U.S. was done from the seedy off-Strip motels and internet cafes where the hijackers blended in with tourists visiting the gambling mecca from around the world.
Some have speculated that the attackers contemplated a strike on Hoover Dam. To me, the obvious answer was always drugs. Osama Bin Laden was a man who controlled much of the world's heroin supply, while casinos are frequently used to launder drug money.

Yes, I know that lots of people go to Vegas for lots of reasons, and nothing links the hijackers with Adelson's operation.

Still...consider: Adelson obviously despises Muslims. He is famous for declaring that all terrorists are Islamic. He is 100 percent opposed to a two-state solution (and, presumably, to a one-state solution of the sort I would consider fair). He fell out with Ehud Olmert over that very issue; apparently, he forced Olmert out of office and installed Netanyahu. So we know that he is a player on that level -- that he would do nearly anything to achieve his goals.

Before 9/11, the two-state solution was a real possibility. Since that time, few people have truly believed in the idea, although John Kerry has recently spoken about reviving the Saudi peace plan.

By the way, Adelson likes to yowl about Obama's "socialism," which apparently makes doing business in the United States impossible. So he is concentrating his current efforts on the gambling paradise of Macau -- because, it seems, the Chinese government is not socialist.

(I'm going to regret this post. I know it. any reference to 9/11 brings out the kind of people whom I have long forbidden from having a say on this forum. Well, the rules still hold: Any comments from "controlled demolition" freaks will be deleted immediately.)

(The CD-ers have done an enormous amount of damage to any attempt to investigate the genuine 9/11 mysteries, since those freaks have always diverted attention away from hijackers and Al Qaida -- which is where the real research trail begins. Indeed, I believe that this diversion is the reason why the CD myth exists.)

(My advice: If you dislike my stance, do not bother commenting. I've heard your crap before -- indeed, your usual lines of attack are so familiar as to be emetic. Certain names will trigger automatic deletion, no matter what you have to say.)
OMG. Can't be true (can it?) but what an amazing plot for Oliver Stone to make a movie out of!
"By the way, Adelson likes to yowl about Obama's "socialism,"

Assertion minus evidence.

I do still wonder about the 5 dancing Israeli's and the extent of their foreknowledge. I dunno about Adelson and Vegas, but I do know the Israelis had the most to gain from 9/11.

Cui Bono Ben
Some of the boys made some visits to the SunCruz Casino boats down here in Florida as well, at a time when Jack Abramoff, the infamous and eventually jailed felon political fixer, had swindled that company from Gus Boulis.

Assertion minus evidence? Jeez, do I have to cite the U.S. Geological Survey ever time I say that earthquakes occur in California? Do I have to cite the weather service before stating "It's hot"?

Just go to Google, type in "Adelson Obama s..." and the first auto-completion will be "socialist." Example:

And there are plenty of other examples one could note.
Still say it would make a hell of a movie, but maybe Kathryn Bigelow should direct. She doesn't let facts deter her. LOL
The first question to every conspiracy theory is, "How do you disprove it?" Forget about the absence of any evidence that Adelson had anything to do with 9/11, how could he possibly disprove this accusation. Any evidence fits into the conspiracy theory. He was in town, clearly he talked to Atta, he was out of town, obviously he was setting up an alibi. So the question is, "What facts would disprove the theory?" If there are none, and there are none, then the theory is worthless. I am an extreme liberal, well to the left of Bernie Sanders and have no use for Adelson and his one percent crowd, but the idea that Israel had anything to do with 9/11 is absurd and, frankly, anti-semitic.
I don't have a set theory. Nobody knows why the hijackers spend so much time in Vegas, on five separate occasions. Few know that the LV cops devoted so much time and money to that question and came up goose eggs.
Mr. Cannon,

Here is a simple answer, they had access to money, they liked to gamble and they liked naked girls.
Hijackers in LV?

Booze and hookers before going to meet Allah.
Also, what did they do on Jack Abramoff's offshore casino boats?
The assertion I referred to Joseph is Obama's 'socialism'

sorry that wasn't clear

Sheldon aka Shel aka Shelly Adelson has a long history of mob affiliation that links through mormon financiers. It's been so long (about 10 years) since I read up on all this, so it is pretty fuzzy for me to recall details, but Shel made some major dirty deals to acquire his wealth and it wasn't just in Macau. I can't remember the whole scenario, but I think he even had his hand in disposing of someone decomposing. (I am reluctant to mention this, since I am so fuzzy in my recall, but he is as dirty mobbed up as they come).

He has skirted the law for years by his heavy duty donations that are incoimparable to anyone. He is currently under investigation by the SEC for his deals in Macau-that has something to do with why he didn't want Obama to win. Socialism accusations are a good spin for this support, but it had more to do with his dirty deals than anything else. He is a heavy player in Israel, but let's face it- Israel is more socialistic than we will ever be.

It should aslo be noted that his casinos were linked into a mob Ecstasy ring in 2001. He was successful in dispelling the suspicions of affiliation.

(If I am able to locate any info on that ancient disposition- I will post it).
Joe - Do you have a good reference on OBL and heroin production handy? I've only poked around a bit, but most of the sources making that claim are ones I'd characterize as having credibility issues (GOP Congressmen; Washington Times) while sources I would ordinarily be more inclined to believe (Guardian, CS Monitor) have denied the link. I've long taken this connection as a given, but when I recently went fishing for documentary evidence, my catch was a mixed one...
Weirdest damned thing, Maz. I was thinking along the very same lines just now in the shower, while you were writing that comment.

What I intended up telling myself was this: In the weeks and months after 9/11, there were plenty of articles claiming that OBL was a key adviser -- perhaps even the controlling influence -- over Mohammed Omar, emir of Afghanistan and leader of the Taliban. I know that many Afghans didn't like Bin Laden and the other Arab jihadis, because the Arabs were viewed as outsiders.

Of course, it is true that there were many news stories that claimed that Omar cracked down on heroin production in 2000-01. Some have countered that, while many poppy fields were eradicated, others were not. I'm not at all sure that supply of the drug went down or that supplies came from somewhere else.

At any rate, I think it is fairly well established that Omar listened to Bin Laden, who built Omar's mansion. Although it's probably going too far to say that Bin Laden ruled behind the throne, I think he was a key figure. And it would make sense that Omar (who seems to have viewed the drug trade with genuine distaste) would have tolerated it only insofar as the profits could be used for jihad.

It isn't just rags like the Moonie Times saying that Bin Laden controlled the Afghan opiate trade. There was also the NY Times...

Of course, now you're going to say that the NYT is a propaganda outlet which can never be trusted. The trouble with this approach is that very soon you can use it to argue against ANY proposition. Thus, you can quickly knock down the claims of Russia's "drug czar"...

Or Time...,9171,1587252,00.html

(That last piece is about Bashir Noorzai, a Bin Laden/Omar ally, but it comes to the same thing, since Noorzai actually controlled the fields.)

Or Bloomberg...

I could go on. Any source I cite can be found dubious on some ground or other. After a certain point, cynicism becomes a cheap excuse for bending reality into any shape you find pleasing.
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