Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ryan follow-up

Maybe I should just let it go. But I took another look at what Paul Ryan had to say, and the audacity of his lying continues to haunt me, like one of those bad commercial jingles that lingers in your memory even though you wish it would go away.
"We know where this path leads—straight into a debt crisis, and along the way, fewer jobs, fewer opportunities, and less security," Ryan said, painting a desperate image of rising interest rates and inflating debt payments.
By "this path" he means higher taxes on the wealthy. Note that he does not explain why jobs were so plentiful in the 1940s and on up through the Reagan years, even when the top tax rate shot beyond the 90% mark.

But what really sticks in my craw is the reference to "rising interest rates." Say what? I was under the impression that interest rates remain at a historic low.

Conservatives have a strange obsession with economic problems that don't even exist. Throughout the 2009-2012 period, the right warned us the real issue confronting America was inflation. Not jobs, not outsourcing, not foreclosures -- inflation. Remember when Fox News relentlessly pushed something called the National Inflation Association, which turned out to be a scam run by a couple of young scallywags, one of whom was the notorious Jonathan Lebed?
There's a reason Paul Ryan has been tagged Lying Ryan.

Yes, the Republicans are obsessed with the deficit and the specter of inflation only WHEN THEY'RE NOT IN POWER. And in case we forget, the great austerity solution has been failing miserably in Europe and the UK [and please, no one mention Estonia or Latvia ever again]. Corporations are making money hand over fist but we're suppose to believe if we lower taxes on the Honchos of Industry middle class jobs will come flooding back and everything will be hunky-dory?

Hahaha. This is cult mentality.

Hey Paul, here's the path that leads us into a debt crisis: starting illegal and idiotic wars around the world and urinating trillions of dollars into the sand in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. It also helps if you cut corporate tax rates to trivial levels and provide enough loopholes so that multibillion dollar corporations sometimes get away with paying less taxes than a janitor working in one of their buildings.

The reason why you and the rest of us are discussing lack of jobs and opportunities is because your party, with the compliance of the Democrats, not only allowed your corporate owners to ship millions of American jobs overseas to increase their profits, but gave them tax breaks to do so, thereby encouraging the de-industrialization of the country.
Money that could have been spent on the infrastructure of the country, creating many jobs in the process, doesn't exist because it has been wasted fighting non-existent terrorists and "enemies" that exist only in some Pentagon bureaucrat's mind.

Don't bullshit us about rising interest rates, Paul. You know that would be the death knell for the big money center banks that own you, both political parties, and the entire economic system of the country. If interest rates go up in a substantial way, the entire con game of printing bonds with one hand and buying them with money printed in the other hand will collapse. Then the 100 year-old system of constantly saddling the people with more and more debt so the federal government can privatize the creation of its own money will be over.
I'll tie this to your post below about writers making money. The Paul Ryan/Rand Pauls can get away with this spew because there is no real print and broadcast journalists willing to push back and endanger their cushy gigs.

Not that journalists were saints yesteryear but there were more media outlets for them to ply their trade. They could find employment at an outlet that was on the side of the people. Since most of the media is under the control of six corporations today journalists have to tailor the message to their master's whims. Some traded what little integrity for thirty pieces of corporate silver and others are fruitcakes.

Thanks to them we had eight years of Bush and are experiencing the misery that is Obama. The tragedy of 911 and the travesty of New Orleans after Katrina can be laid on the Al Gore bashers at the major metro rags and on TV.
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