Sunday, February 10, 2013

More American insanity

After being sued by Donald Trump over an orangutan joke, Bill Maher responds with one of his funniest routines ever. The "short form birth certificate" bit at the end ties in directly with the points made in the preceding post.

Count me among the "Apers." Even though I've seen the Trump COLB only in this lo-res video, my expert knowledge of Photoshop leads me to suspect that the document is fraudulent. I'll offer a technical analysis as soon as Maher publishes a good, high resolution scan of the document on the internet.

My fellow Apers should note that Wikipedia offers an interesting article on the possibility that humans and apes might actually produce offspring.

Also: How do we know that "Fred Trump" was not, in fact, an orangutan? My memory may be fuzzy, but wasn't there an ape named Fred Something-or-other who regularly appeared on a morning chit-chat show?
That would be J Fred Muggs, from David Garroway's Today Show...
Maher is funny, but he is an entertainer first of all.

I watched his interview with Assange and was appalled at the brevity and superficiality of his questions. Assange did manage to get a word in for Manning, so it wasn't a total loss.

But he is good at impromptu one-liners. I'll give him that.

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