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Debunking Alex Jones

I like this kid.

Of course, Alex Jones -- a.k.a., Mr. Predictable -- will simply claim that this video was produced by the Illuminati.

I'm not saying that there isn't something hinkey about the Boston bombing case. But I am saying that we can rely on Mr. Predictable to get everything wrong, wrong, wrong. Of course, hyper-macho Texas blowhards like Jones never admit it when they're wrong, wrong, wrong.

Incidentally, this right-wing site accuses the mother of the Tsarnaev brothers of being a "psycho" for suggesting that the attack was staged. But most of the people pushing the "false flag" theory are right-wingers like the Ron Paulites and Alex Jones. (Remember, Matt Drudge considers Jones a credible source of information.) Of course, Fox News and the Breitbart sites offer All Conspiracy, All The Time.

By the way, Ann Coulter pissed off a lot of people when she joked that Tamerlan Tsarnaev's wife deserved jail for "wearing a hijab." Then I guess Mary, mother of Jesus, also deserves a trip to the Big House, since she wears the same type of headgear in the well-researched paintings of William Holman Hunt -- and probably wore one in real life.
Must see thread on DU where the mob goes nuts on a dude just for asking questions:

What caused said "Democrats" to go bannanuts? The OP pointed out Ruslan Tsarni's oil connections. You heard it, apparently on DU, examining the oil connections of a sketchy dude whose son the government says just bombed your country is offlimits on DU. Sure you can repeat adinfinitum on DU all of the rapidly changing bullshit stories offered up by the media and police. It's ok to believe the Boston bombers were lone nuts. But stay way the fuck away from questions leading to Uncle's Big Oil ties, because that would be dastardly, and unbecoming, sick, hurtful, silly and whacky and all that shit. Please be respectful of families the government authorities tell you are connected to bombings in your cities and DO NOT investigate their backgrounds!

Are we in Bizarro world here? Yes... we.... aaarrrreee.

Let me get this straight...Foreign nationals with possible ties to oil, organized crime and spooks, we are told just bombed a major U.S. city... Boston... and the response of the "Democrats" on DU is to say, NO, NO, NO, F-U-C-K N-O, NO, NO, YOU CAN'T LOOK AT CONNECTIONS. NO FUCK, NO, NO, NO, NOOOO YOU SICK SONOFABITCH! You think I am exaggerating, maybe a bit, but go to the thread and look at the really weird histrionic overreaction to the guy pointing out oil ties to Uncle Tsarni.

I am thinking of a word that starts with C and ends with OINTELPRO? Because the response on that thread is crazy odd. Who gives a fuck if Americans are connecting a few dots to figure out what might be behind a couple of Chechynan guys that bombed one of their cities?!?

I already knew DU was loopy, but that thread takes the cake, pure crack cocaine in terms of its surreal entertainment value. I have never in my life witnessed so many "Democrats" go Full Apeshit trying to shut down one guy simply for pointing out someone's oil connections?! Whaffadafuck?

From the response of the mob, you might think he called Hillary Clinton a closet Nazi or the C word or something. Uh uh, he simply pointed out the connection to Big Oil that the bomber uncle had, possibly even FOREIGN big oil and people just flipped their gourds and went Bizzaro Universe on him. Complete overreaction. You think DU might have a pest problem? Are they being gamed?

Moral of the day from your friendly "Democrats" at DU?

Media misformation=Good. Talk about it freely. Spread it. Shove it up your ass if you like.

Investigating Background of Suspects That Just Bombed Your City=Bad, bad, bad, bad. Shame on you, you sick fucking loner whacko nutjob! BAD! BAD! BAD!

Odd that.

We are way, way, way, WAY over the rainbow.

Here is a story you won't hear much about:

A Ukranian in New Jersey who was headed to New York with explosives, fireworks. He was allegedly headed to New York to blow shit up and scare the beejeebus out of Americans again. Probably would have ended in more Martial Law fun in Times Square had it gone through. Of course, had he been Muslim, or a 12 year old geeky loner kid, the media would have mauled the fuck out of him. But no, he was a Ukranian Rutgers student, looked normal.. got a pass. Cops didn't hardly even mention that guy. Odd.

We also learned he was headed to New York with fireworks just like the Cambridge Brothers just days apart were headed to New York with fireworks and pressure cookers. Convenient dovetailing of stories. He may have gotten away with it, if it weren't for the fact that one brother is dead and the other in jail. The media because it focuses on "Lone Nuts" would have never looked at evidence pointing away from the Tsarnaev Brothers to the Ukranian. The Tsarnaev brothers would have gotten the entire blame.

Two groups of guys from two countries in the Eastern Europe area bordering Russia both heading to the New York area within a span of days of each other to bomb the city. Another coincidence. That can't possibly be relevant right? If it was relevant, Rachel Maddow would tell me its relevant. Because Maddow who works for the war machine over at MSNBC is so much smarter than me and probably knows whats up. I'm sure had she been on TV before the Iraq war she would have told her bosses at MSNBC that the reasons for war were bullshit right? And they should stop feeding the public costly lies? Somehow I doubt that.

Hey anon 6:25, saw the same thing. We have now entered the twilight zone.
But I'm happy to report that in my lovely liberal Midwest city that the day after the bombing "someone" decided that our city was going to get 100 more surveillance cameras. I feel soooooooooo safe now. And hey, if they start house to house searches without warrants that will be good too. Because I want to be really, really safe. Civil liberties, that's so yesterday.
Good thing not one of the hundreds of liberal groups in my city is concerned. It's all good.
Suggesting the blood was red paint is a bit psycho.

Hopsicker is now suggesting the red-haired Armenian apostate exorcist might not have existed, and than Uncle Ruslan's wife is in the CIA.
I haven't looked into his work on the topic yet, Stephen, but...Hopsicker's wrong. Nobody could possibly make up a red-haired Albanian Muslim exorcist.

Besides, if "Misha" were imaginary, then there would be the risk of others saying "He's imaginary."
I shall briefly, nay, tersely, sum up Hopsicker's findings:

1) In the story "Was Boston Bombers ‘Uncle Ruslan’ with the CIA?", the main findings are that Ruslan Tsarnaev/Tsarni was a consultant for USAID in the early 90s in Kazakhstan.

2) Tsarni was previously in the news in 2011 for being involved in a corrupt ring of international oil executives being chased by Italian and Swiss prosecutors in relation to a possible Kazakh bank fraud. Apparently Tsarni went to court (in the UK) to accuse the Kazakh president of using western corporations to launder the profits of corrupt oil deals with his government, and of paying a bribe to Prince Andrew through an inflated property deal. Tsarni was on the Western end, working for an American oil company with a former Halliburton bigwig.

3) The story "Boston bombers ‘Uncle Ruslan’ was Halliburton contractor" expands on his corrupt legal career working with, and criminally colluding with, Halliburton.

4) The story "Boston bombers’ uncle married daughter of top CIA official" reveals that. Also, I believe I remember there being a Turkish connection mention on this blog, well the Halliburton lad mentioned above has a Turkish surname, and Ruslan's wife's middle name is "Ankara", after one of her father's apparent stationings. He was also station-chief in Kabul.

6) Ruslan's Father-in-Law was also fingered by Sybel Edmonds. And back in the 90s Tsarnaev incorporated a Chechen international organisation at his father-in-law's address.

On "Misha:

7) Ruslan couldn't provide a name for him.

8) Ruslan claimed not to have met his terrorist relatives since 2005, but they supposedly met Misha no earlier than 2008.

9) Hopsicker think's it's odd that in Boston's "large and close-knit Armenian community" no-one has heard of a chubby, red-bearded Armenian exorcist who supposedly converted to Islam, which is a no-no amongst the generally Christian Armenians.

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